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MapleStory Aran Quest Complete List (Aran Story Quests)


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Chapter 8: Aran Story Quests (Required + Skill)

2nd Informant Gig

[Required] 2nd Informant Gig (over Lv18 Aran) 1
I have reached Level 18, which means Tru will give me my second gig as an informant. I better head over to Lith Harbor right now and meet Tru.

Oh, good thing you’re here. I have a good gig waiting fo you. This time, it took place at the forest of the fairies in Ellinia, and… it’s a bit similar to the last one. It has to do with the violent Green Mushrooms.

The one that watches over the forest, Rowen the Fairy, should know a thing or two why Green Mushroom has suddenly turn violent. Do you know anything about those fairies? Were there any fairies during your heyday? There’s a treasure trove of interesting information that could have been dug from you, if you only didn’t lose all your memory…

In any case, I want you to head over to Ellinia and meet Rowen the Fairy, then ask for information on Green Mushroom. This s your second gig as an informant.

(QUEST ACCEPTED) Ellinia is located a bit more east of Henesys. Eh? Are you looking for a cab coupon again? Not this time! If I keep giving you one, then I’ll be broke In no time! Do what you have to do to get there, but no more cab coupons!

The second one involves the suddenly-violent Green Mushroom. Seems quite similar to that of the first one. I better head over to Ellinia and meet with Rowen me Fairy to discuss the cause of Green Mushrooms distress.

1. Talk to Rowen the Fairy located in Ellinia (see mini map below)

Rowen The Fairy
(QUEST COMPLETED) What can I do for you? I’ve been getting headaches over Dejected Green Mushrooms these days. what? You are asking if I know why Green Mushrooms have been acting violent lately? (REWARD: 400 EXP)

Green Mushrooms

[Required] Green Mushrooms (over Lv18 Aran) 1
This is my second gig as an informant, and I need to ask Rowen the Fairy of Ellinia why Green Mushroom have turned aggressive in general?

Rowen The Fairy
I don’t know how you found that out, but that’s absolutely correct. Lately, the Green Mushrooms from the southern forest have been getting more and more violent, which I see as red flags. They have gotten really dark these days…

But from what I hear, this is occurring in many places at an alarming rate, so I looked into the matter, and it turns out It had to do with the puppet they’re carrying. A puppet,.? This is really getting bizarre by the day.

I don’t know if those rumors are true or not, but it may have to do with the recent case of the Green Mushrooms. I don’t know why you’re asking me for the reason behind me sudden violence of Green Mushroom, but if you’re just as intrigued as I am, then do you want to help me look into this matter?

I wanted to see if it really is because of the puppets… so I want you to eliminate 25 Dejected Green Mushrooms and find Dejected Green Mushrooms puppet if you can.

(QUEST ACCEPTED) Thank you. Green Mushroom can be found at Dungeon, Southern Forest iii in The Forest South of Ellinia. You can enter through the tree hole where Talking Tree stands in front of it. so it wouldn’t be too hard to find. Thanks in advance.

Rowen the Fairy stated that shes been hearing a lot of monsters gone wild, and they all seem to have something in common, that being a puppet. Maybe this one might be included as well, so I better eliminate Dejected Green Mushroom, and ill happen to get my hand on a Green Mushroom puppet, I must return it to her.

1. Defeat 25 Dejected Green Mushrooms in Tree Dungeon
2. Obtain a Devastated Green Mushroom Doll from Dejected Green Mushroom.
3. Return to Rowen The Fairy after completing the task.

Rowen The Fairy:
(QUEST COMPLETED) Wow, did you eliminate all the Dejected Green Mushrooms already? And did you find Green Mushrooms puppets? (REWARD: 1770 EXP)

I thought it was just a rumor .. but now irs really scaring me. The puppet were for real. We need to know how the puppet got into Green Mushroom. If you are willing to help, then please talk to me.

Tree Witness

[Required] Tree Witness (over Lv18 Aran) 1
This is my second gig as an informant, and the question remains, who inserted the
puppet inside Green Mushroom? I better talk to Rowen the Faiiy at Ellinia for some answers.

Rowen The Fairy:
I’m sure Talking Tree, who lives in the southern forest, may have seen who was responsible for placing the puppets In Green Mushroom. Please go talk to the kid and find out who did such a hideous thing. A favor from Rowen the Fairy will always do the trick.

(QUEST ACCEPTED) Talking Tree is a special tree that has been grown since it was just a young plant. It’s still young, but it’s kindhearted and modest at heart. He’ll give you a good answer.

Rowen the Fairy believes that Talking Tree of The Forest South of Ellinia may have witnessed someone inserting a puppet inside Green Mushroom, and asked me to ask the tree.

1. Meet Talking Tree at The Forest South of Ellinia

Talking Tree
Did a person just talk directly to the tree? You must be really something… Do you not have any friends by chance? Otherwise you wouldn’t be talking directly to a tree anyway… What you’re here as a favor from Rowen the Fairy?

(..I thought this tree was supposed to be kindhearted and modest at heart..)

Rowen the Fairy.. Sigh, I mean first she plants me at an awkward spot like this, and now shes asking me to do some stuff. Seriously, something’s wrong with her, She keeps asking me to gather up the cursed doll and everything. Why can she do it herself? Oh, what’s the favor by the way?

(Rowen the Fairy must be quite delusional…)

(QUEST COMPLETED) Someone that’s responsible for planting the puppet in Green Mushroom… I am not sure. I did notice a strange kid dropping by Dungeon, Southern Forest III, and that kid had a puppet in his hand. Hey, come to think of it, ever since that visit, the Green Mushroom seemed much darker than usual. (REWARD: 100 EXP)

Is that all you need? Okay now leave me alone. Trees need time by themselves.

2nd Gig Completed

[Required] 2nd Gig Completed (over Lv18 Aran) 1
This is my second gig as an informant and I must relay Talking Trees witness accounts to Rowen the Fairy of Ellinia.

Rowen The Fairy:
So what did Talking Tree say?

(I told him what I heard from Talking Tree)

A kid with a puppet? This seems very suspicious. I am sure the kid’s the reason why the Green Mushrooms have gotten violent all of a sudden.

(QUEST ACCEPTED) How dare the kid wreak havoc on the forest down south. This is really a serious matter. Restoring the forest down south will take years… which means I’ll have to devote my time to restoring that area now.

(1 was able to flnd out what caused the changes of Orange Mushroom. Now I should gather up the information and report the results to Tru.)

Rowen the Fairy is sure that the reason behind the change of Green Mushrooms is because of the kid carrying the puppet, and urged to take better care of me south forest Now that this case is all but wrapped up, I better gather up the information and hand them over to Tru.

1. Meet Tru located at Lith Harbor (The Info Shop)

Oh. this time you’re back fast. You must be learning the tricks of acquiring information in an efficient manner. Anyway, so what’s the reasoning behind the Green Mushroom acting violent at Ellinia?

(I told him what happened in Ellinia, and that the reason behind the Green Mushroom acting out might have to do with the puppet that this kid was carrying around with.)

(QUEST COMPLETED) A kid carrying a puppet.. that’s unusual This proves the theory that someone deliberately planned on changing the monsters to a more violent type… (REWARD: 400 EXP)

Okay, thanks for this valuable piece of Information. This is what I’d call lucrative Information.

Okay, your task is complete, so you should rest up until I call you for another gig. As a bonafide hero, I think it’d be best if you can spend your free time training and gaining some valuable experience needed to return to your old, heroic form. Ill let you know by around Level 23. In the mean time, if you find any information on the kid with the puppets,

By the way. I wonder if the fairies are doing a good job taking care of Green Mushrooms. It must be really hard for them to control them all. Maybe it’ll be good to ask return to Ellinia and ask if they need a hand.

[EXTRA] Rowen Request 1

I wonder if Rowen the Fairy is doing a good job maintaining the forest. I better head over to Ellinia to see her.

1. Meet Rowen The Fairy at Ellinia.

Rowen The Fairy:
Apparently, the south forest was where the puppet-carrying kEd appeared, and Talking Tree was the one that said it. When the kid entered the dungeon, he had Devastated Green Mushroom Doll with him, but after he left, he was without it. I’m sure it has to do with making Green Mushroom violent again.

It’d be nice to find me one that’s responsible for this, but Talking Tree said that the kid literally shows up everywhere, so catching him red-handed will be difficult for now… but that doesn’t mean we are going to let Green Mushrooms be like that. We must recover the puppets so we can bring peace back to the south forest Will you please help us?

(QUEST ACCEPTED) Then l want you to head over to Dungeon, Southern Forest Ill and eliminate some Green Mushrooms. Right now there’s a mixture of those monsters, the one’s that’s corrupted, and the one that’s relatively unaffected, so it’s hard to tell who actually has the puppet.

But your task is simple. Forget about its personality. Just destroy 100 of them Any type of Green Mushroom. Each one of them is affected by the puppet, whether they like it or not, so it doesn’t matter. Try defeating as much as you can. and gather up as many Devastated Green Mushroom Doll as you can find.

It seems like The Forest South of Ellinia has seen another appearance of the kid with the puppet I better eliminate Green Mushroom and retrieve the puppet.

1. Defeat 100 Green Mushrooms (can be mix of Normal and Dejected)
2. Obtain a Devastated Green Mushroom Doll from Dejected Green Mushroom
3. Return to Rowen The Fairy in Ellinia.

[Tip] Obtain quest Danger! 1-GreenMushroom (kill 99 Green Mushroom) near Sleepywood. This allows you to do 2 quest at once, and earn more EXP and level up faster!

Rowen The Fairy:
I see that you have defeated Green Mushrooms. Have you also retrieved the Devastated Green Mushroom Dolls?

(REWARD: 10 All Cure Potion, 2100 EXP)

Ahhh, thank goodness. Just thinking about re-training these Green Mushroom back to their usual selves will be a draining experience, but at least this brings a source of comfort for me.

But there’s no way to tell when the kid will come back and drop the puppet once more. If he happens to appear In town, Ill call you up for help.

[EVENT] The Returned Of Aran

The Returned Of Aran (over Lv20 Aran)
1. Train till you reach Level 20 Aran.
2. Once you level up, a light bulb appears and double click it.
3. Talk to the Maple Administrator to earn your reward!

Maple Administrator:
Hi there, Ayumilove! You may have heard by now that Aran has returned to the world of Maple. right? To celebrate his triumphant return. I, the Maple Adiminstrator, and Lirin, the girl who waited patiently forAran, have a special present for you.

All Stat +3 , Weapon ATT +3 , Magic ATT +3 , HP +30 , MP + 30
Once you reach Level 50 as Aran Lirinwill give you a ring that she treasures

The item is normally untradeable, but that means only the Arans are allowed to use it, so I decided to do something about it.

I have changed the settings so that her ring can be transferred within the account. The ring cannot be traded with other users, but you can use the ring with different characters on your account. Did you get all that?

(QUEST COMPLETED) I have just given you the Rien Teleport Ticket, which will allow you to teleport directly to Rien. where Lirin resides. If you ever become a Level 50 Aran, then use it! Now I hope each and every one of you enjoy the festive that come with the return of Aran!

(REWARD: 1 Rein Teleport Ticket)

Aran has returned to the world of Maple! Maple Admin and Linn have teamed up to open an event commemorating the return of Aran. Apparently, f I reach Level 50 as Aran, a special present will be given by Lirin.

[EXTRA] Rowen Request 2

Rowen Request 2 (over Lv20 Aran)
I better go see Rowen the Fairy at Ellinia and see if the kid made another appearance at the
south forest.

Rowen The Fairy:
I have just received a report that the kid showed up again at the south forest, and this time Talking Tree even warned the kid to stop, only to be told hell break off the branches If he stops the boy from going in, then he just disappeared.

It’d be nice to catch the guilty one responsible for all this, but we usually can’t This means well have to eliminate Or een Mushrooms and gather up Devastated Green Mushroom Doll again. And just like last time, you can just defeat whatever Green Mushroom you see, regardless of others.

(QUEST ACCEPTED) Now please head over to Dungeon, Southern Forest III once more. There, I want you to eliminate 100 Green Mushrooms. regardless of their personality, and retrieve Devastated Green Mushroom Doll as well. We already did this before, so It won’t take too long.

Rowen the Fairy stated That The kid with the puppet appeared once again at Dungeon. Southern Forest III, and asked me if I could eliminate Green Mushroom while retrieving the puppet once more.

1. Defeat 100 Green Mushroom at Dungeon Southern Forest III
2. Obtain 1 Devastated Green Mushroom Doll from Dejected Green Mushroom.
3. Return to Rowen The Fairy.

[Tip] Obtain a quest from Arwen The Fairy (over Lv15). It’s a quest that requires you to defeat 100 Green Mushrooms. Taking up this quest will earn additional EXP while proceeding with Aran Quest. [Note] Each Green Mushroom and Dejected Green Mushroom provides 26 EXP. Defeating 100 of Green Mushrooms of any personality provides you with 2600 EXP.

Rowen The Fairy:
Did you manage to elliminate Green Mushroom and retrive Devastated Green Mushroom Doll? hah… I apologize for keep making the same request over and over again.

(REWARD: 20 All Cure Potion, 2500 EXP)

We have already retrieved Devastated Green Mushroom Doll three times already. I don’t see what the reason is behind making Green Mushroom more violent, but d like nothing more than for that kid to stop showing around causing trouble.

(NOTE): To reach Lv20 Aran quickly, do Kerning Party Quest, it rewards lots of EXP.

[Skill] The Puppeteer’s Invitation

[Skill] The Puppeteer’s Invitation 1 (over Lv22 Aran)
A mysterious figure initiates a conversation…
0. When you reach level 20 as Aran, a lightbulb appears above your character.
1. Double click the light bulb to proceed with the quest.
2. Francis teleports you to his Puppeteer’s Cave Hidden Street where he talks to you.
3. After talking to Francis, visit Tru to inform him about this matter.

Hey, aren’t you the one that used to be in Ellinia? So I finally found you! Do you know how long it took for me to finally find you?

(Who are you?)

Me? If you want to know, then you should stop by my cave. I’m even sending you a formal invitation. The moment you accept It, you’ll be sent directly to my cave. Ill be waiting for you.

When I decided to accept an invitation from a mysterious figure, I found myself arriving at a strange-looking cave! And Inside the cave.., Is the kid with the puppet’ That’s the kid responsible for manipulating the monsters in Henesys and Ellinia? I better talk to the kid and see whats up.

(QUEST ACCEPTED) I’m Francis, the puppeteer behind Black Wings. How dare you pick out the puppets that I have planted! It’s really disturbing to think that you’re on my way. but I’ll have to let you slide for now. The next time I find you do this..however. I will make sure to make your life a living hell, in the name of the Black Wizard.

(QUEST COMPLETED) (…Black Wings? In his way? Whats going on? What has finding puppets from the monsters and Black Wizard have to do with this? I better talk to Tru about this.)

[Skill] Puppeteer’s Warning

[Skill] Puppeteer’s Warning (over Lv22 Aran)
1. Talk to Tru who is located in Lith Harbor within a shop (Info Shop)

Hmmm? I still haven’t found a right kind of information for you.. well do you need me for anything else? Or a juicy information that I should know…?

(1 told him of the time I encountered the master puppeteer Francis)

Francis, the puppeteer of Black Wings Okay, now this all makes sense The Orange Mushroom crisis In Henesys, and the Green Mushroom crisis in Ellinia are all done by the same guy. But wait… are you telling me he also talks to the Black Wizard?

(QUEST ACCEPTED) Now that I think of it… I do remember a report saying that there’s a group that’s trying to revive the Black Wizard. I thought it was bogus, but now… that seems quite legit Are they really trying to resurrect the Black Wizard? Is the prophecy holding true?

I think Black Wings is worth looking into now It seems like a discreet organization, but… there’s no way they can escape the information web that I have set out all over this island. Ill let you know when I find out something thats relevant. You should head over to Rien and tell Lirin what has happened here.

The return of the hero, the group that follows the Black Wizard, and the prophecy… the three seem to go hand in hand. As someone who revived the hero, Lirin has a right to know about this as well. As someone that had studied the heroes for a long time, Lirin may be of great help.

He decided that since the Black Wings is an organization that strives to resurrect the Black Wizard, These information must be parlayed to Urin as well, and asked me to do so to her. In the mean time, Tru plans on utilizing his network as an information merchant to the fullest and gamer up as much information on Black Wings as possible

1. Meet Lirin at Rein to inform her about this matter.

What is it? Mr Truth sent me a message saying that you’ve been training diligently at Victoria Island, while helping him outwith his work What is it? …What? Black Wings?

(I told her the story on the puppeteer and Black Wings, and their mission.)

I see. .1 didn’t know there was such a group. They should know That lt,s a risky proposition just thinking about resurrecting Black Wizard in the world of Maple, and yet they’re doing just that mars just being ignorant.

That, that’s true.. (Kind of scared me with the way she talked there.)

The Book of Prophecy only stated that the hero will be resurrected and battle with the Black Wizard. I wasn’t sure if itwas true, since that was all that was to it, but this confirms it that the Black Wizard is still around.

(Aren’t you scared?)

Scared? No way. Who cares if the Black Wizard shows up again, since you’re here to protect us all, no? If nothing else, this makes me realy want to prepare you for the big encounter. Ah, that reminds me, I found this skill. Would you like to take a look?

(QUEST COMPLETED) (I managed to remember the Pole Arm Booster skill!) (REWARD: 3900 EXP)

This was a skill that was found at an ancient script that was undecipherable. I had a feeling it might have been a skill that you used to use, and I guess I was right This skill may not be much right now, but I’m sure you’ll soon find a way to regain your old form with it.

I don’t know if you notice, but you are steadily becoming more powerful, and I will be here to keep you going, so what is there to be afraid of? You wont lose this battle, you know. You didn’t emerge from ice for hundreds of years only to lose to the Black Wizard. right? Its time for you to finish him of once and for all!

And in order to do that, there’s only one thing you can do, and that Is to train, train and train! Head over to Victoria Island and keep training. Lets make sure you become so powerful that the Black Wizard doesn’t even stand a chance!

Lirin stated that me fact mat an organization like Black Wings exist means the Black Wizard is well on his way towards resurrection, and that I must train that much harder to retain my old, heroic form and handle the Black Wizard. She then taught me a skill that she deciphered through an old book called Pole Arm Booster!

[Required] 3rd Informant Gig

[Required] 3rd Informant Gig (over Lv23 Aran)
I have now reached Level 23, which means Tru will alert me on the third gig as an informant. I better head over to Lith Harbor and talk to Tru.
1. Meet Tru at Lith Harbor Info Shop.

How’s the training gong for you? I have a new set of information that you’ll need to gather up for me, Lately, Smirking Ghost Stumps have been acting strange at Perion… Doesn’t this sound familiar? The puppeteer Is at it again, doing the same thing at Henesys and Ellinia.

If you want details. you should talk to 10 Boogies. who’s at Perion. She works at an excavation site, so she might know some things about this.

(QUEST ACCEPTED) You know where Perion Is, right? I’m sure you’re quite familiar with Victoria Island, It’s located at the very north of Victoria Island, There, flnd the cutest girl you see there, and shell be the one. Her name’s a bit strange, but yes, she’s a girl.

Tru seemed to suspect that the Ghost Stump case n Penon s awfully similar to the ones in Henesys and Ellinia, and asked me to gain some information on this case For details, Ill have to head over to Penon and talk to 10 Boogies…

1. Meet 10 Boogies in Perion.

10 Boogies:
(QUEST COMPLETED) Ahhh. Are you Aran by chance? I have heard good things about you through Tru. I hear that you’re here to help out on whats going on at the excavation site (REWARD: 400 EXP)

[Required] Ghost Stumps

[Required] Ghost Stumps (over Lv23 Aran)
This is my third gig as an information and this one involves studying the suddenly-suspicious Smirking Ghost Stump with 10 Boogies of Perion. I better talk to 10 Boogies.
1. Talk to 10 Boogies to start the quest!

10 Boogies:
I have been spending some hme investigating the strange turn of events that have taken place here at Excavation Site I and Smirking Ghost Stump suddenly becoming violent is one of those issues. I was having a hard time doing all this by myself but now that you have offered to help, I can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Thanks for coming, and let’s do this.

Alter a number of tests, I came up with the conclusion that the Ghost Stump acted strange because of this strange puppet called Smirking Ghost Stump Doll. This means well have to eliminate Smirking Ghost Stumps and remove the Smirking Ghost Stump Doll as well. Maybe defeating a 100 would help you find one?

(QUEST ACCEPTED) It hasn’t been long since Ghost Stumps went crazy, so
frankly I am not sure which one of the two, whether it be Smirking Ghost Stump or Ghost Stump, actually carries the puppet.

So I don’t know how the personalities play out, but I just suggest eliminating any form of Ghost Stump. Oh by the way, if you manage to defeat all 100 of them, but come away with out a puppet, then just come back here. There might be a different reason for it, then.

10 Boogies seemed to already know that the reason for Smirking Ghost Stump’s erratic behavior is because of the puppet, and asked me to enter Excavation Site I and defeat 100 Smirking Ghost Stumps while retrieving Smirking Ghost Stump’s puppet, but she also told me If I can find the puppet after a 200 casualties, then I can just return to her, with no problem.

1. Defeat 100 Ghost Stumps at Excavation Site 1 (see picture below)
2. Return to 10 Boogies after completing the task.
NOTE: Ghost Stumps can be any personality, either normal or smirking.
NOTE: You complete the quest without having doll dropped from Ghost Stump.

10 Boogies:
(QUEST COMPLETED) I see that you have defeated 100 Smirking Ghost Stumps by yourself. Did you happen to find the puppet? What.. no puppet to be seen? (REWARD: 3900 EXP)

Hmmm. I knew something wasn’t right The monitor said that the puppet is here somewhere, but it wasn’t moving at all. Maybe they’re using another way to make Smirking Ghost Stump look suspicious.

I’ll think of another way to spot this. In the mean time, how are you doing with the leveling up? I’ll see you at Level 24.

I wound up defeating 200 Smirking Ghost Stumps, to no avail. 10 Boogies stresses that Smirking Ghost Stump is being detected somewhere nearby, but it’s not moving

[Required] Find the Puppet

[Required] Find the Puppet (over Lv24 Aran)
This is my third gig as an informant, and I’m here at Perion with 10 Boogies, investigating the causes by Smirking Ghost Stump’s erratic behavior. I better go talk to 10 Boogies

10 Boogies:
I am quite certain the puppet plays a part in Smirking Ghost Stump acting strange. This monitor catches the force of darkness emanating from the puppet, and displays it on the screen. If the puppet was inside Smirking Ghost Stump, then it would have been moving, but look, it’s not moving at all.

That means the puppet is somewhere around Smirking Ghost Stump. but not necessarily inside its bony, Nearby the excavation site, you’ll see a pile of relics lying around. Maybe the kid hid in somewhere in between.

In order to stop Smirking Ghost Stump from going any further, well have to defeat them all and retrieve the puppet. Your task right now Is to head over to Excavation Site I, blast all the piles of relic, and find Smirking Ghost Stump Doll for all of us. The monitor shows that there are 5 puppets out there. Please retrieve them all.

(QUEST ACCEPTED) Urn… you don’t know how to break down a pile of relics? Just use a regular attack on it. and the pile will crumble.

10 8ooies told me the reason behind Smirking Ghost Stumps erratic behavior is because of the puppet, and states that the puppet is not necessarily inside Smirking Ghost Stump‘s body, but somewhere outside. I better break apart the pile of relics In Excavation Site 1 and find Smirking Ghost Stump Doll.

1. Visit Excavation Site 1 and use regular attack to break Relic.
2. Obtain 5 Smirking Ghost Stump Doll from Relic.

10 Boogies:
Wow, you managed to find all the Smirking Ghost Stump Dolls around the area. Okay this one is going straight to the report (REWARD: 4500 EXP)

First, well have to wrap up this project. and it’ll take a bit of time, so I want you to stop by later, around when you turn Level 27.

I was able to find all of the Smirking Ghost Stump Dolls. 10 Boogies seemed genuinely shocked that the puppets were used in that method as well, and told me she had to start writing a report on this. A report?

3rd Gig Completed

[Required] 3rd Gig Completed (over Lv25 Aran)
This is my third gig as an informant, and this one involved investigating the suddenly-erratic Smirking Ghost Stump at Perion, and with the help of 10 Boogies, we were able to locate the cause behind this madness. The case seems to be nearing its end. I better go talk to 10 Boogies.
1. Meet 10 Boogies at Perion

10 Boogies:
I think this taught me a number of things. 1st. Anytime there’s a group of monsters mat have suddenly turned violent there’s ALWAYS a puppet involved. 2nd, these puppets don’t necessarily have to be inside the monster’s body to be controlled. It just needs to be in the vicinity of the monsters to be controlled by the puppeteer… And 3rd, The puppeteer does not control monsters in one area. He somehow controls the monsters that are in all parts of Victoria Island!

(QUEST ACCEPTED) Thank you so much for your help. Aran, Your help was very much appreciated. Please ve my thanks to Tru as well. By the way, when do I have to mail in this report.? Oh, don mind me, I was just talking to myself.

10 Boogies states that the puppet doesn’t necessarily have to be inside the monster’s bodyto function, but just in the vicinity, and will take measures to beef up me security so the kid with the puppets will never be allowed within Perion ever again This concludes the case, and I am going to send me information to Tru.

1. Meet Tru at Lith Harbor Info Shop

Hey mere. hero! How are you doing? Did you take care or some things with 10 Boogies?

(I told him what happened at Penon where 10 Boogies summarized the whole ordeal.)

Hmmm,.. I see. Okay, Ill contact my informants from all over Victoria Island so we can close in on the puppeteer. (REWARD: 400 EXP)

Anyway, this is like the third or fourth time that you have stepped in and messed with their plans. I’m sure the puppeteer will do something about it. You even ignored his warning once. I have a feeling he might find you first before we find him. Brace for possible attack.

I’ll keep looking into leads that connect to the puppeteer or the Black Wings. In the mean time, how about spending some hme training? Ill see you around Level 28.

I reported what happend at Perion to Tru, and this concluded the third informant gig.

1. Meet 10 Boogies to proceed with the next step.

Ten Boogies

Ten Boogies (over Lv25 Aran)
After the case closed on Smirking Ghost Stump, 10 Boogies seemed to be looking for me for something I wonder what that must be. I better talk to 10 Boogies.
1. Meet 10 Boogies at Perion.

Ten Boogies:
Urn… hi, Aran. I notice that you’re busy, but can you help me out once more? This time, its separate from the Information Tru had been looking for It’s a personal favor, and I will reward you separately for your work. Will that be okay with you?

(QUEST ACCEPTED) Thanks to your help. I was able to complete the
investigation, and now it’s time to turn in the reports… yet I can leave this place not knowing when the puppeteer will show up once again, so I want you to head over to Erev and submit this report to Nineheart for me.

Do you know how to get to Erev? Head over to Ellinia, and there should be a flight available to Erev. You’ll get there in about 2 minutes. which is a short trip. Thanks in advance.

10 Boogies thanked me for helping her solve the mystery, but was stuck in a predicament in that she has to turn In the report, but she cannot leave her post at this juncture She then asked me if I could deliver the report to her boss for her. So my task is to take Report from 10 Boogies, and deliver it to Nineheart at Erev.

1. In Victoria Island, visit Ellinia Boat Harbor (the left gateway/portal)
2. The left gateway goes to Erev. The right gateway goes to Orbis.
3. Talk to Kiriru and pay him 1000 meso as a fee to Erev.
4. Meet Nineheart located at Queens Road Erev and give her the report.

What is it? Hmmm? Isn’t that Report from 10 Boogies? Oh no. this is a confidential report that you just delivered to a stranger. If any of the classified matters is leaked, then… your paycheck will value every sent you lost, 10 Boogies… Hahaha I was just kidding. This report doesn’t include anything that’s classified.

(REWARD: 10 Return Scroll Nearest Town, 900 EXP)

Anyway, thank you for your help. Just know that Erev is not a place where they welcome strangers in the mix, so if you are not interested in becoming a Knight. then please leave immediately. Just the number of Knights training to prevent 8lack Wizard is enough to overflow the island.

I handed in the report to Nineheart and received a reward. I noticed that he had a
peculiar way of of speaking very inappropriately in a proper tone, That reminds me of another person…

[Required] 4th Informant Gig

[Required] [Required] 4th Informant Gig (over Lv28 Aran)
I have now reached Level 28. which means my fourth gig as an informant for Tru. I better head over to Lith Harbor and meet with Tru.

You look like you’ve gained a lot of experience over the period of time. I have received a new information. Apparently, Zombie Mushrooms of Sleepywood are suffering from depression. Don’t you think it’s closely related to the puppeteer…?

(QUEST ACCEPTED) The person who first reported this finding was a boy named Eji. Go over to SIeepwood and talk to him about all things Zombie Mushroom, okay? If you find something that leads to the puppeteer, don just attack it right then and there. Just make your way back here and let me know, and well take it from there.

Reports have been filed that In Sleepywood, a bunch of Zombie Mushrooms have been found to suffer from depression. This has the work of the puppeteer all over It I better head over to Sleepywood and talk to the person who first discovered this, a boy named Eji.

1. Go to Sleepywood and meet Eji.

A, hell there. Are you the one Tru was talking about, Aran? Nice to meet you! My name is Eji. and I have been exploring Victoria Island in hopes of one day becoming stronger. (REWARD: 500 EXP)

[Required] Zombie Mushrooms

[Required] Zombie Mushrooms (over Lv28 Aran)
This is my fourth gig as an informant, and it involves the erratic behavior of Zombie Mushroom at Sleepywood. I better talk to the witness that reported the incident, Eji.

Our whole family is a swordsman, and our tradition is that once you reach a certain age, we have to leave home and explore the life of a swordsman, and tha’s why rm here too. And since I am here. I made my way to Sleepywood so that I can follow my brother’s footsteps and best Balrog myself

But there is a problem. The Zombie Mushrooms in the Ant Tunnel look so scaly, I can even go inside! What? Are you asking me howl am going to take on Balrog when I can’t even fight Zombie Mushroom? No no, I am not afraid of Zombie Mushroom because of its power. I am afraid because
of its scary expression that Is ready to break out any minute.

I noticed that The people that live there at Sleepywood seem way past That point of being bothered by anything. They even told me Even Zombie Mushroom experiences mood swings, too”, Gut really, something doesn seem right, and This needs to be looked into.

Tru told me this is your specialty, and that you will do it all by yourself. Is that true?

(QUEST ACCEPTED) Then can you please fight 200 Zombie Mushrooms and beat them? I think what Annoyed Zombie Mushroom needs to be taught a lesson to return to normal. According to Tru, since they just started breaking out, you can go ahead and defeat them, regardless of whether they are affected or not.

Oh, and one more thing. Tru urged me to listen, saying that This probably leads to the puppeteer case, and that you should find the puppet That controls Those monsters. A puppet? Whafs a puppet got to do with this? I don’t know what exacily is going on, but it looks like all you need to do is find the puppet.

Eu seemed terrified to see so many Zombie Mushrooms making an irritated face, and that prevents him from entering the Ant Tunnel, and asked us to find out what exactly happened to Zombie Mushroom. I guess it involves eliminating Zombie Mushroom and retrieving Annoyed Zombie Mushroom Doll…

1. Eliminate 300 Zombie Mushrooms
2. Obtain Annoyed Zombie Mushroom Doll.

[TIP] Obtain secondary quests (Defeating 99 zombie mushrooms and horned mushrooms). This will help you gain more EXP (experience points) and level you faster while doing the primary quest!

Wow, you managed to defeat Zombie Mushroom and retrieve the puppet But anyway, what exactly is in those puppets anyway? And what was Zombie Mushroom doing with it? (REWARD: 7500 EXP)

Hey…? What’s this puppet with an intense, gross look on its face? It might be the doll mat the kd was carrying around.

[Required] Puppeter’s Cave

[Required] Puppeteer’s Cave (over Lv28 Aran)
This is my fourth as an informant, and it involves Eji, who apparently remembered something by looking at the Annoyed Zombie Mushroom Doll retrieved from Zombie Mushroom I better go talk to him at Sleepywood.

A while ago. I saw this strange looking kid wearing a robe passing by this area. The kid looked suspicious from head to toe, from clothing to the way he was carrying Annoyed Zombie Mushroom Doll along, so I talked to him to give him a lecture, and the kid seemed like a total punk’ What did he
talk about? Well…

“I want to become lust like my brother and defeat Balrog myself but I need to pass me Evil Eye Cave before getting there, and.. The Evil Eyes look very scary. I don’t know how I am going to pass through them.

The conversation went something like that. but Is that kid really living inside that cave? Wow. that would scare me so much. Under the same roof with Evil Eye? Oh no way. Don you find that kid strange as well?

(QUEST ACCEPTED) Eh? Aran, are you really going to enter and check out and see If the kid really lives there? Wow, no way! Who cares If It’s true or not? Why would you want to volunteer to go in there? No way… but looking atyou, I can easily tell that you’re ready to go. You’re brave, that’s for sure!

Watch this video on how to obtain Pole Arm Mastery Quest from Puppeteer’s Quest

[Job Adv.] In Search of It’s Rightful Owner

[Required] 3rd Gig Completed (over Lv30 Aran)
Once I reached Level 30, Lirin struck up a conversation with me.
1. Once you reach level 30, a light bulb appears. Talk to Lirin.

How’s the training going? Wow, looking at you, I can tell your levels have shot through the root That’s amazing… well, anyway. I see that you’re busy, but you’ll have to return to the island for a bit.

(QUEST ACCEPTED) Your Giant Pole Arm thats being kept in Rien is acting strange all of a sudden. According to the book, the pole arm reacts like this when It’s calling for its master. Maybe it’s calling for you? Please come back to the island and find out.

1. Visit Lirin at Rein
2. Talk to Maha (Spirit of Pole Arm) nearby Lirin.

In front of the pole arm. I see a strange-looking boy that I have never met before. Who is that? That kid does look a bit familiar.What? That boy is Giant Pole Arm? No way…!

Giant Pole Arm:
Mmmmmmm mmmm mmmmm…..

(Giant Pole Arm is buzzing, but who’s that boy standing there?)
(I’ve never met him before. He doesn’t look human)

Hey Aran! Do you still not hear me? Seriously, can’t you hear me? Ahhh, this is frustrating!

(Whoa, who was that? Sounds like an angry boy…)

Seriously, the on master I had turned out to be trapped in ice for hundreds of years, abandoning the weapon, and now the “master” can’t even hear me?

(Who are you?)

Aran? Do you hear me now? It’s me, it’s me! I’m your weapon Maha the pole arm!

(… Maha? Giant Pole Arm actually talks?)

Why do you have that look on your face like you can’t believe it? I see that you have lost all your memories but. did you also forget about me? How can you do that to me??

(I’m sorry, but seriously… I don’t remember a thing.)

Is that all you can say after all those years? 1m sorry? Do you understand how bored was all by myself for hundreds of years? 8rinq it out if you can. Bring your memories out! Bring them all out! Dig them up if you need to!

(QUEST COMPLETED) (The voice That claims to be Maha the Giant Pole Arm seem quite perturbed. This conversation is going nowhere. I better talk to Lirin flrst)

[Job Adv.] Mirror of Desire

[Job Adv.] Mirror of Desire (over Lv30 Aran)

Seriously what happened to the pole arm What? Giant Pole Arm talked to you in human voice? Hmmm… that’s really something. The record showed that the heroes weapons have an identity of its own, and talks like a human being. but I didn’t think much of it. l guess that was true though.

If it really is the voice of the pole arm, then you’ll need to pay attention to it Just like Giant Pole Arm said, you must find a way to squeeze out a memory in regards to Giant Pole Arm What should we do to have that memory reappear on you.. hmmm, wait a minute, I actually have an item that may hold
the key to this.

Head over west past town. and you’ll encounter a dead end with ice cliffs. Inside, there’s an ice cave, and… you’ll find a mirror that’s made out of ice called Mirror Cave.

This mysterious mirror that was made by one of the workers from a long time ago is called the Mirror of Desire, because it shows what you desire from deep inside your heart, but it doesn’t show EVERYTHING, so its a bit hard to use.

First of all, this mirror only shows things that are directly involved with you, and it only shows a detailed target of your desire, not something nonobjective. You’ll need to really focus a specific target, and desire to see that target on the mirror, and you’ll really get to see it.

Your memories were too broad and non objective, which was too much for the Mirror of Desire to handle. But now we have a specific target with the pole arm, so you may actually get to see something. Go ahead and check out the Mirror of Desire.

(QUEST ACCEPTED) Don’t forget, it must be a specific target thats related to you. Then you might get something out oft he Mirror of Desire.

1. Head to Mirror Cave Snow Island. Enter the portal.
2. This will teleport you to “Head Blacksmith’s Shop – Aran’s Past”
3. Find “Sir Blacksmith” at the other side of the portal.

[Job Adv.] In Search of the Best Weapon

[Job Adv.] In Search of the Best Weapon (over Lv30 Aran)

Sir Blacksmith:
Hmmm hmmm… what’s a young kid like you doing here?

(I want the best pole arm available!)

The very best pole arm? You can buy it at a town down there…

(I hear that you are the best blacksmith in all of Maple, and I’d like nothing more than for you to make me the best pole arm in the world!)

Listen. I am too old to be making weapons now, but.. I do have a pole arm with me that I made way back that’s still quite useful. But.. I cant gwe that to you. This weapon is so sharp and sensitive that even the owner will get hurt from time to time. Do you still want it?

(QUEST ACCEPTED) Hah. if that’s what you say, then there’s nothing else I can
say. Tell you what. I will give you a quick test, and if you can pass it then Giant Pole Arm is yours. Head over to the train ing ground and take on the Scarred Bears that’s training there. Your job is to bflng back 30 Sign of Acceptances while defeating them, okay?

1. Obtain 30 Sign of Acceptance from Scarred Bears.
2. Scarred Bears are located at “Outside Blacksmith’s Shop – Aran Past”

Sir Blacksmith:
(QUEST COMPLETED) Hoh, were you able to gather up the Sign of Acceptances? You are much more powerful than I thought But more than that. I like the level of courage you displayed by saying that you’re more than willing to take on the weapon that may also turn on you. You deserve it. Giant Pole Arm is yours.

(After a long while, Sir Blacksmith re-emerged with Giant Pole Arm that’s covered in cloth.)

This is the pole arm specifically made for you, Maha. Please take care of her.

[Job Adv.] Mirror of Desire (part2)

[Job Adv.] Mirror of Desire (over Lv30 Aran)
1. After completing “In Search of Best Weapon”, meet Maha at Rein.

You promised me to make me become a famous weapon alter defeating the Black Wizard, but instead, you got cursed by him and abandoned me for hundreds of years… and now youre telling me you doni even remember me? You think l’rn going to let you get away with that? Hey, you are the one that used to beg for me..

(I did tell Sir Blacksmith to make one for me, because I’ll prove my worth.)

Of course, since you begged for me, you should have taken care of me with respect! Where else will you find a weapon like me? I’m Giant Pole Arm, the greatest of all time that fought against the Black Wizard’ And then… you got me trapped in ice for hundreds of years…

(I… didn’t beg for you.)

What? You didn’t beg for me? Sir Blacksmith told me you were on your knees begging for me to be made and everything, and.. wait a minute. Aran’ Did your memory just come back???

(A little bit, but yeah.)

Oh… you’re really Aran… Hmm, hmm hmmm! No, I didn’t just get emotional or anything You were dealt a serious blow by the Black Wizard, and you lost all your abilities to the point where you can even carry me around now, but . you remember me…! At least your level 0f courage is on par with the master I remember.

Even if you don’t remember me, you are still my master. The body that had gone through the extremes should remember the skills that got you to that level in the first place You may feel like everything disappeared on ice, but I can tell that’s not the case. Okay, let me reawaken your abilities now!

(QUEST COMPLETED) Your level is still not on par with your heroic days, so I cant reawaken everthing you have, but the few that I did reawaken should help you level up faster! Please keep training so I will one day get to see the old you. (REWARD: Aran In Memory Medal Title)

(You gained access to two skills in 2nd Job : Body Pressure and Triple Swing)

Level 37 – Combo Drain

Level 45 – Combo Smash
There are 5 mini quests that you are required to do to obtain this Combo Smash Skill.
1/5 : Orbis Search
Meet Lisa at Orbis.
2/5 : Humongous Nependeath
Obtain 5 Rapid Growth Stimulator from Giant Nependeath located at Sparse Promenade.
3/5 : Sealed Garden
Meet Spiruna at Old Man’s House located in Cloud Park IV
4/5 : To the Sealed Garden
Defeat the Intruders (Dagos) at Sparse Promenade.
Return to Spiruna after defeating the intruders.
Meet Tru at Lith Harbor to inform him about the stolen stone.
5/5 : The Stolen Sealed Stone of Orbis
Tru ask you to meet Lirin at Rein to inform her about this matter.
Lirin teaches you a new skill that she found – Combo Smash.

MapleStory Aran Final Charge Level 54 Quest – Aran vs Mu Gong Shadow Warrior

Quest 1/7 : [Skill] Investigating Mu Lung
Double-click light bulb to talk to Tru. Meet Mr. Do in Mu Lung.
Quest 2/7 : [Skill] Blank Scroll
Meet Jin Jin Painter (located near World Tour NPC in Mu Lung.
Provide Jin Jin with 50 Straw Doll, 50 Wooden Doll, 100 Broken Piece of Pot
Jin Jin gives Special Ink to you. Open your scroll and use ink on it (similar to scrolling)
Return to Mr. Do with the Fixed Picture Scroll.
Quest 3/7 : [Skill] A Challenge from the Shadow Warrior
Meet So Gong in Mu Lung Dojo (the guy who host mini boss monster)
Quest 4/7 : [Skill] How to meet Mu Gong
Provide So Gong with 100 Bellflower Root (obtained from Herb Town 100 Year Old)
Go outside of Mu Lung Dojo, press UP at Green Flag to enter hidden-street.
This teleports you to Back Alley of Mu Lung. Travel up till you see Mu Gong.
Quest 5/7 : [Skill] Mu Gong’s Test
If you have a pet, bring it out and get ready with auto hp pot.
Then only talk Mu Gong to accept his challenge.
If you do not have pet, make sure you keep knocking back Mu Gong Shadow.
This is to prevent him from casting Stun (disable you from using potion!)
Quest 6/7 : [Skill] Catch Shadow Warrior
Head over to Practice Field : Advanced Level.
One of the pillar is a NPC. Click on it and it asks for password:
Password: “action speaks louder than words” (without the double quotes)
Becareful with this min boss as he can cast spell that turns your key opposite.
Meet Mu Gong once you have defeated Shadow Warrior
Quest 7/7 : [Skill] The Stolen Seal Stone of Mu Lung
Meet Tru at Lith Harbor Info Shop. He will inform you about Lirin new discovery.
Next, meet Lirin at Rein to obtain your new skill.

MapleStory Aran Level 63 Quest Elin Forest Seal Stone with Young Athena Pierce

Quest 1/7 : [Skill] Back to the Past
1. Click light bulb and talk to Tru. Then head to Elin Forest Town (with NPC)
Quest 2/7 : [Skill] She Remembers Me
1. Once you’re there, another light bulb appears, click to talk to Eruyth.
2. She asks you to meet with Athena Pierce located at Camp Conference Room.
Quest 3/7 : Seal Stone of Elin Forest
1. Athena Pierce asks you to get key from Kanderun.
2. Kanderun is located at Elin Forest – Entrance to Rocky Mountain (old Perion)
Quest 4/7 : Find the Key
1. Kill Prehistoric boars and obtain 10 wooden keys.
2. Return the keys to Kanderun so he can make a key for you.
3. Return to Athena Pierce with the original key.
Quest 5/7 : The Lost Seal Stone of Elin Forest
1. Meet Tru at Lith Harbor
2. Meet Athena Pierce and fight against the bad guy in her house.
Quest 6/7 : Info on Another Seal Stone
1. Meet Tru at Lith Harbor again.
Quest 7/7 : Deciphering the Letter
1. Meet Lirin at Rein

MapleStory Aran Level 68 Quest – Letter to Queen Erev Nineheart Strategist

Quest 1/2 : A letter to the Queen
Meet Tru at Lith Harbor, then meet with Lirin at Rein Snow Island
Quest 2/2 : Nineheart Strategist
Pass the letter given by Lirin to Nineheart at Erev (Beside Queen Erev)

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    “item_id” : “_comm_3396”,
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    PDRTJS_settings_338005_comm_2988 = {
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    “item_id” : “_comm_2988”,
    “permalink” : “http%3A%2F%2Fayumilovemaple.wordpress.com%2F2009%2F11%2F25%2Fmaplestory-aran-quest-complete-list-aran-story-quests%2F%23comment-2988”

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    When I kill francis for the first time and then talk to Lirin, I don’t get the quest to talk with Tru again (when you fight Francis again).
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