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MapleStory Fishing Lagoon Guide

Simple Fishing Guide written by mrs.oro’s

Fishing is actually a very simple business. However, the concept of fishing could still be remote for some of us. I’ve written a guide, hopefully, it can clear some doubts about fishing.

Introduction – What is fishing?

Fishing is a means for players to earn experience points, mesos, ores and fishes in the game.

NPC involved

Kedrick the Fisherman. Located in most towns.

4 Requirements for fishing

1) Minimum Level 10 in order to enter the Lagoon.

2) Fishing Chair (50000 mesos; no expiry)

a) Fishing Rod

b) VIP Fishing Rod

4) Fishing baits (2 types)

a) Regular baits (120 baits each time, payable 3000 mesos)
b) Delicious baits (120 baits each time, exchange with Delicious Bait Can bought for 1000 @cash from Cash Shop)

How to fish

1) Go to Cash Shop. Buy either a Fishing Rod or VIP Fishing Rod depending on your individual preference. (Optional: buy Delicious Bait Can)
2) Talk to Kedrick the Fisherman. Buy a Fishing Chair for 50000 mesos. Buy fishing baits. (Optional: exchange Delicious Bait Can for 120 Delicious Baits)
3) Enter Fishing Lagoon by talking to Kedrick. Once inside Lagoon, click on the “Setup” tab and double-click the fishing chair to begin fishing.

Process of fishing

Basically your character will do nothing except to fish. Depending on the fishing rod you use, the character will gain something after every 30 seconds / 1 minute. “SUCCESS” will appear on top of your character if you have gained something significant. A non-profitable yield will give only 10 mesos otherwise.

What does “SUCCESS” constitute of?

These are what you can get per bait:
1) mesos: 100 to 15000 mesos (*upper limit needs to be verified)
2) 1 unit of ore: either a mineral or gem
3) experience points: varying amounts
4) fish: for “Secret Dish of Great Chef” quest

Why fish?

Basically, players fish mostly to gain experience. This is especially relevant to high level players (4th jobbers). Each fishing session using only Regular Baits can yield approximately 0.5% experience. If combined with Delicious Baits, each session will yield 1-2% experience. For a low level player, 1-2% experience gain can be attained in a matter of minutes; for high level players, 1-2% experience gain could mean 1 million or 10 million experience points. Hence, it is not worth the mesos or real life currency to start fishing at low levels.

What drops can you get from fishing?

Fish (variety of sizes):
Carp(100cm), Carp(113cm),
Salmon(166cm), Salmon(183cm)
Whitebait(3.6cm) Whitebait(5cm), Whitebait(6.5cm), Whitebait(10cm)
Sword (Level 1), Pico-pico Hammer, Shovel(quest)

Related topic: Quest for Secret Dish of Great Chef

Each fishing session randomly gives you 4 types of fishes of varying sizes. The quest requires a certain number of a particular fish type and size (e.g. Whitebait 3.6cm). You may end up with a good number of carps of varying sizes but not the one needed by the quest (specifically, Carp 100cm), hence it is not possible to complete the quest in 1 fishing session. Most of the time, you will have to fish for days or weeks to finish this quest. The quest is repeatable but the reward is mediocre, so no point doing it imo.

Quest requirement as shown below:

What if my ETC slots are full?

If your ETC slots are full but your bait yields an ETC item (ore or fish), you will not get anything (a.k.a you have wasted 1 bait). A message saying, “You cannot get anymore items” will show up. However, this will not affect meso or experience gained from fishing.

Illustration: I have emerald ore, carp 30cm and mithril ore in my ETC slots and the rest of filled up. As I continue to fish, I can only get emerald ore, carp 30cm and mithril ore. I will not be able to receive other ores or fishes.

Fishing will continue until all the baits run out.

When can I buy the fishing baits?

Fishing baits can only be bought once a day. The timer will reset at 12 a.m. daily.

Illustration 1
Player buys Regular Bait at 9.00am and exchanged Delicious Bait at 9.00am. The next time he/she can buy and exchange baits will be 12.00am the next day.

Illustration 2
Player buys Regular Bait at 11.55pm and exchanged Delicious Bait at 11.55pm. The next time he/she can buy and exchange baits will technically be 12.00am (5 minutes later). However, the player has to finish consuming all the baits before he/she can make another purchase.

Illustration 3
Player buys Regular Bait at 12.15am and exchanged Delicious Bait at 12.15am. The next time he/she can buy and exchange baits will be 12.00am the next day.

Illustration 4
Player buys Regular bait at 11.55pm and exchanged Delicious Bait at 12.00am. The next time he/she can buy Regular baits will be 12.00am (5 minutes later) and exchange Delicious Baits at 12.00am 24 hours later.

Note: It doesn’t matter how many Delicious Bait Cans you want to buy or stack in your CASH inventory. You can only exchange 1 Delicious Bait Can per day.

Fishing Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Q: When you say, ‘each fishing session’, what are you referring to ?
– each catch ?
– 120 baits = 1 session ?
A: Each fishing session refers to 120 regular baits.
If you bought Delicious Bait Can, each session will be a total of 240 fish baits.

The duration of the fishing will depend on the fishing rod you use. For example:

1) Ordinary rod: 120 regular baits = 120 minutes
Ordinary rod: 120 regular baits + 120 delicious baits = 240 minutes

2) VIP rod: 120 regular baits = 60 minutes
VIP rod: 120 regular baits + 120 delicious baits = 120 minutes

Q: Is it possible to buy the chair and use it outside the fishing lagoon?
The fishing chair can be bought any time but it can only be used inside the lagoon.

Q: What level do you suggest we should start fishing at?
I’d say when 0.5% of your TNL (exp To-Next-Level) is 1m exp, i.e. your TNL is around 200m.
You won’t really see the effect of exp gained from fishing until you’re at a desperate-enough level.

Q: Do you mean player at any level fishes gets 0.5%/bait?
Hahaha! Definitely not per bait!
Approximately 0.5% for 120 regular baits, and yes, 0.5% for all levels.

Q: Since I am only level 58, it is not worth it for me to afk right?
I think it’s a too early to fish. 0.5% at that level is probably around 5000 exp? Not too difficult to get.

Q: Could fishing earn lots of meso such as 5k per bait (600k per day)
On a good day, you’ll only get 40000 mesos for 120 regular baits probably.

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