Monster Encyclopedia #1

Note: List of Monster from Level 1 – 30 (Recommended for 1st job MapleStory players)
Training Grounds: Warrior | Bowman | Magician | Thief | Pirate | Monster #2 | Monster #3

Hi guys! This page has a list of monsters that is commonly talk about in training spots. For instance:
1) What monster should I train on for my job (e.g. warrior-crusader) at level (e.g. level 90) ?
2) Where to train for that particular monster ? (small map, less walking distance, good spawn rate)
3) Which monster gives the best drop/meso ? (farming meso)
4) Which monster to train on that does not cost me to spam pots ? (normal training)
5) Which monster is best to earn Exp ? I don’t mind about spamming pots (power-leveling)
Below is a list of monsters categorised by their level, each has their own details that answers one or more of the following questions mentioned above. This monster encyclopedia (part 1) covers monster from level 1 to level 30. This page is useful for beginners, 1st job advancement and 2nd job advancement (players around level 30-40).


Monster Level 1 – 10:

Snail, Blue Snail, Red Snail:

    Snail : 8 Hp, 3 Exp | Blue Snail : 15 Hp, 4 Exp | Red Snail : 40 Hp, 8 Exp
    (For beginners) Green snail is recommended for magician to train on. The other snails are not suitable because magician has weak weapon attack as they would be pumping/adding AP on Int that does not contribute in weapon attack. For thief and bowman newbies, they could train on snail and blue snail. Newbie warriors would have no problem dealing with red snail and other high level monsters on Maple Island. It is recommended for newbies to train in Maple Island until they reach to their 1st job advancement level requirement before they fly to Victoria Island, because there would be less KS (kill steal) from higher level players.

  • Maple Road: Snail Hunting Ground I, II, III (all)
  • Maple Road: A Split Road (Blue and Red snails)
  • Hidden Street: Mushroom Garden (all)
  • Victoria Road: Hill East of Henesys (all)
  • Victoria Road: Henesys Hunting Ground I (all)
  • _

Slime, Orange Mushroom:

    Slime : 50 Hp, 10 Exp, 12-18 Meso | Orange Mushroom : 80 Hp, 15 Exp, 16-24 Meso
    Slimes are good source of meso and Exp for players level 10 – 15. Farming meso is possible for newbies and does not cost spamming pots. Newbie warriors, bowman or thief could just use their weapon and hit them without applying any attack skill (no MP needed). Orange Mushroom has higher Hp than Slime, however you could still apply normal attack on them like Slime. Spending Mp to KO higher monster speeds up your leveling progress.

  • Victoria Road: Field Up North of Ellinia (Slime)
  • Victoria Road: The Tree That Rose (Slime)
  • Victoria Road: Hill East of Henesys (Slime)
  • Victoria Road: Henesys Hunting Ground I (Slime, Orange Mushroom)
  • Victoria Road: Construction Site North of Kerning City (Orange Mushroom)
  • Victoria Road: Kerning City Construction Site (Orange Mushroom)
  • Victoria Road: Dungeon, Southern Forest I (Slime)
  • _

Pig, Ribbon Pig:

    Pig : 75 Hp, 15 Exp, 14-21 Meso | Ribbon Pig : 120 Hp, 20 Exp, 20-30 Meso
    Pigs and Ribbon Pigs gives decent Exp (for Lv 15-21 players) and its extremely good for farming meso for their level. Ribbon Pig and Pig drop leather which is used to make armour (glove/shoe/helmet/dress) and stiff feather (used to make arrows). Pig’s ribbon and Pig’s head is used for quest. All of these drops can be sold for a high price in free market. This is the time where 1st job players earn good sum of meso.
    Most players frequent the Hidden Street – The Pig Beach because its a good place to train, however, there exist a iron hog in that map. It is rumored that GM summon a iron hog there to refrain hackers or botters from training in the map. Iron hog has stronger weapon and magic defense. Try not to provoke it, as it will chase you until you (exit/change channel/cc) the map. Get help from a high level player to remove the iron pig.

  • Victoria Road: Rain-Forest East of Henesys
  • Victoria Road: A Hill West of Henesys
  • Hidden Street: The Pig Beach (Highly recommended!)
  • _

Mix: Snail + Pig + Slime + Mushroom

Monster Level 11-20:


    Octopus : 200 Hp, 24 Exp, 24-36 Meso
    Octopus is a good source of Exp (for Lv 21-25 players) and Meso. Their “octopus leg” drops is useful for quest. You can earn additional meso income by selling those drops in free market. Octopus has lightning weakness, therefore 2nd job ice/lightning wizard who has thunderbolt (level 8 or higher) could train on them for farming meso in their mid level 30.

  • Dungeon: Damp Forest (Highly Recommended!)
  • Dungeon: Damp Tree-Forest
  • Victoria Road: Construction Site North of Kerning City
  • Hidden Street: Northern Top of Construction Site
  • Victoria Road: Kerning City Construction Site

Green Mushroom, Bubbling:

    Green Mushroom : 250 Hp, 26 Exp, 28-42 Meso | Bubbling : 240 Hp, 26 Exp, 24-36 Meso
    Players in the mid’s level 20 could take them out easily as they have max one of their primary offensive skill. (base on skill build). They provide decent meso and Exp for players around level 21-25. These mushroom drop a rare item called pan lid. It’s a common item, and magician player’s pay a high price for shield. When I was a newbie warrior, I found 2 of these while training, I sold 1 away to NPC and given 1 to my friend. I didn’t know it was highly demanded in the market. Pan lid provided less defense compare to warrior shield. Kinda sad.
    Anyways, just remember to PC (price check) an item in Free Market, Forum or ask a friend/senior MapleStory player before you sell any rare item to NPC (Non Player Character). Bubbling is similar to Green Mushroom, however, its not a favorite monster in the early level 20’s for any class except for Magician due to its high weapon defense.
    Bubbling drops good scrolls that can be sold for high price (500,000 meso or more) and drops fish spear (pure STR warriors love this for its additional accuracy and speed). Some scrolls drop by bubbling such as pet scrolls are junk (does not worth much)

  • Victoria Road: Forest of Wisdom (G.Mushroom)(Highly Recommended!)
  • Victoria Road: Dungeon, Southern Forest II, III (G.Mushroom)
  • Victoria Road: Henesys Hunting Ground I (G.Mushroom)
  • Subway Line 1 Area 1
  • Thailand: Frog Pond / Small Jungle / Isolated House (white rooster)

Stirge, Rooster:

    Stirge : 300 Hp, 33 Exp, 32-48 Meso | Rooster : 340 Hp, 33 Exp, ??? Meso
    Stirge is famous for dropping lots of potions, decent item drops and good meso. However, it would be difficult for close-combat players (e.g. warrior) to hit them as they fly in random direction. Stirge’s wings and stiff feather can be sold to players who need them for quest. Stirge are great target to train from level 25-33. Player’s with mob skill (e.g. ice/lightning uses thunderbolt) can train on them effectively. Rooster is similar to stirge, it has lower weapon defense than stirge. Rooster are commonly found in Shanghai Map.

  • Transfer Area (Stirge)(Highly Recommended!)
  • China: Shanghai Wai-Tan / Out of the Bridge / Northern Flatland
  • _


Monster Level 21-30:

Horny Mushroom, Zombie Mushroom:

    Horned Mushroom : 300 Hp, 35 Exp, 36-54 Exp | Zombie Mushroom : 500 Hp, 42 Exp, 44-66 Meso
    Both of this mushroom are found abundant in SleepyWood dungeon. They provide decent meso and Exp (for Lv 25-35 players). Player could train on them from level 25-35. You could just focus on Horned Mushroom first if you have difficulty training on Zombie Mushroom. Clerics (2nd job advancement) with half max heal could train on Zombie Mushroom from level 35-40.

  • Dungeon: Ant Tunnel I, II, III, IV

Wild Boar, Crow, Wooden Mask, Sheep:

Evil Eye, StopNow:

    Evil Eye : 720 Hp, 50 Exp, 48-72 Meso | StopNow : 700 Hp, 50 Exp, 36-54 Meso
    Evil eye is a yellow lizard with 1 eye, and can be found abundant in dungeon. They provide good source of meso and Exp (for Lv 30-45 players), decent drops (level 30-40 equipments). Evil eye drops “Evil Eye’s Tail” that can be sold to players who need them for quest. You can obtain secondary Exp income from Evil Eye Repeatable Quest. Just talk to one of the NPC. StopNow is a monster that can be found exclusively in Singapore Map, but drops less meso than evil eye.

  • Dungeon: Cave of Evil Eye I, II, III, IV
  • Singapore: Central Way 1, 2
  • _

Sentinel, Ice Sentinel, Fire Sentinel:

    All Sentinels : 900 Hp, 55 Exp, 64-96 Meso
    These monsters are floating rocks, when they are provoked, they will use their range attack to counterattack. Only magician class is able to train on sentinels efficiently. Sentinels is known to have high weapon defense, but weak magic defense. Warrior, Thief and Bowman have weak magic defense, so they will receive more damage than Magician when they receive spell damage from sentinels.
    Also, fire/poison mage would have advantage of ice sentinel, while ice/lighting wizard has an advantage on fire sentinel. Sentinel (not fire/ice) is not subjected to any ice/fire weaknesses. All three sentinels (and jr sentinel) drop shellpiece which can be sold or used for repeatable quest (Orbis Tower Scrolls) and sell tower scrolls for a high price. All three monster provides good Exp (for Lv 30-35 players)

  • Orbis: Orbis Tower 8, 10, 12, 13 floor (Ice Sentinel)
  • Orbis: Orbis Tower 9, 10, 11, 12 floor (Fire Sentinel)
  • Orbis: Orbis Tower 14, 16, 16, 17 floor (Sentinel)
  • Recommended Floor would be 9, 10, 11, 13
  • _

Cloud Fox, Brown Teddy, Drum Bunny, Krip, Goat, Flamming Raccoon:

    Cloud Fox : 920 Hp, 55 Exp, 52-78 Meso | Flamming Raccoon : 900 Hp, 55 Exp, 52-78 Meso
    Krip : 900 Hp, 55 Exp, 56-84 Meso | Goat : 900 Hp, 58 Exp, 64-99 Meso
    Brown Teddy : 950 Hp, 60 Exp, ??? Meso | Drum Bunny : 950 Hp, 60 Exp, 97-139 Meso
    The monsters above are located in different maps but gives similar Exp. This is to prevent many players (around level 30-50) training in the same map. If a map is too crowded, KS (kill steal) or raids would surface. In addition, this causes lag (causes player feelling uncomfortable playing in such environment). All of these monster provide good Exp from level 35-50.

  • Zipangu: The Mountain of Cloud Fox (Highly Recommended!)
  • Zipangu: Forest of Animals (Cloud Fox)
  • Ludibrium: Terrace Hall, Cloud Terrace 1,3,4,5 (Brown Teddy)
  • Hidden Street: The Hidden Town (Krip)(Highly Recommended!)
  • Aquaroad: The Seaweed Tower (Krip)


Note to readers!
Some monsters which does not have location stated means I have not explored those map yet. If you do know some good location for a particular monster to train on, leave a comment below!

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    I fight ligaters at lvl 23 is it okay (magician)
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    well when i was lvl 23 i would train on lilagaters they give both good exp and mesos so ur training on lilagaters are great.

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    I fight ligaters at lvl 23 is it okay (magician)
    pure int and pump finish magic claw

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