MapleStory Guide List

Contents in a Glance
Beginner Guide
Warrior Guide

  • 1st Job Advancement – Warrior
  • Bowman Guide

  • 1st Job Avanement – Bowman
  • Magician Guide

  • 1st Job Avanement – Magician
  • Thief Guide

  • 1st Job Avanement – Thief
  • Pirate Guide

  • 1st Job Avanement – Pirate
  • General Guide

  • MapleStory Ultimate EXP Guide: 8 Tips on Leveling Up Quickly
  • Orbis Exchange Quest
  • MapleStory Accuracy Calculator – How to 100% hit without miss?
  • Monster Encyclopedia #1
  • Monster Encyclopedia #2
  • Monster Encyclopedia #3


    1. Warrior

    (a) Fighter, Crusader, Hero
    (b) Page, White Knight, Paladin
    (c) Spearman, Dragon Knight, Dark Knight

    2. Bowman

    (a) Hunter, Ranger, Bowmaster
    (b) Crossbow, Sniper, Marksman

    3. Magician

    (a) Fire/Poison Wizard, Mage, Archmage
    (b) Ice/Lightning Wizard, Mage, Archmage
    (c) Cleric, Priest, Bishop

    4. Thief

    (a) Bandit, Chief Bandit, Shadower
    (b) Assassin, Night Lord, Hermit

    5. Pirate

    (a) Gunslinger, Valkyrie, Captain
    (b) Infighter, Buccaneer, Viper


    Useful Links
    A story* of Cleric to Priest
    The Paths from Cleric, Priest, to Bishop
    Guide to Grimming / Monglonging for Priests (NEW Monglong videos)
    Is MPeater really useless?
    Starting for Magician Build
    Level 1-120 Fire/Poison Mage Guide by XIanx
    Strategy Wiki for Magician
    StrategyWiki for Pirate

    The official Pirate class Stat/Skill builds topic.
    ShiKage’s Infighter Guide
    Soliunasm’s Pirate Infighter Guide (1-30)
    Shrapnel’s Gunslinger Guide (Level 1-70) with 3rd & 4th job SP Builds
    maplestory client v0.59
    Understanding Hermits and Skill Builds
    Keone’s Death Teddy Sniping Kit

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      22/01/2012 at 12:50 am

      May I Noe How To Do NaoMi Quest?

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      this page is still underconstruction!

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