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Aran Complete Quests List by AristosMS

KMS Aran 1st Job Quests Pt. 1 – Available in HD

This takes place right after you advance at level 10. I said in my Becoming an Aran videos that you could treat them as the first part of these quest videos.

Once you advance Lilin/Ririn will ask you to go and speak to the trainer whose name translates to Puoh. He is 2 maps left of town in the training grounds. This is pretty much identical to what the Cygnus trainer gets you to do at 10, apart from you get a much better reward at the end. First you must go in and kill 30 Slimes, then 30 Orange Mushrooms and finally 30 Pigs. I lagged and opened the chat box twice at the end of these quests so I apologize for that but it shouldnt ruin anything. By the end of this you will be level 13 without putting in much effort at all. You will also be rewarded with the skill Combo Ability. Which I demonstrated in another video, Im sure youve all seen it of course. :P
You receive a little animation every time you acquire a new skill form a quest. It’s 2 pole arms crossing over your head. I slowed it down and showed it again so you could get a better look even if the level up covers it a little. I think it’s a nice little effect. But you will most likely miss it since the chat box covers it by default lol.

Once you are done with that go back and talk to Lilin/Ririn. She will give you a scroll (not shown in video) to take to an NPC in Lith Called Tru. So of to Lith Harbour it is! To leave Rien head all the way right from town and you will find the Harbour. Talk to the NPC there to ride the whale (lol) to Lith. This is the only way to and from Rien.

When you arrive in Lith head to the new building that is located at the top right of town. You can’t miss it. Inside is Tru. Talk to him and complete the quest. This guy is basically the new Nineheart. You will be coming back and reporting to him a lot. I suggest you buy a good number of Lith return scrolls for convenience.

You will immediately receive a new quest from him. He will ask you to go and speak to Teo. Teo wants 10 Green/Blue/Red Snail Shells. This is very simple especially if you can find a few Mano’s to kill but good luck with that on launch day. After you get 10 of each report back to Teo then back to Tru.
Next he will ask you to go talk to Bruce in Henesys. He will also give you an envelope. If you talk to the newly added Taxi you can use that note to ride there for free.

*Character switch, I will be using this character from now on.*

When you arrive there talk to Bruce and he will ask you to get 30 Mushroom cones. I wonder what part of a Mushroom they drop from? Perhaps it is their unmentionables. I tested this but didn’t film it, you can kill orange mushrooms as well to get the cones. I chose Cynical Mushrooms because I prefer that map since it has a good pure spawn. When you get all 30 return to Bruce and he will then want you to get 30 pig tails. These drop from normal Pigs and Ribbon Pigs, so head of to your favourite spot and collect them. Return to him for his final proper quest. He wants you to kill 50 Cynical Mushrooms and collect a Doll from them. This is just like the Cygnus quest, a few of the Aran’s quests are similar to the Cygnus ones. Once you have killed them and collected the Doll come back for your reward. He will then ask you to go back and see Tru, so head back there and get another small exp reward.

The Next quests begin at level 18, you should be around level 15 by now so go level up some more then come back and see Tru. I will continue on from here in the next part of this video.

KMS Aran 1st Job Quests Pt. 2 – Available in HD

Aran Level 18+

Once you level up to 18 go and speak to Tru, he will have a new quest for you. These next chain of quests take place in Ellinia so head there, Find Rowen the Fairy and talk to her. She will want you to kill 25 Sickly Green Mushrooms and collect a Doll. Yes I did say Sickly. Just like Cygnus added the Cynical Mushrooms Aran has added 3 new monsters. The first being these Sickly Green Mushrooms. You should head over to the Tree Dungeon to kill these. Killing normal Green Mushrooms will not count towards the quest total. After you have completed it head back to Rowen and get your Next quest. This one is really simple, all you have to do is talk to the new NPC located outside the Green Mushroom Tree dungeon. You will have already seen him. His name translates to Talking Tree which is quite appropriate. Go talk to him then head Back to Rowen and she will ask you to Speak with Tru, head over to him and complete the quest.

Aran Level 19+

You are not quite done with Rowen yet. Head back there and get her next quest. She wants you to kill 100 Green Mushrooms and collect 1 Doll. It’s pretty similar to the first quest she gave you. But if you think that is unimaginative wait for the next quest. This time both kinds of Green Mushroom count so it shouldn’t take long. Head back to her and get your reward. You are given 10 All Cures. This may seem strange given that you are such a low level but you will have to fight Francis later on and he does like to Seal you. For Rowen’s next quest you have to kill 100 Green Mushrooms and collect a Doll. Yes it is exactly the same as the one you just did so go back and repeat it all again. The reward is better this time so at least that’s something.

Level 22+ *Skill Quest*

The next quest begins at level 22. It’s important so the moment you level you will get a quest light bulb appear above your head. If you are in the middle of something important then finish it off now, as you will be teleported somewhere else. Also it’s a good idea to have a return scroll on you.

You will be contacted by a mysterious figure, hmm whoever could that be. Oh what a surprise it’s just Francis. You are probably expecting a fight but no not yet. Just talk to him and that’s it. You will then be moved outside. So this is where that return scroll comes in handy. The Next part of the quest is to talk to Tru so head over to lith. Once you talk to him you will have to head to Rien and talk to Lilin/Ririn. Once you talk to her you will be given the Skill Pole Arm Booster. This is exactly the same as 2nd Job booster apart from it boosts 3 levels instead of 2. So this is a really good skill.

Level 23+

Now the Perion chain of quests begin. Start of by talking to Tru in Lith. Then make your way to Perion and talk to the Cygnus Representative there, you will be doing a few quests for her. Her first quest is simple, Kill 100 Ghost Stumps. You may also notice a new Ghost Stump. It is called Depressed Ghost Stump, it looks pretty happy to me but whatever. Both kinds count so just kill away.

Level 24+

For the next Perion quest you have to collect 5 Ghost Stump Dolls. They don’t drop from any monsters however. You will probably have noticed earlier that the Excavation Site is now covered in jars/urns. Smash these open until you get 5 dolls. The drop rate is pretty good so you won’t be there all day. After you have all 5 return to the Cygnus Representative and get the reward.

Level 25+

As you can see the quests are getting a bit more spaced out now. You are still in Perion however. This one is simple, just talk to the representative and then head to Tru and talk to him, quest complete. You will then have a new quest from the Cygnus Representative in Perion.

I will pick up from there and show the final first job quests in Part 3 of this video.

KMS Aran 1st Job Quests Pt. 3 – Available in HD

Level 25+

This is the final quest in Perion. It’s really simple. You will be given a Document that you must deliver to Nineheart. So head over to him and complete the quest.

Level 28+

New we move on to the Sleepywood quests. When you are 28 go speak to Tru again and begin the quest. You will need to go to Sleepywood and talk to a new NPC called Jur Nal. He is at the entrance to the Ant Tunnel. After talking to him he will have a new quest. You will need to kill 300 Zombie Mushrooms and collect 1 Doll. You will also see the 3rd of the new mobs added. It is called the Murderous Zombie Mushroom, quite a brutal name for MS. It will probably get changed to Angry or something in English. Killing either kind counts so heading to the Mini Dungeon is probably your best bet.

For his next quest you must make your way down into the Evil Eye caves and to Francis’s hideout. All you have to do is pres up at the doorway as if you are trying to enter and that will complete the quest, easy but quite tedious. Return to Jur Nal and he will instruct you to speak with the statue in Sleepywood. It will ask you to collect 100 Evil Eye tails. Once you have completed this return to the statue then go and speak with Tru.

Level 29+

It’s finally time to fight Francis. Go and talk to Tru, he will give you a special weapon. It’s just the level 30 Pole Arm with a level 29 requirement. Nothing amazing but it could be a nice attack boost for this quest. The Pole Arm disappears once you log out however. So hope you aren’t unlucky and disconnect like I did.

Make your way back to the Evil Eye cave and into Francis’s hideout. You will have to enter a password before you are let in. It is the exact same password as used in the Cygnus Quests. If you don’t know then it’s 프란시스는 천재 인형사! / Francis is a genius Puppeteer! in GMS.. I already uploaded the fight separately but I had space to include it in the quest video this time unlike with my Cygnus quest video.

Once you defeat Francis collect what he drops and take it back to Tru. You will then need to go and see Lilin/Ririn. The moment I entered town my skill window automatically popped up and the Second Job Skill Preview was displayed. I assume this was intentional and not a random bug. All you need to do now is simply talk to Lilin/Ririn and that will complete the quest. That’s it for all the first job quests. All you have t do now is make your way to 30 and advance into 2nd job.

KMS Aran 2nd Job Advance – Available in HD

When you reach level 30 a quest light bulb will appear above your head. Accept it and head to Rien. There you finally get to meet Mach. Just talk to him and you’ll get a tiny cut scene. Then go talk to Lilin/Ririn. She will tell you to go to the Cave at the very top or Rien, so make your way there.

I decided to add a mini map and mark out the route in red. It’s really easy to get there in game all you do is walk left from town but I think it helps give a better understanding for people who have never been there.

Once you make your way inside there will be a glowing blue portal, just go through it and you will be transported somewhere else.

The moment you enter the clock will count down from 15 minutes. It is a Mu Lung themed map. It also has the flash back style effect they used on the intro around the corners of the screen. Talk to the Panda NPC there to begin the quest. It may be a new fancy setting but it’s the same old same old. Just kill monsters and collect 30 etc pieces they drop. They are just like the other bears in Mu Lung but a lot cooler looking. As usual they also give no exp. Make your way left to the next map and get killing.

I was surprised how easy this was. It was a total breeze to get all 30 badges. To me this is the easiest 2nd job advance in the game. The Cygnus advancement is easier than the Adventurers but this is way easier. Then again the pirate job advance is rather simple so maybe that should win the title.

Anyway once you have all 30 just head back and talk to the NPC. You will get a little Cut Scene. After that you will find yourself back in the cave. I tried this out but never filmed it. You can go back through the portal and into that map again but Im not sure why you would really want or need to. Just make your way back to town now. The hard part is over.

When back in town make your way over to Mach. talk to him and you will advance into 2nd job. The little skill preview image also pops up again. You will be given a new medal which Adds 100 Hp and Mp but this time they are rather useless thanks to the combo medals that I showed in a previous video.

Like the first job Advance you are only given 2 skills, you must complete quests in order to unlock the rest. I put my first point into Triple Swing, this is performed by pressing the attack key 3 times. The other skill you receive is body pressure.

MapleStory – Level 63 Aran Quest

– Head to Ellin Forest and accept the quest above you.
– Talk to the NPC with the gun and go into the portal next to her.
– Talk to Helena and accept her quest.
– Head to the Wilder Boar map to the left.
– Talk to the NPC here and hunt Wilder Boars for 10 keys.
– Talk to the NPC again and get a key from him. Head back to Helena.
– Go into the portal above her and click on the bookcase.
– Head back to Helena.
– Go to LIth Harbor.
– Go to Athena Pierce and fight the boss.
– Go back to Lith Harbor, and then to Rien.

MapleStory – Aran Final Charge Skill Quest

There’s a few things you need before the quest begins:
[ ] 50 Straw Test Dummies Drop (Two maps right of Mu Lung)
[ ] 50 Wood Test Dummies Drop (Three – Five maps right of Mu Lung)
[ ] 100 Pieces of Broken Jar (One map right of Herb Town)
[ ] 100 Yellow Vegetable-thing Drop (Two – Three maps right of Herb Town) Note: not the old ones.
[ ] 500,000 (500k) mesos.
After we get all of that, we can begin.
– Accept the quest above you and talk to the Panda NPC holding a potion.
– He’ll be located roughly in the center of Mu Lung. You’ll get a blank scroll from him.
– Talk to the Panda NPC painting a scroll on the top right of Mu Lung.
– He asks for 500,000 mesos, 50 std drops, 50 wtd drops, and 100 broken pieces of pot.
– After you give it to to him, he’ll give you 8 bottles of ink.
– Open up the bamboo scroll you got from the earlier quest and drag the ink bottles over it.
– After you use the last one the scroll becomes readable.
– Talk to the Panda NPC with the potion again.
– Move to the Dojo. If you do not know where it is (like I didn’t before I started the quest,)
– head one map right of Mu Lung (the one where Hak is).
– There is a red sign with an old panda on it.
– Click it, accept the first option, and you’re transported to the dojo.
– Go inside the dojo and talk with the Panda NPC.
– Go outside and to the right of the dojo. There is a green flag.
– Press up on the green flag to be transported to the top of the dojo.
– Talk to the old panda and you’ll have to fight, Street Fighter style.
– I always knew the Aran class was like Street Fighter.
– Talk to the old panda again.
– Head to the final training spot (Five maps to the right of Mu Lung) and click on the pole with “ㅅㅁ” on it.
– Insert the password: 도가도비상도
– Fight the unknown swordsman.
– The spell he casts (where the skull is above you) reverses your direction. (
– Which is why my Combo Smash went the other way.)
– After you fight him, return to the old panda.
– Go back to Lith Harbor and talk to the scroll guy.
– Go back to Ririn and finish the quest.

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