Monster Encyclopedia #3

Note: List of Monster from Level 61 – 120 (Recommended for 3rd job + 4th MapleStory players)
Training Grounds: Warrior | Bowman | Magician | Thief | Pirate | Monster #1 | Monster #2

Hi guys! This page has a list of monsters that is commonly talk about in training spots. For instance:
1) What monster should I train on for my job (e.g. warrior-crusader) at level (e.g. level 90) ?
2) Where to train for that particular monster ? (small map, less walking distance, good spawn rate)
3) Which monster gives the best drop/meso ? (farming meso)
4) Which monster to train on that does not cost me to spam pots ? (normal training)
5) Which monster is best to earn Exp ? I don’t mind about spamming pots (power-leveling)
Below is a list of monsters categorised by their level, each has their own details that answers one or more of the following questions mentioned above. This monster encyclopedia (part 2) covers monster from level 61 to level 120. This page is useful for early 3rd job advancement to 4th job players.


Monster Level 61 – 120:

Stone Gollem, Dark Stone Gollem, Mixed Gollem, Red Drake

    Stone Gollem : 4000 Hp, 170 Exp, 256-384 Meso | Dark Gollem : 4800 Hp, 200 Exp, 280-420 Meso
    Mixed Gollem : 6000 Hp, 210 Exp, 296-477 Meso | Red Drake : 6000 Hp, 220 Exp, 304-456 Meso
    Stone Gollem and Dark Stone Gollem provides decent Exp (for Lv 50-60 players) while Mixed Gollem and Red Drake is good to training targets for Lv 60-75 players. Mixed Gollem and Red Drake drops good sum of meso (farming meso!) is possible here. Red Drake drops steely (throwing star) once awhile which is sold for a high price in free market. Dark Stone Gollem drops tobi (throwing star) but its less powerful than steely.

  • Hidden Street: Dangerous Valley II (Red Drake)
  • Hidden Street: The Forest of Gollem (Mixed Gollem, Dark Stone Gollem)
  • Victoria Road: Gollem’s Temple III, IV
  • Hidden Street: The Breathing Rock (Stone Gollem)
  • Victoria Road: The Entrance of Gollem’s Temple (Stone Gollem)
  • _

Water Goblin

    Water Goblin : 7100 Hp, 220 Exp, 300-400 Meso
    This monster can only be found in Zipangu: Vanished Village. This monster is the best for farming meso and drops. It drops lots of potions/pots (mana elixirs). However, this place is not good for Exp since its Hp is much more than Mixed Gollem/Red Drake. This monster is an alternative when Mixed Gollem and Red Drake maps are over crowded. Water Goblin map once awhile crowded with high level players who visit this map to earn additional meso.


Selkie Jr, Slimy

Monster Level 61 – 70:

Buffy, Soul Teddy, Officer Skeleton, Ice Drake, Mr Ali:

    Buffy : 7400 Hp, 230 Exp, 312-468 Meso | Soul Teddy : 7600 Hp, 245 Exp, 328-492 Meso
    Officer Skeleton : 7500 Hp, 240 Exp, 328-492 Meso | Ice Drake : 7700 Hp, 250 Exp, 324-486 Meso
    Mr Ali : 7800 Hp, 250 Exp, ??? Meso
    These monsters are not so popular since they do not come in mobs, and they are located within a very large map. (lots of walking to reach to a monster) However, this is an alternative when you could not find any slots/space in the popular areas like MP3 (Slimy + Jr Selkie) or Mixed Gollems.

  • Ludibrium: Forgotten Path of Time 1 (Soul Teddy)
  • Ludibrium: Warped Path of Time 1
  • _

Yeti, Dark Yeti, Tauromacis, Mr Anchor:

    Yeti : 11000 Hp, 255 Exp, 328-492 Exp | Dark Yeti : 13000 Hp, 265 Exp, 342-479 Meso
    Tauromacis : 15,000 Hp, 270 Exp, 340-500 Meso | Mr Anchor : 11,500 Hp, 275 Exp, 332-495 Meso
    Yeti and Tauromacis is popular before 3rd job and 4th job advancement (2 years ago) when there is no Mixed Gollem or MP3. 2nd job players take them as one of the most powerful monsters to be defeated. Now, Yeti is not popular anymore due to monster lower level than Yeti provides better Exp rate.

  • El Nath: Icy Cold Field
  • El Nath: Ice Valley II
  • _

Note to readers!
Some monsters which does not have location stated means I have not explored those map yet. If you do know some good location for a particular monster to train on, leave a comment below!

  1. 06/11/2011 at 3:01 pm

    i want to play this game

  2. 02/02/2011 at 4:01 am

    which monsters drop steely throwing stars

  3. Altair388
    05/05/2010 at 3:51 pm

    about my previous comment the whole cheese thing is best used by warriors since they dont have dark sight or magic guard to protect them, if you dont have that much hp to begin with buy whatever is able to get you atleas 60% of your total hp or maybe a bit more if you dont think that’ll be enough
    PS. DO NOT attack or provoke the guardians or they’ll do 4k damage instead of 3.4k (3.4 isnt exact but its close to the damage they do) i talk too much dont I? x_x

  4. Altair388
    05/05/2010 at 3:45 pm

    well, i have a lvl 80 aran and it took me a very little amount of time to get from 70-80 while training on windraiders and stormbreakers. You can easily train at the crimson keep but youll need to be a bit funded for this cuz ull need alot of pots with you since theres no grocer or anything in there, to get to the keep just go up farthur from the lower ascent and if u have trouble getting by the crimson gaurds buy some cheese from nlc grocer that recovers 4k hp and use that to get by them by spamming ur cheese :D (healthy food o.o) lol once you get in youll start getting some very good and quick exp and if ur training at windraiders youll earn a very decent amount of mesos about 600 mesos per kill o.o

  5. PieManTheII
    13/04/2010 at 8:42 pm

    Dmac Dual Ghost Pirates are found in Ludibrium about halfway to Papulatus on either the left or right I forgot. xD

  6. 01/03/2010 at 10:23 pm

    i really think maybe u should do more!But ur uber ayumilove i luv u!

  7. 30/12/2009 at 1:05 pm

    loli wan maple 3d verson fast

  8. Dmac
    15/10/2009 at 10:00 pm

    id like to know where the heck dual ghost pirates are so i can get my ninja storm skill already

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