Welcome maplers/beginners! Need a guide before you begin your long journey from as a warrior? You have come to the right place! This guide covers about what is actually a warrior all about, what’s so special about playing this job, and what could this job offers you for the next 2nd, 3rd and 4th job advancement. Sounds interesting? Grab a drink and read on!


Contents in A Glance

  • What is a warrior?
  • Why be a warrior?
  • What type of warrior suits me?
  • What attribute warriors need? (AP Allocation)
  • Useful Links / Related Topics
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    What is a warrior?

      Basically, warriors are close-combat characters; they use sword, axe, blut, spear or polearm. These warriors are heavily equiped with strong weapon defense and they have massive Hp (Hit Points). As a result, they could endure long battles against powerful monsters attack. This makes warrior a special class to play!


    Why be a warrior?

      1. Warriors are able to use a variety of weapons (sword, mace, axe, spear, polearm)
      2. Difficult to get killed easily with massive HP (hitpoints/life)
      3. Have high weapon defense (strong armour)
      4. Their equipment only relies on STR (strength)
      5. Able to equip shield as additional protection from enemies attack.
      6. Player who likes to hack and slash monsters instead of shooting far away.
      7. Player who likes to jump into a mob of monsters and happily taking them down.
      8. Easiest to level from level 1 to 8 at Maple Island (beginner)
      9. Warrior skills cost the least MP (mana points), yay save meso!
      10. Late game soloers (able to solo monster or boss monster)
      11. Heavy tankers (able to withstand massive damage from monsters)
      12. Only relies STR (strength) for maximum damage.


    What type of warrior suits me?

      Once you have completed your 1st job advancement as a warrior, you will be able to choose a special warrior sub-class in MapleStory. Each of this class has its own distinct skills when they reach 3rd job and 4th job. However, the skills at 2nd job is pretty much the same. These 3 sub-classes are fighter, page and spearman. Each has its own pros and cons. Click this link: MapleStory Warrior 4th Job Video and download 4thJobWarriorHQv2.flv After download, watch it by using FlV Player. This video shows a preview of what its like to become either a fighter/page/spearman.
      Fighters are awesome warriors who have highest base HP (hitpoints/life) and these guys use either swords or blunt weapons (mace/hammer) alone or accompanied with a shield. Fighters are classified as stable damagers since players mainly use swords. Swords deal stable damage compare to blunt weapons. Blunt weapons are not favored and this had made it inexpensive in the free market.
      Pages are a mix of magician and fighter character. They use magic element against enemies as their offence. Their class is similar to fighter as they use sword or blunt weapons along with a shield. Once they reach 3rd job, they could use different kind of elements at their disposal! This includes Ice (Freeze), Fire and Lightning. Sounds like hybrid character of warrior mix with magician.
      Spearman are the masters of polearm and spear. The weapons they weild grants them a longer range in combat and they could easily round up mob of monsters. These guys are classified as unstable damagers due to the fact that spears and polearms deal very high damage and very low damage depending on their slash and stab. They have the highest base MP (manapoint) in warrior class.


    What stats warriors need? (AP Allocation)

      Warriors just need STR (strength) and accuracy to survive in the tough MapleStory world. STR is needed to equip heavy armour and wield weapons. Accuracy is required to hit monster accurately, else warriors would just keep hit and miss while their monsters easily evade and dodge warriror attacks.
      Accuracy could be obtained easily from DEX (dexterity). LUK (luck) also provides accuracy but lesser than DEX. Some hardcore players do not add DEX, instead they scroll/enhance their armour to give their characters additional DEX and pure accuracy. So their main character will just have PURE STRENGTH! Pure STR warrior deals more damage than an ordinary normal build warrior. This will be discussed in-depth later!
      Perfect warrior stats on rolling dice
      The perfect build for a warrior is to roll the dice at: (both LUK and INT is 4)
      DEX, LUK and INT is not required for equiping weapon/armour.
      STR : 13
      DEX : 4
      LUK : 4
      INT : 4

      Warrior Stats Requirement
      Beginner must be level 10 and have at least 35 STR to be accepted as warrior in Perion.
      From level 1 to 10, start pumping into STR first and achieve 35 STR.
      Future warriors (beginners) level up faster compare the rest in Maple Island!


    How to spend AP (ability points) into character ability?

      There are 3 types of warrior builds, Pure STR, Low DEX and Normal Warriors.
      Pure STR warriors deals massive damage but requires lots of meso to maintain that profile.
      Low DEX warriors is between Pure STR and Normal build damage.
      Normal warriors deals normal damage, easy to maintain with little meso in hand!
      Normal Build Warriors
      This build is strongly recommended for players who are do not have much meso/money to buy godly items and scrolls to enhance their armour with additional DEX / accuracy.
      Add +3 STR and +2 DEX after each Level UP.
      Stop adding SP into dexterity once you achieve 100 DEX.
      Low DEX Warriors
      Add +3 STR and +2 DEX after each Level UP.
      Stop adding SP into dexterity once you achieve 40-60 DEX.
      Pure STR Warriors
      Pure STR warriors raw damage increases a lot as they level up. A level 70 Pure STR warrior has equivalent or higher raw damage than a level 80 low DEX warrior. That’s the reason why they could level up so fast as they train on early on higher level monsters that provide better EXP in their level. Remember to make lots of meso through free market trading to buy godly scrolled armours.
      Add +5 STR after each Level UP.
      No need to add SP into DEX.


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