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MapleStory Aran Quest Complete List (Aran Tutorial Quests)

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Chapter 1: Aran Tutorial Quests

Please Find the Kid

Quest Available: [Required] Please Find the Kid 1 (Legend)
I heard someone scream at the ark, saying that a kid is missing.
The ark cannot leave until the kid is back on board. What should I do?

1. Talk to Athena Pierce at Black Road, Ready to Leave to start quest.
2. Complete the quest within 600 seconds else this quest expires!
3. If this quest expired, talk to NPC Athena Pierce to redo the quest.

Athena Pierce:
Wait, where’s the kid? Oh no, he must be stuck in the forest! We need to bring the kid back here before the ark leaves! Aran… please go in there and find the kid for me! I know it’s alot to ask considering you’re injured… but you’re our only hope!

(QUEST ACCEPTED) The kid is probably somewhere deep in the forest! We need to leave right now before the Black Wizard find us, so please hurry! The most important thing right now is not to panic, Aran. If you want to see how far you’ve gone with your quest, press Q to open the quest window.

Athena Pierce pleaded with me to find that kid, and apparently he can be found somewhere inside the forest. He told me I am the only one available who can save the kid… I better go to the forest and save the kid!

1. Rescue the kid at Dead End Forest Black Road (left portal all the way)

Lost Kid:
Wahh… sniff sniff… hey, that’s Aran! Are you here to rescue me?
(Shivering) I… was … so… scared… in here. Please tak me to Athena Pierce!

1. Return to Athena Pierce. (The boy is carried on your back)

Athena Pierce:
Ahh, you’re safe! What about the kid? Where’s the kid? Oh phew… thank goodness…

(Get on board right now! We do not have much time!)

Yes, yes. We don’t have much time for that. I can feel the force of Black Wizard creeping up ever so close, and I have a feeling the Wizard has located the ark! If we don’t leave now, then we will be attacked!

(Leave now!)

Aran! Get on board right now! I understand that you want to join them in the battle, but… it’s too late! Let your friends take care of the Black Wizard, and you should get on right now and escape to Victoria Island!

(No, I can’t do that! Athena Pierce, you take care of these people and head over to Victoria Island. I promise you, I will not die. I will meet you there at the island soon. I better help my friends out and battle the Black Wizard once and for all!)

After completing quest, you will be teleported to Ice Cave Snow Island to meet Lirin.

Tutorial Lirin:
You… are finally awake!

(…who are you?)

I’ve been waiting for you. Waiting for the hero that fought the Black Wizard to finally wake up…!

(…Wait, what are you saying? And who are you… ? Wait… who am I…? I don’t remember a thing form the past! OUch… and I have a terrible headache!)

Are you okay?

(I… really don’t remember a thing…. Where am I? And who are you?)

Relax. The curse of the Black Wizard is the reason why you don’t have any memories with you. here’s no need to worry about what happened in the past. I’ll explain it to you in detail.

You’re a bonafide hero here. A few hundred years ago, you and your friends battled the Black Wizard and saved the world of Maple from certain destruction. But at the last possible moment, the Black Wizard gave you a curse, which had you frozen in ice for a long time while completely wiping out your memory.

You are currently at an Island called Rien, and it’s the Island the Black Wizard chose to trap you for hundred of years. Because of his curse, this island is always covered in snow and ice, even though the weather is nothing close to that level. You were found somewhere deep in the cave.

And my name is Lirin, a member of the Rien race. The Rien race has been holding hope for your return for centuries, and now… the hope has finally paid off. You are here, standing right in front of me, the living breathing legend.

I may have given you too much information all at once. If you have yet to catch on to everything, then that’s okay. You’ll find out, sooner or later. In the meat time, you should head over to town. If you have any questions before getting to town, please feel free to ask me.

You will be teleported to Snow Island Cold Forest 1. Lirin accompanies you in your journey. Double click on Lirin to ask questions about matters you are in doubt.

Tutorial Lirin (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do you have any questions?

Who am I?
Lirin: You, my friend, are one of the heroes that fought valiantly against the Black Wizard hundreds of years ago. You have lost all your memories because of the curse he casted on you.

Where am I?
This is Rein Island, an island that held you on ice for hundred of years. It’s a small island that consists of little more than snow and ice. Most residents here are penguins.

Who are you?
My name is Lirin, a member of the Rein race that has been waiting for you to arrive. My dream has come true, and I will be here to guide you for the rest of your journey.

Tell me what I need to do now.
If you want more details, you should head over to town right now. Just follow the instructions. I will tell you more details once we reach town.

What are inventories?
How do I improve my skills?
How do I put on an equipment item?
How do I use the quick slot?
How do I break a box?
Can I set on the chair?

The Return of the Hero

Quest Available: [Required] The Return of the Hero (For Legend)
Where am I… and who am I?
1. Talk to Puka located in “Snow Island – Cold Forest 1”

Hmmm? What’s human doing here? Wait, hey there Lirin. What brought you here? Oh and… do you know this person, Lirin? What? A hero? The hero is back!

Wait, so I am looking at the very person that your race has been waiting for hundred of years? Wow! I could tell the hero looked a bit different from the rest…

But because of that curse of the Black Wizard that got you trappd in ice for hundred of years, you do look quite weak. Here’s a potion for recovery. Please take it.

(QUEST ACCEPTED) Just drink it up first, then we’ll continue our talk! – You have gained an item (Special Rein Red Potion)

(Wait, how do I drink this? I don’t remember…)

1. Open your inventory by pressing the keyboard button “i”.
2. Click the “use” tab and double click on Speical Rein Red Potion.
3. Talk to Puka after completing the task.

Puka seemed hyper to have finally met a hero. A hero? Who… me? Judging from what Lirin said,
I might have really been a hero in the past life. Even so, I have no recollection of what happened in the past…

(REWARD: Can be run with the quest “The Weapon That Disappeared”)

I’ve been searching through blocks of ice inside the cave in hopes of finding our hero, but… I didn’t think I’d actually see one in front of me right now! The prophecy is correct! Lirin, you were right! Now that the hero has been resurrected, we won’t have to worry about the Black Wizard anymore, right?

Wait, I have been holding onto you for too long. I’m sorry, but I bet you other penguins will react the say way as I did. I know you’re busy and all, but on your way to town, please go strike up a conversation with other penguins. Everyone will be shocked if the hero is the one initiating a conversation with them!

(REWARD: 5 Special Rein Red Potion, 5 Special Rein Blue Potion, 16 EXP)

Wow, you managed to level up! That means you may have acquired skill points too. In the world of Maple, every level up means 3 skill points. Press K to open the skill window and find out.

(These penguins are so nice to me in every way possible, yet I don’t remember them one bit. I better check the skill window first… but how do I do that?)

1. Open skill window by pressing the keyboard button “s”.
2. Add 1 SP (Skill Point) into Three Snails.
3. Open keyboard window by pressing the keyboard button “k”.
4. Assign “Three Snails” skill icon into 1 of the keyboard button slot.
5. Press OK to save changes.
6. To activate the skill, press the button which you have allocated.

The Weapon That Disappeared

Quest Available: [Required] The Weapon That Disappeared (For Legend) 1
I should talk to Puen while on my way back to town.

1. Talk to Puen located at “Snow Island – Cold Forest 2”


I just heard someone say out loud that “the hero has returned!” Did I hear that wrong, or was it.. really what I just heard? So this… this person right here is the hero?! The hero is back for good!!

Oh this is unreal… I can’t believe I am staring right at the hero of Maple! It’s an honor!! Here, let me shake your hand… and if you can give me a hug… Hehe.. and can you please sign this? Ah, I’m so sorry. I was so happy to have finally met you that I guess I crossed the line. I need to take a deep breath. Ahhh… Okay, I feel better now. But um… can I… ask you for a favor? Please?

(QUEST ACCEPTED) I have my brother Puir right down the street, and he’s been dying to see you! I know you’re a bit busy, but can you please go stop by and say hello to Puir? Please…

Puen told me it’s an honor to meet a real hero, and pleaded with me to say hello to his brother Puir, who’s eager to meet a hero up close and personal.

1. Talk to Puir located at “Snow Island – Cold Forest 2” (within the same map as Puen)

Wait, so you are… no way… are you the hero that Lirin had been preaching to us all this time? Lirin! Don’t just nod like that! Tell me! Is this the hero you’ve been waiting for? I can’t believe that I’m with the hero!

…I’m sorry. I’m just overcome with emotions, that’s all. Sniff… buf really, this is monumental… my gosh, I’m tearing up again… Lirin, you must be really happy too.

(QUEST COMPLETED) I just notice that you’re not carrying any weapons. I heard that heroes carry their own set of weapons, and… , you must have lost it during the battle with the Black Wizard. I know this is really nothing compared to your weapon, but just carry this around for now. It’s a gift for you. I don’t like seeing a hero like you walking around without a weapon.

(REWARD: 1 Sword, 35 EXP)

(Even my skill was nothing like a hero’s… and this sword feels really awkward as well. Did I really use one in the past? How do I even carry one around?)

1. Press I to open Inventory Window.
2. Switch to Equip Category. Double Click Sword to equip.

Vanished Skills

Quest Available: [Required] The Weapon That Disappeared (For Legend) 1
I should go talk to Purun, who’s standing on the way to town.

1. Talk to Purun located at “Snow Island – Cold Forest 3”

hey, there, hero! What? How did I know that you’re the hero from the past? Well the three penguins before me were gushing about you so loud that I couldn’t help but hear. The whole island probably knows you’re here now.

Anyway, you don’t look so good. What’s wrong? What? You’re not sure if you’re the hero that we think you are? Did you… lose all your memories? No way… it must be one of the side effects of eing trapped in ice for hundred of years.

Ahh, maybe swinging around the sword may help bring back some memories, no? How about going around for some monster-hunting?

(QUEST ACCEPTED) There are some Tutorial Murus roaming around this island. Try taking on 3 of them. That might bring back some memories.

Ahh.. did you forget how to use skills? I suggest placing your skills on the quick slot for easy acccess. You can also place your consumeable items on that slot, so use them wisely.

Purun told me it’s only fair that I didn’t know how to hold a weapon, since I lost memory of everything. He then said maybe encountering a monster might refresh some of my memories, and asked me to defeat Tutorial Muru. Hopefulluy I’ll win.

1. Defeat 3 Tutorial Muru in Snow Island Cold Forest 3.
2. Talk to Purun after completing the task.

Judging from your facial expression, I don’t think you’re being reminded of anything… but don’t worry, things will work out. Here’s a potion for you. Good luck!

(REWARD: 10 Special Rien Red Potion, 10 Special Rein Blue Potion, 57 exp)

(Even if I really was that hero… right now I’m nothing. What am I, really?)

A Gift For the Hero

Quest Available: [Required] A Gift For the Hero (For Legend) 1
I should go talk to Putzki, who’s standing on the way to town.

1. Talk to Putzki located in “Snow Island – Cold Forest 4”

Ahh.. the hero… I’ve always wanted to meet you. (Seems a bit shy) Um… I have this present that I wanted to give you for the longest time, in the event that I actually meet a hero like you. I understand that you’re busy on your way to town, but… would you please accept my present?

(QUEST ACCEPTED) The materials for the present is packed inside a box. I know this is a lot of work, but I want you to break the box and remove the Piece of Bambooo and Wood from it. I’ll take care of the rest.

Putzki confessed that he had always wanted to build this present for the hero, and had placed all the necessary items in the box. He then asked me to break the box and bring back the items for him. I ugess my task is to break the box by swinging at it with regular attack, and bring back Piece of Bamboo and Wood in return.

1. Break the Box and pick up Piece of Bamboo and Wood.
2. Return to Putzki with the materials.

Oh, you brought everything! Now hold on one second while I assemble this…

(REWARD: 1 Bamboo Chair, 95 EXP)

Phew, here’s the chair! Event the most powerful hero like you needs rest every once a while, and I’ve always wanted to give you a sturdy chair you can rest on from time to time.

I do believe that even the most powerful heroes can’t stay strong forever. Heroes can get tired and weak too, just like us. The difference between the hero and the rest is that you guys can overcome the odds, right?

Lirin’s Story

Quest Available: [Required] Lirin’s Story (over Level 5, For Legend) 1
Now that I’m safely in town, I better hear Lirin’s story on what really went down, and why I was a hero in the first place.

1. Walk toward the next portal in Snow Island Cold Forest 5. Lirin will talk.

Lirin (Cold Field 5)
Just a little bit more, and you’ll reach the town. I’ll head over there first since I also have some things to take care of. There’s no need to rush, Aran. I’ll see you there.

Lirin (Rein Town)
You must be confused in more ways than one. It’s totally understandable, seeing that you had just recently woke up from inside the ice cave with no recollection of the past. Add that with me calling you a hero, and… I totally understand. I’m here now to explain to you in detail what exactly took place before you woke up.

A few hundred years ago… the whole world was under the grasp of the Black Wizard. With his evil powers, the Black Wizard was bringing the world of Maple closer and closer to total destruction, and he almost succeeded in doing just that.

Many people tried valiantly to prevent the Black Wizard from controlling their lives, to no avail. Soon, the whole world as on the verge of destruction, and that’s when a number of brave souls made a pivotal decision. They decided to take on the Black Wizard all by themselves, buying time for the rest to find refuge in places far from here.

No one knows the details of the battle, but these were the aftermaths. The Black Wizard was sealed up, while the heroes made the ultimate sacrifice and disappeared. With their efforts, the world of Maple finally has peace once again, and.. that was that. It didn’t take long for these people to forget about these heroes.

A lot of time had passed since the battle when a Book of Prediction appeared out of nowhere. According to the book, the Black Wizard that had lost all of his powers casted on final curse on the heroes, the curse eing that the heroes will lose all of their memories and abilities, and will be stuck frozen on ice for a few hundred years.

Everyone thought the book was a bunch of baloney, but one of the races thought otherwise, and began conducting research on the Book of Prediction. I am the last remaining successor of the race, and that’s why I’ve been waiting on the island, knowing that some day, the heroes will be reawakened.

And here you are, the very hero stated in the Book of Prediction, the one that helped save the world of Maple, only to be tragically forgotten by the Maplers over the years. And I am certain you’re the hero that will save us once more… do you get it?

(QUEST ACCEPTED) Are you sure you do? Because you look a bit dazed. Hmmm, okay then. I’m going to make sure that you did understand what I just told you, by giving you a pop quiz on it. Tell me when you’re ready.

According to Lirin, a few hundred years ago, there was a group of heroes that valiantly fought against Black Wizard, who controlled the world of Maple, and apparently, I’m one of them. Because of the curse of Black Wizard, I had lost all of my memories and abilities, and was frozen on ice until being awakened recently.

1. Talk to Lirin to answer her quiz.

Lirin: Okay, here’s the pop quiz.

1st question. What was the name of the wizard that held the world of Maple in his evil hands?

– White Wizard
– Black Wizard (answer)
– Pale Wizard
– Brown Wizard

2nd Question: The heroes, yourself included, decided to take on the Black Wizard by themselves and bought time for the rest to find refuge somewhere afar. The result of this final battle was mentioned in the Book of Prediction. What was the result.

– Defeated the Black Wizard
– Made peace with the Black Wizard
– Sealed up the Black Wizard (answer)
– Became lovers with the Black Wizard

Here’s the last question: The world of Maple may look peaceful on the surface, but it’s really on the verge of chaos. That’s because rumor has it that the Black Wizard may resurrect sometime in the future. If that rumor turns out to be true, the Black Wizard will make sure that this time, the wolrd of Maple will not stand a chance. What should you do when this happens?

– Defeat the Black Wizard and save the world

I see that you paid attention to what I told you. You may have lostyour memory and abilities, but… you’re still a hero to all of us.


The Book of Prediction also stated that the heroes will one day reappear and defeat the Black Wizard once and for all. You will fight the Black Wizard again some day, with the fate of the whole world on your shoulder.

I am sure you were a bit caught off guard with all this talk. Let’s make this simple. Your job now is to trian harder to the point where you can soundly defeat the Black Wizard when he makes his inevitable resurrection. Isn’t that simple?

Basic Training 1

Quest Available: [Required] Basic Training 1 (For Legend) 1
Lirin’s debriefing allowed me to sort of understand the gist of the history betwen the heroes and the Black Wizard. I have a feeling I may have to get myself prepared for the second showdown with the Wizard down the road. I better ask Lirin what I should do next.

1. Talk to Lirin to obtain your quest.

Okay, enough explaining. Let’s move on to the next stage. What’s the next stage, you ask? I just told you. Train as hard as you can until you reach that stage where youc an defeat the Black Wizard with a single blow.

You may have been a hero in the past, but we’re talking about a few hundred years ago. Even without the curse of the Black Wizard, you just spent hundred of years frozen in time, so it’s only true that your body is rigid to say the least. Let’s get your body warmed up first. How so you ask?

Everything has to do with fundamentals, and you know it. Yes, I’m going to put you through Basic Training. Oh yeah, you also lost all your memories, so you might nobe aware of it. Well, that’s okay. You’ll just have to experience it firsthand. Are you ready to tak eon the first set of training?

(QUEST ACCEPTED) The island is full of penguins, but you will encounter some monsters form time to time. When you head over to the right side of the town called Snow-covered Field 1, you’ll see a number of Murupas. I want you to defeat 10 Murupas. I’m sure you’ll have no trouble defeating the Murupas that get attacked by these slow penguins.

Lirin told me since I have lost all of my abilities as well as my memory, I’ll have to do everythign I can to regain form. Before doing that, however, she suggested that I first warm up, seeing that I was frozen in ice for hundreds of yeras. The first level of basic training seems to be that of monster hunting. I better head over to Snow-covered Field 1 and start hunting.

1. Defeat 10 Murupas in Snow-covered Field 1
2. Return to Lirin after completing the task.

Were you able to defeat the Murupas? I mean, those monsters are the easiest ones you can find here, so easy that you can swing around blindfolded and still defeat them. A hero that’s slower than a penguin? That’s embarassing…

(REWARD: 15 Special Rein Red Potion, 15 Special Rein Blue Potion, 320 EXP)

That was a bit better than the penguins, but still not enough to take on a real training. Let’s quickly move on the next level. Talk to me when you’re ready.

Basic Training 2

Quest Available: [Required] Basic Training 2 (For Legend) 1
Basic Training continues. If I want to start the second stage of Basic Training. I better go talk to Lirin.

1. Talk to Lirin to proceed with Basic Training 2.

Okay, shall we continue Basic Training? Are you ready for the second stage? Please check and make sure you have your sword equipped, and your potions and skills placed on the HotKeys. Once you’re ready, let me know.

(QUEST ACCEPTED) Okay, this time, you’ll be taking on a monster that’s slightly more powerful than Murupa, Murupia. Head over to Snow-covered Field 2 and defeat 15 of them. That should help you regain some stamina.

Lirin expressed that this is the continuation of Basic Training, and that this time, I’ll have to head over to Snow-covered Field 2, and defeat some Murupia(s). Come to think of it, Lirin seems a lot different from when I first saw her, back when she had that mystical aura about her.

1. Head to Snow-covered Field 2 and defeat 15 Murupia(s)

Move from Rein Town (move to the furthest right portal) > Snow-covered Field 1 > Snow-covered Field. Use Three-Snails skill (add SP till it become max) Use it against Murupias for fast training. Use Three Snails at Murupia once, then slash it when its HP is little. This conserves MP (mana)

Oh, you were able to defeat all the Murupias like I asked you to do. You do look like you have gotten a bit stronger than before. Somewhere along the lines… of penguins flapping their wings?

(REWARD: 20 Special Rein Red Potion, 20 Special Rein Blue Potion, 450 EXP)

Train a bit more, and you may one day be strong enough to carry a penguin all by yourself. Now talk to me when you’re ready to move on to the next level.

Basic Training 3

Quest Available: [Required] Basic Training 3 (For Legend) 1
Basic Training continues. If I want to start the third stage of Basic Training. I better go talk to Lirin.

1. Talk to Lirin to initiate Basic Training 3 Quest.

Well, you look like you’re warmed up a bit. This is when the training should really take off, and you know it. Let’s continue our Basic Training.

This time, let’s head over to Snow-covered Field 3 and defeat some Murumurus. Somewhere around… 20? That should really help you improve your stamina. Now go ahead and… wait, do you want to say something?

(…Don’t you think the number’s increasing by each stage?)

Yes, you’re right. Are you telling me 20 is not enough for you? Then shall we go with 100? No no no, now that we are TRAINING, how about we do something like 999, like someone from Sleepywood…?

(Well, on a second thought, 20 is fine.)

No no no, you don’t have to refuse the offer. I do understand your desire to return to your heroice form, I REALLY DO. Seriously, this is why you’re the hero and I’m not…

(QUEST ACCEPTED) (I pressed Accept, believing that if I listened any further, I might really have to go slay 999 of them…)

Alright, now please go ahead and slay 20 Murumurus.

Lirin has raised the level of Basic Training and this time asked me to defeat Murumuru. This is getting more and more intense, so when I mentioned that to Lirin, I was greeted with a whole lot of nothing. Shoot, I better just head over to Snow-covered Field 3.

1. Head to Snow-covered Field 3 and defeat 20 Murumuru(s).
2. Return to Lirin once the task is completed.

Rien Town (go right) > Snow-covered Field 1 > Snow-covered Field 2 > Snow-covered Field 3

You were able to successfully defeat all the Murumurus. Were they enough for you to get some training done? I guess you’ll need to take on about… 300… of them?

(Oh heck no…)

…well that was wishful thinking. You look like your stamina has significantly improved already. I don’t think you’ll need to go through 300 of them now.

(REWARD: 25 Special Rein Red Potion, 25 Special Rein Blue Potion, 550 EXP)

Now I want you to go through a physical fitness test to see if you’re ready for more. Talk to me when you’re ready.

Physical Fitness Test

Quest Available: [Required] Physical Fitness Test (For Legend) 1
I think I have gained some much-needed stamina through training. I better talk to Lirin and receive the physical fitness test for the final stage of Basic Training.

1. Talk to Lirin to initiate Physical Fitness Test.

Okay, now let’s have you go through a fitness test to see if you’re fit. It’s realy simple, though. All you need to do is take on the most powerful monster on this island, Murukun. Aobut 50 of them would suffice.

…but then again, wiping out the whole population of Murukun is never good for the environment, so I just want you to defeat 5 of them instead. You’re here to train, not to break down the eco-system!

(QUESET ACCEPTED) Murukun can be found in the deeper parts of the island. Head all the way left of town, and you’ll see Inside Dangerous Forest. Go in there and defeat 5 Murukuns.

Lirin told me for the Physical Fitness Test, I’ll need to battle Murukun. This time, I better head over to the other side, the west side of town where Inside Dangerous Forest is. Fortunately, that doesn’t seem so hard.

1. Head to Inside Dangerous Forest and defeat 5 Murukun(s).
Rein Town (go left) > Snow Island – Inside Dangerous Forest ( 3 times )
Note: Go left portal 3 times all the way until you see the big monster Murukun.
Note: The 3 maps you visit will have the same name: Inside Dangerous Forest. Confusing.

I see that you have defeated all 5 Murukuns. Have you noticed how much stronger you have gotten since the first set of training? Well… now that you’re ready, let’s get on with the real training, and… wait!

(REWARD: 1200 EXP)

Come to think of it, I still have yet to ask you of your name. You are one of the five heroes, yes, but… who are you? Wait, oh yeah, you lost all of your memories…

Anyway, it’s time for you to begin the real training towards defeating Black Wizard, and it’s a must for us to know which one of the five heroes you are in order to program the training that caters your strengths. There’s no point of learning skills with weapons that do not fit your profile, and it will definitely not be enough to take on the Black Wizard. But really… who are you?

The Five Heroes

Quest Available: [Required] The Five Heroes (over Level 10 For Legend) 1
In order to begin the real training, I may have to first figure out which of the five heroes was indeed myself, but I don’t remember anything… I better discuss this with Lirin.

1. Talk to Lirin to find out about “The Five Heroes”

The records of the heroes that battled the Black Wizard is few and far between. They are almost impossible to find, actually. Even the Book of Prophecy only states that there were five heroes that battled the Black Wizard, with no clue whatsoever on their looks. Do you remember anything from that faithfuly day…? Like, how the heroes look like?

(No… nothing really.)

I see. I mean, the curse of the Black Wizard wouldn’t be so weak that you’d remember things by now, anyway. But that being said, now that we have established that you are one of the heroes from that era, there should be a point where the past will be brought up sometime… but because of the battle, you don’t have any armors or weapons with you, and … wait, the weapon!

(A weapon?)

Yeah, years ago, while digging up the ice in search of heroes, I cam across this incredible weapon. It looked like something a hero would use, so I placed it somewhere at the center of town. Didn’t you see it? Giant Pole Arm…

(Come to think of it, what was Giant Pole Arm doing in town… ?)

Yes, that was it. According to the records, the weapon recgonizes its rightful owner, and if you’re the hero that used Giant Pole Arm, then the weapon will react when you first lay your hands on it. Go ahead and click on Giant Pole Arm.

(QUEST COMPLETED) If Giant Pole Arm reacts, then you’ll be Aran, the hero that used Giant Pole Arm.

A Hero That Uses Pole Arm

Quest Available: [Required] The Five Heroes (over Level 10 For Legend) 1
Apparently, the hero’s weapon can recognize its owner in an instant, which means if I was indeed the hero that used pole arm, then the weapon would react the moment I touch the weapon. I better head over to town and click on Giant Pole Arm.

1. The Giant Pole Arm is located nearby Lirin on the left. Click the Giant Pole Arm.

(Am I 100% sure I was the hero that used Giant Pole Arm? Yes, I was, and I am going to really hold on to Giant Pole Arm tight, so that’ll react.)

(I feel like something’s popping up in my head…)

New Beginning

Quest Available: [Required] New Beginning (over Level 10 For Aran) 1
I just found out that I was the hero that used pole arm, and that got me remembering a number of skills, but it was but an instant. I better report this to Lirin

1. Report to Lirin about this matter.

You look like you’re remembering some things. Is that because the pole arm recognized you and all…? That means it’s 100% certain that you are Aran, the hero that used pole arm. Do you remember anything else? Things like the skills you used with the pole arm…

(I told her that I rememberd a number of skills.)

That’s not a lot, but it’s a progress. Our goal now is to have you return to your pre-frozen, heroice form. You may have lost all of your memories, but since you have gone through it before, I am sure it won’t take long for you to recover the abilities that your body remembers.

(How do I do that… ?)

There’s only one way to find out. Train, train, and train some more! Keep training, and one day, your body will instinctively remember some of the things your body used to do hundred of years ago. To do that, I have a combat instructor that I’d like for you to meet.

(QUEST ACCEPTED) I thought it might be better for you to train with a weapon you’re accustomed to using, so I am giving you a pole arm. It should really help you on your training. Head left of town, and you’ll see a small training ground. There, you’ll meet your combat instructor Puo. I am a bit worried, since he’s going through bouts of Alzheimer’s but he had spend a long time for this moment, to remind a hero like you of your old skills, so I bet receiving some help from him will only make you better.

Lirin seemed amazed that I was able to recover that many abilities, and urged me to start training hardcore. She then recommended me seeing Puo the Penguin Master, an old penguin that studied the intricacies of hero’s skills. He can be found west of town at Inside Dangerous Forest.

1. Head to Inside Dangerous Forest and talk to Puo Instructor Penguin.
Rein Town (Go Left) > Inside Dangerous Forest > Inside Dangerous Forest.

Hohoho… welcome. It’s great to finally meet the true hero of Maple… Aran! Now, how did I know you were an Aran? Simple. A master like me should be able to figure out the level of competition simply by observing their posture and aura! Also, isn’t that a pole arm on your right hand? See, I’m definitely an observer!


Keep Training 1

Quest Available: [Skill] Keep Training (over Level 10 For Aran) 2
NPC Involved: Puo
He doesn’t instill me any confidence, but I should still receive some training from Puo.

1. Talk to Puo for Training. He is located at Inside Dangerous Forest

I have been studying the records of the heroes of Rien, and I focused particularly on the skills. I made sure not to leave anything out when studying the skills. In the end, I came to conclusion that when the heroes were still beginners, they trained by battling against Slime!

Slime! It’s that devastating, transparent monster that consists of sticky liquid! I truly believe piercing that body with that pole arm is a difficult task, akin to trying to break a pierce of egg with rocks. Wait, was it the other way around?

Hmmm, hmm! Anyway, I do believe is pivotal to your training towards regaining your form as a hero! Eliminating Slime will do wonders for you! Now go ahead and take on 30 Slimes!

(QUEST ACCEPTED) Rien might be too cold for Slime to live in, but do not worry! This is why I’ve been raising a bunch of Slime for Trainings nearby! Now, go ahead and take the portal here that leads to the training ground, where Slime for training will await you! Seriously no one can match me in my ability to anticipate the future!

(REWARD: 30 Special Rein Red Potion, 30 Special Rein Blue Potion, 1400 EXP)

  1. ilyushkis
    05/03/2011 at 12:01 pm

    we both got extra skill points in lvl 30 and we cant do the 2nd job cuz of it >:

  2. aran
    08/01/2011 at 9:22 am

    Jan :

    I can’t do the 4rd job and im lvl 119

    haha! lvl120 job 4

  3. jan
    13/12/2010 at 6:35 pm

    Evan :I am a nexon and say don’t make a aran they noob Choose The job evan thet pwn them i going delete aran job they noobie

    Evan Noobie And Gfto

  4. 13/12/2010 at 6:34 pm

    I am a nexon and say don’t make a aran they noob Choose The job evan thet pwn them i going delete aran job they noobie

  5. Jan
    13/12/2010 at 6:32 pm

    I can’t do the 4rd job and im lvl 119

  6. Jan
    13/12/2010 at 6:30 pm

    iuriakgnez :Wow….Totally pwn

    U pwned with defames

  7. Aran
    25/09/2010 at 1:25 am

    Cool guide !!! :)

  8. yaqob
    12/09/2010 at 2:30 pm

    not good never. …every one know how to get this skill..we need 2nd skill to get 2nd job :(..
    plz Help..TY :D

  9. yaqob
    12/09/2010 at 2:28 pm

    not good i need 2nd skill to be 2nd job :P

  10. nazrin
    01/09/2010 at 10:59 am

    i know ur lv46

  11. nazrin
    01/09/2010 at 10:57 am

    can u make our maple game?? XD

  12. fred
    04/07/2010 at 1:23 pm

    this is a very great guid

  13. 17/04/2010 at 7:57 am

    Dugi’s Horde WoW Leveling Guide & Alliance WoW Leveling Guide 100% In-Game Guide With, Gold Guide and Dailies & Events Guides, Dungeon Leveling Guides.

  14. lobox
    16/04/2010 at 9:29 pm


  15. pat
    06/04/2010 at 7:18 am

    asianoob :

    this are all NOOB infor lah==”pls tell me how where to get zombie mushrum doll it is inpossible!!!><

    at ant tunnel? kill zombie mushmom =.=

  16. lolll
    26/03/2010 at 2:42 am

    ace :i got extra skill points and i lvl 30 i cant go onto my 2nd job advancement

  17. kimrukia
    26/03/2010 at 2:41 am

    Good guide…if you’re a noob.

  18. asianoob
    22/03/2010 at 9:43 am

    this are all NOOB infor lah==”pls tell me how where to get zombie mushrum doll it is inpossible!!!><

  19. ace
    20/03/2010 at 11:32 am

    i got extra skill points and i lvl 30 i cant go onto my 2nd job advancement

  20. Jolyn
    11/03/2010 at 7:38 am

    help me… how long does it take to find the bamboo and wood !!! god damn.. i hit so many boxes n ntg happen

  21. maplzking
    28/02/2010 at 11:29 am

    Best guide found in the whole wide world i ever see, thank you. I got big help just from seeing this.

  22. 09/02/2010 at 10:49 pm

    are you gonna make more aran guides?
    im stuck on my aran level 28

  23. safinah
    16/01/2010 at 2:37 am

    love it :D

  24. donttalktame
    31/12/2009 at 11:17 pm

    Nice guide but i think you should put up some more quest gyuides like the level 50 one.

  25. dontknow
    28/12/2009 at 11:53 pm

    i love ur website is such a great guide =)

  26. dontknow
    28/12/2009 at 11:53 pm

    i love that :D

  27. iuriakgnez
    20/12/2009 at 3:23 am

    Wow….Totally pwn

  28. xeijisanx
    19/12/2009 at 5:37 pm

    nice guide :D i love ur web site

  29. 13/12/2009 at 11:53 pm

    WAAAAAYYYY to much detail! Very good guide if your a total noob to the game though.

  30. lohxy
    21/11/2009 at 2:58 pm

    the quest in 1st job need levels
    can list?

  31. 19/11/2009 at 6:52 am

    This is a great guide. Thank you.

  1. 22/11/2009 at 12:25 pm
  2. 19/11/2009 at 2:51 am

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