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KMST MapleStory The order of Signus/Cygnus New Job Classes

18/10/2008 52 comments

Title: KMST MapleStory The order of Signus New Job Classes
Credits to (Pictures) and (Information)

Maplestory Client Version 1.2.172 was released. The following were modified and incorporated.
The recruitment for the Order of Cygnus has started.
You can create an Order character via the Mr. Goldstein NPC.
The requirement to become an Order member is to have a character over level 30.
If you register for the recruitment for Order members, a new Order character, Nobless is created.
Nobless is pronounced No-bu-le-su. (Similar to Beginner. Nobel?)

You can check after logging out in the character selection window.
– The highest level is 120.
– For every level up, AP is increased by 6.
– After level 70, you will be given 5 AP instead of 6.
– You are able to delete your Order character to re-create a new Order character.
– When you delete an Order character, the Blessing of the Sprite skill will downgrade to Lv. 0.

The Order of Cygnus is formed as seen below.
When getting the 1st job advancement at level 10, you can become an Apprentice Knight.
At level 10, you can choose one of the following Knights.

Mihile, Warrior of Light (Soul Master) [more info]
A swordsman with the Light Sprite. Turns the power of the Sprite into a soul form,
and imbues it within the sword to use it.
Oz, Magician of Fire (Flame Wizard) [more info]
A magician with the Fire Sprite. Amplifies the power of the Sprite with magic to wield it.
Irina, Archer of Wind (Wind Breaker) [more info]
A bowman with the Wind Sprite. Loads the power of the Sprite into the bow to shoot powerful arrows.
Icarut, Thief of Darkness (Nightwalker) [more info]
A thief with the Darkness Sprite. Not only is the power of the Sprite used,
but is capable of handling powerful poison.
Hawkeye, Pirate of Lightning (Striker) [more info]
A pirate with the Lightning Sprite. Awakens the entire body with the power of the Sprite,
and uses powerful bodily skills. You can only advance to the Striker job.
When the testing for the Striker is over, the other jobs are planned to be added.

On kMST the striker advances through the npc Goldstein. The character that creates the noblesse (which advanced to striker) affects the character through levels. every 10 levels on the original character raises the striker’s blessing skill by 1 point. the max level of the skill is 20 (level 200 on the original character).




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