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MapleStory Viper / Buccaneer Skills + Skill Build

21/11/2008 33 comments

Title: MapleStory 4th Job Pirate – Buccaneer Skills, Buccaneer Skill Build (Skill Allocation) with Explanation!

How to read this skill build? 16 – 18 means Level 16, 17 and 18 [Level 16 to 18]. For 20 – 20, it means only Level 20. The guide below is purely a personal recommendation and need not be followed. Each skill listed below has advices/tips shared by senior players to guide you in building your character!

Pearl of Knowledge

Below is the hierarchy order of Pirate advancement: (Click to view skill build) | [Pirate Main Page]
Pirate -> Gunslinger -> Vaklyrie (Outlaw) -> Captain (Corsair)
Pirate -> Infighter (Brawler) -> Buccaneer (Marauder) -> Viper (Buccaneer)

Notice: Skill Name Modification (GMS) [Skill Book & Mastery Book Locations]
Fist – Barrage
Time Reef – Time Leap
Wind Booster – Speed Infusion
Super Transform – Super Transformation

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