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MapleStory Ultimate Pirate Training Guide

19/09/2008 24 comments

Title: MapleStory Ultimate Guide: Pirate Training Spots
Useful Link: MapleStory Ultimate EXP Guide: 8 Tips on Leveling Up Quickly | Pirate Main Page

Pearl of Knowledge
Switch monster as soon as possible once you are strong enough! Remember that you can join Party Quest (PQ) for fast EXP and nice rewards too! Below is a list of monster with the recommended maps (best exp/spawn rate). The list below is a mix of meso vs EXP. Some monsters give more valuable drops/meso or these monsters do not cost you to spam your potions/pot but gives less EXP in return and vice versa. (Note: aka refers to “also known as”)

MapleStory Useful Links
GOTS: Warrior | Bowman | Magician | Thief | Pirate

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