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MapleStory MSEA and GMS VIP Hair Styles with Hair Saloon Location

13/11/2009 19 comments

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If you found out something that is not mentioned here or incorrect, post a comment here so I could update this post with the latest hairstyles / hair color information or perhaps new hair style in hair saloon (aka beauty parlor)! Work In Progress…

Frequently Asked Questions

What is REG Coupon Hair Style Coupon?
REG is short for REGULAR. REG Hair Style Coupon randomly select hair style out of all the choices provided in that town. Regular Coupons is least expensive. However, you might get a hair style you dislike.

What is VIP Coupon Hair Style Coupon?
VIP is short for Very Important Person, but I can’t find any relation to hairstyles. It allows you to choose the hairstyle you want rather than relying on the NPC to randomly choose. It cost much more than REG coupon, but its much safer since this guarantee you get it right first time.

What is EXP Hair Style Coupon?
EXP is short for EXPerimental Hair Style Coupon. It is a combination of both REG and VIP. It randomly selects a hair style but it also includes secret hairstyle. These secret hairstyles can’t be obtained from REG and VIP coupon. I guess EXP Coupon is another way for MapleStory companies to earn more money from players! It would take a few or many EXP Coupons to obtain secret hair style, cost more on player side.

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