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Ayumilove Gameplay Hermit Treasure Hunter + Dark Cornian Boss

29/09/2008 3 comments

Title: MapleStory Flash Game Hermit Treasure Hunter

Ayumilove’s Diary: (Rating 7/10)
This is a hermit game created by Montycarlo(OMGHOTFIRE) and has a boss to fight at the end (after you clear up all the zombie coolies in the map). To kill the dragon boss, you need to stand very close to him or else you could not kill it. Then it will drop the key. Move to the right and you will see that the invisible platform have been revealed. Jump up the platforms until you see a castle. Press UP (W) to go in. and press accept to win the game! ^_^

Thanks to ShowaTown for introducing me to the game ^_^

Download to play or play online:
Ultimate MapleStory Flash Game Download List,com_pua rcade/Itemid,67/fid,13/gid,100/

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Ayumilove Preview Zakum Simulator 2 Chinese New Year Special

29/09/2008 1 comment

Title: MapleStory Flash Game Zakum Simulator version 2

■ Ayumilove’s Diary:
Chinese New Year 2008 video special!
Watch Zakum party members battle zakum in this maplestory flash fan game. It’s in beta. Credits to Drkgodz for putting lots of effort in creating the game!

■ Download:
Ultimate MapleStory Flash Game Download List

■ Game Controls:
Z – Avenger
X – Boomerang Step
Spacebar – Jump / Flash Jump
C – Assassinate
V – Judgment Hammer
B – Savage Blow
p.s. if there is more let me know, and I’ll update this game control list. thanks ^_^

Put the following folders/Files:
Left Arms, Right Arms, Music, Zakum.swf
in C:\
Use Zakum.exe to run

Ayumilove Preview: MonkeyStory 3rd Job vs Dragon Boss

29/09/2008 20 comments

Title: MapleStory Flash Game MonkeyStory 3rd Job vs Dragon Boss

■ Ayumilove’s Diary:
Credits to Yuri and his team for making this entertaining MonkeyStory game!

This is similar to MapleStory flash game, however, the character you will be playing is a monkey! How does it feels like to be in a monsters shoes and fighting back Maplers who attack you for loots, meso, scrolls and items?

Click here to download: Ultimate MapleStory Flash Game Download List

This is not my account, I borrowed Magic’s account to play in order to show off what could a Monkey do in 4th job. Download some of other member accounts to try out the skills

This game has hidden areas which you need to find out, jump quest to buy monster magnet pouch for your pet and much more. The not good news is you need to be well verse with the controls which have been set to default.

■ Download MonkeyStory EXE RAR:
Version 1.1
Version 1.5
Version 1.6

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Ayumilove Preview: Aqua Dungeon + Pianus Boss

29/09/2008 2 comments

Title: MapleStory Flash Game Aqua Dungeon + Pianus Boss (Rate: 8/10)

■ Ayumilove’s Diary:
This is another cool maplestory fan game which is about a hero training deep in the waters of Aqua World. Lots of monster to play with such as Bone Fish, Goby, Bombing Fish House, Shark, Cold Shark, Squid, Rissel Squid and Pianus (the boss). It also has hidden areas which leads you to some kinda of swimming jump quest (avoid the shark magic attack and go to the end and hit the box). Below are some tips and game controls.

■ Click here to play:
Ultimate MapleStory Flash Game Download List

■ Game Controls:
SHIFT – Loot item (pick up item)
Z – Normal Attack
CTRL – Jump
A – Slash Blast
X – Power Strike
S – Shout
DELETE – White potion (need to buy)
END – Blue Potion (need to buy)
PageDown – Power Elixir (need to buy)
HOME – Scroll to nearest town (need to buy)
n/a – Final Attack (automatic bonus attack)

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Ayumilove Gameplay: MapleStory Pianus Rush

28/09/2008 1 comment

Title: MapleStory Flash Game Chief Bandit vs Pianus
Written By Ayumilove

What is Pianus?
Pianus was a giant fish with immortal day,he was banished into the world of maple story because pianus ate his friend just becuz he was famished.alone with itself,it would project an image to relive it’s lonliness(no wonder it’s eyes look droopy

Maplestory facts about Pianus:
left pianus:has dispel but lower damage
right pianus:no dispel but higher damage

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Ayumilove Gameplay: Wrath of the Curse (Jr Balrog vs Fire)

25/09/2008 1 comment

Title: MapleStory Flash Game Ayumilove Gameplay: Wrath of the Curse (Jr Balrog vs Fire)

Ayumilove’s Diary: (Rating 9/10)
Click here to play
Ultimate MapleStory Flash Game Download List

Thanks ShowaTown for telling me about this game!

Go to to find out more information on Drkgodz games

Game Controls / Keyboard Configuration
Default Controls:
A=Magic Guard,
Z=Magic Claw,
C=Fire Arrow,
V=Magic Composition,
Insert=Sorcere Elixir,
Delete=White Potion,
Home=Speed Pill

The 3rd epic installment of the Maple Story Simulators! Fight Junior Balrog to his gruesome end using an arsenal of skills such as Magic Guard and Magic Composition!

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Ayumilove Gameplay Yakuza Boss vs Shadower (Bonus Unlocked!)

25/09/2008 3 comments

Title: MapleStory Flash Game Ayumilove Gameplay Yakuza Boss vs Shadower (Bonus Unlocked!)

Ayumilove’s Diary: (Rating 9/10)
Thanks to brokenheart1996 for introducing the game ^_^

Click here to play:
Ultimate MapleStory Flash Game Download List,com_puarcade/Itemid,126/fid,/gid,113/

How to win the game legitimately? (SPOILER)

Just use meso bomb all the way ^_^

Remember to activate meso guard and pick pocket and stay very close to him (get his physical damage which is only 230-300 damage). Stick him closely and drop 6-18 bags when he is in the same location, and use meso bomb.

The second method to win is to afk at the top, afk means away from keyboard, which basically means just don’t do anything and let your party member kill it. But it will take some time to defeat the boss without your meso bomb. ^_^

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