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MapleStory Captain / Corsair Skills + Skill Build

17/11/2008 38 comments

Title: MapleStory 4th Job Pirate – Corsair Skills, Corsair Skill Build (Skill Allocation) with Explanation!

How to read this skill build? 16 – 18 means Level 16, 17 and 18 [Level 16 to 18]. For 20 – 20, it means only Level 20. The guide below is purely a personal recommendation and need not be followed. Each skill listed below has advices/tips shared by senior players to guide you in building your character!

Pearl of Knowledge
According to Takeback3r and KazooTheBat: Naturally, we all know that there’s always more than one 4th Job build. One that you want to take, and one that you have to take depending on the skills you acquire first. At this point, we do not know how difficult it is to attain all the skill books that unlock each skill, so keep that in mind before you follow our recommended build.

Below is the hierarchy order of Pirate advancement: (Click to view skill build) | [Pirate Main Page]
Pirate -> Gunslinger -> Vaklyrie (Outlaw) -> Captain (Corsair)
Pirate -> Infighter (Brawler) -> Buccaneer (Marauder) -> Viper (Buccaneer)

Notice: Skill Name Modification (GMS) [Skill Book & Mastery Book Locations]
Advanced Homing – Bullseye
Element Amplification – Elemental Boost
Support Octopus – Wrath of the Octopi
Mind Control – Hypnotize

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