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MapleStory Pirate Skills + Skill Build

19/09/2008 60 comments

Title: MapleStory 1st Job Pirate – Pirate Skills, Pirate Skill Build (Skill Allocation) with Explanation!

Requirement: Level 10, with 20 DEX
Head to Nautilus Port and find Kyrin. talking to her about “Path of the Pirate” should put you to Level 10. To be as ready as you can be, have a Lvl 10 Beginner waiting in “Forest East of Henesys”

How to read this skill build? 16 – 18 means Level 16, 17 and 18 [Level 16 to 18]. For 20 – 20, it means only Level 20. The guide below is purely a personal recommendation and need not be followed. Each skill listed below has advices/tips shared by senior players to guide you in building your character!

Pearl of Knowledge:
Pirate class uniqueness is it has a combination of most of the skills found in the 4 primary jobs (warrior, magician, thief and bowman), similar to a White Knight that has accessed to Ice/Lightning/Fire/Holy Elements from Magician. This makes it fun to play as pirate. Apart from that, the core skills could be leveled quickly because it has a max mastery of level 20, compare to the 4 primary jobs that requires level 30 to max a skill.

Below is the hierarchy order of Pirate advancement: [Pirate Main Page]
Pirate -> Gunslinger -> Vaklyrie (Outlaw) -> Captain (Corsair)
Pirate -> Infighter (Brawler) -> Buccaneer (Marauder) -> Viper (Buccaneer)

Notice: Skill Name Modification (GMS) [Old – New] [Skill Book & Mastery Book Locations]
Dash – Dash
Double Shot – Double Barrel Shot
Moon Kick – Sommersault Kick
Straight/First Strike – Flash Fist
Quick Motion – Bullet Time

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