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MapleStory Lending INT Equipment Service for HP Washing

13/12/2009 16 comments

It’s not easy to own a full set of 150 int gear. Nor it is easy to lend from friends either. That’s how the rich MapleStory Players come out with this service.

How does it work?

The service provider will log in your char and wear his INT item on your character.
Then they help you to level your character (your character EXP should be 99.98%)
They do not train your character from scratch (0% EXP)
This service isn’t free as some Lending INT Equip Service Providers

Here are the details:

Int gear total int excluding neck/egg : 218
Int gear including neck/egg : 241
Cost : $10 per level / 100m meso per lvl

1 : Express your interest to the “Lending INT Equipment Service Provider”.
2 : Service Provider sends you his bank account number.
3 : You will need to transfer money to his bank or leave 50 million meso in your character.
4 : Make sure you have transfered all your items in another account (naked account)
5 : Service Provider will then ask for your log in id and password
4 : He will log in and help you level with the INT gear.
5 : Once he is done, he will notify you (via SMS) and you can change your password.

Is this trustable? Risky?

Go for Service Providers who are very well known in MapleStory community, if they cheat you, this will ruin their reputation. Some service provider do this to help other people who have helped them in this service. Win win situation for both parties (the service provider and user)

Aquila bowman who use double washing approach.

This concept was first developed by Tiger from Maplegobal (Slaute all guys) and further tested out and improved by many guys including Tanyia from maplesea (bootes)(Sorry i can’t named one by one there is too much of you guys down there) and me. Hp washing refers to adding it Ap into hp. And then buy ap reset from cash shop. -mp and add the ap into the stats which you want. For eg if you are warrior you will – mp and add it to str.

Ways to wash hp :

Mehod 1: For warriors and other class ( warrior pls stick to this method only )
i) Before you level,wear your int gear and level
ii) Add AP into HP
iii) Use AP reset, -MP + back stats

Method 2: For desperado that want to get HP asap (provided you got enough MP not for warrior )
i) Use AP reset – MP + HP ( if you do not have extra AP, you can use AP reset -AP + HP 1st )
ii) Repeat the -MP + HP process until you reach the limit. Use back the last point you can wash to add back to stats

Mehod3 : Double washing ( For desperado,rich and with int gear min 150 INT. Double wash = double $. estimate of 10k sgd to wash to 30k hp with hb for thief and bowman class not for warrior )
i) Before you level,wear your int gear and level
ii) Add AP into MP
iii) Use AP reset, -MP + HP
iv) Use AP reset – MP +Stats
The concept of double washing is to gain more MP so that you can wash more. We take for example a NL with min MP already.
If he using Method 1, He can only wash 1 time. End of story. +18HP , + 10MP
If he using Method 3, He can wash all 5 AP when he double wash. Lvl up add 22+ MP . Each AP added into MP gains around 20MP.
Therefore 20×5+22 = 122 MP. Double washing = 5x12MP +5x12MP= 120 MP. Each HP gains around 18HP.
So in total, you gain around 5×18= 90 HP and 2 extra MP. To wash 5 AP requires 10 AP reset = around $50 sgd
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MapleCity Promotion – Needs Developer Help

22/03/2009 10 comments

About MapleCity
Exoot Development Team has developed a flash game out of MapleStory called MapleCity. MapleCity is still new and had little stuff implemented yet. Players could not do quest, choose job, change clothes, does not have boss challenges. Exoot is currently in search for developers to join their team. With your help, the game could be developed more quickly! If you’re interested to apply as MapleCity developer, click here to sign up.

Download Link:

Here are some screenshots of the game. Pretty simple.

Developer Requirements
– Knowledgeable in AS3 [ActionScript 3]
– Creative and analytical.

MapleCity To-Do List
* quest
* monster drops
* key configuration
* options [sound effect, hp/mp bar]
* auto-save
* change character equipments/clothes
* different classes [warrior, bowman, thief, magician, pirate]
* skills [1st job, 2nd job, 3rd job, 4th job]
* freemarket for player to trade in-game
* guild
* messenger [guild chat, private messsage, buddy message, mute]
* scrolling equipments
* gachapon and cash shop items

Contact Us
If you answer yes to any of the question below, send an email to about it.
– Are you interested to join our developer community?
– Did you find any bugs in MapleCity?
– Do you wish to request a feature?

MapleCity Developer Notes
* Please dont give a direct link to downoad URL because is a beta version of the game which is really different away from the complete version of it.
* Currently we are hunting for developer/designers to develop the project into a mutiplayer RPG flash game.
* So support us to develop a marvelous flash game like MapleCity.
* Note that all developers have different rights on the project depending on their contribution to the project.
* Everyone is welcomed to develop this multiplayer game together.

lilchocs’s Sniper Training Guide – The Hidden Dragon Tomb II (Green and Dark Cornians)

01/12/2008 2 comments

Title: The Hidden Dragon Tomb II (Green and Dark Cornians) Training Guide for Snipers
Useful Link: MapleStory Ultimate Guide: Bowman Training Spots
Written By: lilchocs, Xbowmaster [MapleSEA / Aquila]

Hi and welcome to my first guide. I do hope you’ll find these useful, one way or another. I’ll make it short and simple. Any suggestions or feedbacks are welcomed.

This is actually a hidden map in one of the Leafre Dragon Forest maps.
It’s called the Hidden Street: The Hidden Dragon Tomb II.

– Being a Sniper.
– Above Level 100 with HP around 2800.
– Level 21 Blizzard for maximum of 3 seconds freeze.
– Level 10 or above Puppet.
– Level 30 Strafe.
– Level 30 Iron Arrow.
– Level 25 or above Arrow Eruption.
– A good amount of movement speed. Preferably 130% and above.

Pearl of Knowledge
The maximum damage dealt is around HP 2700 when Dark Cornian powers up. If you touch them, it takes up around HP 2000. You will need to have decent movement speed, preferably 130% and above because Cornians walk fast. It helps in avoiding and clearing the bottom lane. Read more…

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AyumiloveStory – Slime Invasion Flash Game [+King Slime]

28/11/2008 1 comment
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MapleStory Godly Scrolled Weapon and Equipments

24/11/2008 3 comments

Title: MapleStory Godly Scrolled Weapon and Equipments
Useful Link: MapleStory New Timeless Weapons and Equipments (Level 120)

What is Godly Scrolled MapleStory Equipments?
An equipment that is scrolled with more than 2 scrolls that rewards the stats of a 10% scroll or with chaos scrolls that gives random stats (3 weapon attack). Usually people would use 10% scrolls with white scrolls to get the best stats. However, this might cost millions or even billions of meso to buy at least 70 scrolls with white scrolls.

12 atk PAC (Pink Adventure Cape)
Credits to DarkSolace from Sleepywood
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MapleStory Fake Bosses Accurate Locations

Title: MapleStory Fake Bosses Accurate Locations tested by maplers!
Useful Link: COMPLETE MAPLESTORY MAP – Town + Continent

What is MapleStory Fake Boss?
MapleStory Fake bosses appears all over MapleStory continents. There are 7 fake bosses (Jr Balrog, Alishar, Papulatus, King Slime, Papa Pixie, Crimson Balrog, Blue Mushroom) Read below for more info.
– Spawns after 30 minutes or later.
– Lower HP than the regular ones (solo-ing is not a problem)
– Inflicts very little damage.
– Drop all kinds of cakes, potions and mesos.
– Rewards decent amount of EXP.
– Fake bosses have “sparks” or “shiny dust” above them.

The Cakes: Dropped by all bosses except Papulatus.
– Cheesecake (recovers 1200 Hp and Mp)
– Strawberry Cream Cake (recovers 1400 Hp and Mp)
– Chocolate Cream Cake (recovers 1600 Hp and Mp)
– Chocolate Cake (recovers 1800 Hp and Mp)
– Wedding Cake (recovers 2000 Hp and Mp)
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Hidden-Street MapleStory Mini Dungeon Location – Fast Spawn Mob

24/11/2008 23 comments

Title: MapleStory Mini Dungeon Location – Fast Spawn Mobs
Useful Link: MapleStory Ultimate EXP Guide: 8 Tips on Leveling Up Quickly

What is Mini Dungeon?
A mini dungeon in MapleStory is similar to normal MapleStory maps, however they are pretty hidden and can be accessed through portals. What makes mini dungeon so special is that the map contains lots of monster and has a high spawn rate (small map). There are platforms for range characters to snipe (magician/bowman/assassin/pirate) so they can save potion from being bumped against monster!

Pearl Of Knowledge
There are 2 types of mini dungeon, 1 is event mini dungeon where you can get crystal to purchase rewards. (e.g. Moon Star Chair). However, event mini dungeon has timer (5 minutes) to prevent a player from booking the map all day. The 2nd type of dungeon is mainly for training (1 hour – 1.5 hour) There is a certain limit of players allowed to play in the mini dungeon for each channel (20 players max). You are disabled to use certain skills and can’t consume potion (HP/MP) while in mini dungeon, similarly to jump quest. Below is a list of MapleStory Mini Dungeon Location. Click “more” to view them!
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