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MapleSEA Aran Arrives this November

08/11/2009 1 comment

Aran, a Hero Resurrected

Long ago, five legendary heroes bravely battled against the Black Wizard to protect the residents of Maple.
Despite their powerful skills, the heroes coutd not defeat the Black Wizard. To save the residents, the heroes sent them to Victoria bland before they went to face oft the Black Wizard for one last time. Since then, neither the Black Wizard nor the five heroes could be found. The residents of Maple could only assume that the heroes sacrificed themselves in their battle against the Black Wizard. Now, centuries later…
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MapleSEA Manual Patch v0.82 – Protect The Future Of Neo Tokyo (MapleStory Episode 2)


Dear Maplers,

Please be informed that there will be a Game Client Patch and Cash Shop Update on the 13th October 2009, 0000hrs to 0400hrs (+8 GMT). The Game Service will be down during this period. Please logout before this time to avoid any loss of items.

Please visit here and follow the instructions to update your game client to the latest version.

The upcoming patch includes:
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GMS Thanksgiving 2x EXP Event 2008.11.26

Hello Maplers!

In celebration of Thanksgiving, we will be holding a 12-hour 2x EXP Event in all worlds from November 27th ~ 30th, 2008 from 9 am to 9 pm each day. (During those times, Demethos EXP will remain at 2x – not 4x) Happy Mapling!

Happy Mapling!

-MapleStory Staff-

[Source: MapleStory.Nexon]

Nexon Scamming MapleStory Players for Cash? Via Event Mini Dungeon

24/11/2008 3 comments

Title: Nexon Scamming MapleStory Players for Cash through Event Mini Dungeon?
Useful Link: MapleStory Event Mini Dungeon Location + Reset Timer Glitch

Nexon Scamming MapleStory Players for Cash?
Posted by: cancersign69 [LittleSoDo 132 Bera Hero] | Taken from here

According to cancersign69, event mini dungeon is not worth attempting.
Below are the methods used to obtain the optimum crystals from a mini dungeon.
– Hunt Crystals during Double Drop Event
– 5 extra tickets (3300NX = $3.30) to enter the mini dungeon extra +5 times a day
– 4 Hour Double Drop Coupon

Drop Rate Summary:
This was tested in mini dungeon golem (small map) – less walking and more killing. Golems are 1 hit KO.
cancersign69 obtained at least 25 crystals every 5 minutes (for each round)
Since cancersign69 bought 5 tickets, so she/he can enter 6 times a day.
Therefore, cancersign69 obtain a total of 25 crystals x 6 rounds = 150 crystals per day.

So what is the total Crystals for 14 days?
The event last for 14 days (2 weeks). So, with 150 crystal per day…
The total crystal can be obtained is approximately (150 crystals per day x 14 days) = 2100 crystals.
This is not taking account of the days with/without double event drop.
The NX needed to spend per day is 1800 NX for 5 extra tickets. (14 days x 1800 NX = 25200 NX)
And at least 12000 NX for 2-10 day for Double Drop Coupons.
Total NX spent is (25200 Nx + 12000 NX) = 37200 NX

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[MSEA] Real players behind the 4th job pirates are …..

Title: [MSEA] Real players behind the 4th job pirates are ….. [Nov 2008]
Posted by: lilnet (PlayPark Forumer) [Source]

According to lilnet, the high level pirate characters encountered on Official MapleStory SEA Servers are basically demo characters made by Asiasoft Staff to allow people to try the new job. The players are able to try the demo pirates (4th job gunslinger and brawler) at Suntec. It is mentioned by the poster that they were not allowed to chat, party or socialise with other players in-game. Below are some pictures taken by him/her along with some video snapshots.

Note : This is taken in SINGAPORE not JAPAN. Event currently held at suntec (23/11)
Enjoy the few items below, which includes a few pics and video of ppl playing.


If u are wondering why there are japanese words behind,
its actually the poster promoting the maple anime, not held in japan, coming soon to sg!

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GMS Pirate Ranking and FinalStory Shuts Down

23/11/2008 1 comment

Title: Pirate job rankings on GMS | Posted by: Gillian (MapleAnime Admin)
Useful Link: GMS Pirate Ranking List

Highest Pirate Level?
Today I visited to see if the Pirate job rankings where out yet.
I was curious to know what the highest level Pirate would be on GMS.
The highest pirate level on GMS (after 11 days) is GunStyleR is Lv. 133. How they level up so fast?

Here are some of my thoughts:
– Play all day long (share accounts?)
– Train during official double EXP events
– Use 2X EXP cards (4X EXP when 2X EXP Card used on double EXP Events)
– Leeching (click here for more info)

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Title: FinalStory Shuts Down | Posted by: FinalStory Staff
Useful Link: FinalStory Website

Nexon Emails FinalStory
This is not a hoax. FDC has been contacted by Nexon personally and have asked to shut down. As much as we love you, we’re not getting sued. We have e-mailed them and agreed to comply to their terms. We sincerely apologize.

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Title: Woman arrested for deleting her ex his character
Useful Link: [Source]

Posted by: Pepsi (MapleAnime Member) – Thursday, 23 October 2008

Oh boy, your gonna get it now. So a 43 year old Japanese piano teacher got divorced in Maplestory without reason. She was so pissed that she logged onto her Ex his account and deleted his full character… So now, the 33-year-old office worker in Sapporo, northern Japan, complained to police about the loss of his character, which he had “raised” for more than a year.

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Update: Highlights of KMST 1.2.178 & 1.2.179

Title: Update: Highlights of KMST 1.2.178 & 1.2.179
Credits: Info credits to Spadow!

Night Walker class released!
New maps released in game!
New NPCs added (Empress Cygnus, Shin Su, all Job Representatives and Francis)
New BGMS added! (1*)
Skill icons changed! (NightWalker Skill Icons)
You can make untradeable items to tradeable with a special item. (2*)
New Reactors added
New monsters added
New (quest) items added
Family system is not now available for testing.
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