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MSEA Top Aran ComboM4ster Leveling Method

29/11/2009 12 comments

LV 01 – 47 : using gacha exp
LV 47 – 78 : using anego and samurai leech,
LV 78 – 89 : spamming at sky nest2,
LV 89 – 108 : spamming at entrance to spooky world,
LV 108 – 128 : spamming at revived memory (pure leeching)
LV 128+ : Training with a spammer at revived memory (solo 1 lane)
im on 24hrs 3x +premium

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MapleStory Mushroom Castle Pre-Quests (Sleepywood)

29/11/2009 7 comments

Mushroom Castle Quest Guide

~ Credits to yj1996 (most of the information here are prepared by yj1996) ~

It has been long since I posted here, so I decided to contribute to the community with this guide. This will include quests surrounding Mushroom Castle as well as those inside.

Table of Contents

Post #1 – Introduction
Post #2 – Pre-quests
Post #3 – Mushroom Castle monsters & maps
Post #4 – Mushroom Castle quest walkthrough
Post #5 – Credits

About Mushroom Castle

Mushroom Castle is available for Level 30 to 38 and starts after 2nd job advancement where your job advancer will teleport you to the castle to start a series of quests that will give you wonderful EXP for your level. The story of Mushroom Castle is that the Mushroom King has been thrown out of the castle and replaced by the Pepes. The King Pepe forces the Mushroom Princess to marry his son, the Pepe Prince.

24/11 – To date, Mushroom Castle is NOT released yet, but the Pre-quests can be done.


From level 24 to 36, there are pre-quests that tell you more about Mushroom Castle. I recommend that you complete them within the level range of level 24-30, heading to Ariant right after completing the Sleepywood ones. These quests have many parts, and offer reasonable EXP upon completion.

Strange Mushrooms
Requirement: Level 24 to 34, all users
General Area: Sleepywood

[Part 1] Horny Mushroom Cap for Research
NPC: The Rememberer
Task: Collect 30 Horned Mushroom Caps.
Reward: 7000 EXP
Notes: You can gather these easily in Ant Tunnel from Horny Mushroom, preferably the area near the portal to Sleepywood. (or Mini Dungeon)

[Part 2] Horny Mushroom in Rage
NPC: The Rememberer
Task: Slay 80 Horny Mushrooms.
Reward: 8000 EXP
Notes: You can hunt these mushrooms in the Ant Tunnel (or Mini Dungeon).

[Part 3] Deciphering the Signals of Horny Mushroom
NPC: The Rememberer
Task: Collect 20 Tainted Horny Mushroom Caps.
Reward: 8000 EXP
Notes: These drop as quest items from Horny Mushroom at a decent rate.

[Part 4] Signals from Z. Mushroom 1
NPC: The Rememberer
Task: Slay 80 Zombie Mushrooms.
Reward: 8000 EXP
Notes: You can hunt these mushrooms in the Ant Tunnel (or Mini Dungeon).

[Part 5] Name: Signals from Z. Mushroom 2
NPC: The Rememberer
Task: Collect 100 Charm of the Undead.
Reward: 8000 EXP
Notes: You can gather these easily in Ant Tunnel from Zombie Mushroom, preferably the area near the portal to Sleepywood. (or Mini Dungeon)

[Part 6] Signals from Z. Mushroom 3
NPC: The Rememberer
Task: Collect 20 Sound Charms and select the correct sound.
Reward: 8000 EXP
Notes: The Sound Charms drop as quest items from Zombie Mushroom at a low rate. The Rememberer will play a sound. Listen carefully and select the one that best represents the death sound of Zombie Mushroom. Note that if you choose the wrong sound, you will have to gather the Sound Charms again!

Karcasa from the Desert
NPC: The Rememberer, Karcasa
Task: Speak to The Rememberer and he will teleport you to Ariant where Karcasa is.
Notes: Pretty much a free teleport to Ariant. This is not compulsory to complete the Ariant quests.

About Mushroom Castle…
Requirement: Level 26 to 36, all users
General Area: Ariant to Magatia desert

Part 1
NPC: Karcasa
Task: Collect 30 Carrots.
Notes: You can hunt these from the Brown Sand Rabbits in the map (as well as the previous map). Gather them up and turn them in for EXP.

Part 2
NPC: Karcasa
Task: Collect 1 Pure Water.
Notes: Just head to town and purchase a Pure Water.

Part 3
NPC: Karcasa, Camel Taxi
Task: Find Camel Taxi in Ariant desert.
Notes: Head one map out of Ariant (direction towards Magatia) and find the Camel Taxi.

Part 4
NPC: Camel Taxi
Task: Slay 40 Meercats in 5 minutes.
Notes: Just kill the cats in the map where Camel Taxi is, they spawn easily. You should be able to complete it within half the time at the current level (around 2.5-3 minutes).

Part 5
NPC: Camel Taxi
Task: Head to Magatia desert and speak to Camel Taxi from there.
Notes: If you have the patience and time, walk your way to the desert (one map before Magatia). If not, pay 1500 mesos to take the Camel Taxi and enter the middle portal below the Free Market.

Part 6
NPC: Camel Taxi
Task: Reach Level 30.
Notes: This is fairly simple. All you have to do is to train until level 30 and talk to him before/after 2nd job advancement. You can complete his quests too to boost your leveling speed.

*Part 6A-C are optional and can only be activated if you are Level 29 or below.
Part 6A
NPC: Camel Taxi
Task: Collect 60 Golden Scorpion Stings.
Part 6B
NPC: Camel Taxi
Task: Eliminate Scorpion and Sand Mole in 30 minutes.
Part 6C
NPC: Camel Taxi
Task: Collect 100 Sand Mole Hats.

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Aran Motivational Videos

26/11/2009 15 comments

KMST Aran Vs Dodo [Daum TV]

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MapleStory Aran Quest Complete List (Aran Story Quests)

25/11/2009 93 comments

Click here to view MapleStory Aran Skills + Skill Build

Chapter 8: Aran Story Quests (Required + Skill)

2nd Informant Gig

[Required] 2nd Informant Gig (over Lv18 Aran) 1
I have reached Level 18, which means Tru will give me my second gig as an informant. I better head over to Lith Harbor right now and meet Tru.

Oh, good thing you’re here. I have a good gig waiting fo you. This time, it took place at the forest of the fairies in Ellinia, and… it’s a bit similar to the last one. It has to do with the violent Green Mushrooms.

The one that watches over the forest, Rowen the Fairy, should know a thing or two why Green Mushroom has suddenly turn violent. Do you know anything about those fairies? Were there any fairies during your heyday? There’s a treasure trove of interesting information that could have been dug from you, if you only didn’t lose all your memory…

In any case, I want you to head over to Ellinia and meet Rowen the Fairy, then ask for information on Green Mushroom. This s your second gig as an informant.

(QUEST ACCEPTED) Ellinia is located a bit more east of Henesys. Eh? Are you looking for a cab coupon again? Not this time! If I keep giving you one, then I’ll be broke In no time! Do what you have to do to get there, but no more cab coupons!

The second one involves the suddenly-violent Green Mushroom. Seems quite similar to that of the first one. I better head over to Ellinia and meet with Rowen me Fairy to discuss the cause of Green Mushrooms distress.

1. Talk to Rowen the Fairy located in Ellinia (see mini map below)

Rowen The Fairy
(QUEST COMPLETED) What can I do for you? I’ve been getting headaches over Dejected Green Mushrooms these days. what? You are asking if I know why Green Mushrooms have been acting violent lately? (REWARD: 400 EXP)

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Aran Complete Quests List by AristosMS

21/11/2009 12 comments

KMS Aran 1st Job Quests Pt. 1 – Available in HD

This takes place right after you advance at level 10. I said in my Becoming an Aran videos that you could treat them as the first part of these quest videos.

Once you advance Lilin/Ririn will ask you to go and speak to the trainer whose name translates to Puoh. He is 2 maps left of town in the training grounds. This is pretty much identical to what the Cygnus trainer gets you to do at 10, apart from you get a much better reward at the end. First you must go in and kill 30 Slimes, then 30 Orange Mushrooms and finally 30 Pigs. I lagged and opened the chat box twice at the end of these quests so I apologize for that but it shouldnt ruin anything. By the end of this you will be level 13 without putting in much effort at all. You will also be rewarded with the skill Combo Ability. Which I demonstrated in another video, Im sure youve all seen it of course. :P
You receive a little animation every time you acquire a new skill form a quest. It’s 2 pole arms crossing over your head. I slowed it down and showed it again so you could get a better look even if the level up covers it a little. I think it’s a nice little effect. But you will most likely miss it since the chat box covers it by default lol.

Once you are done with that go back and talk to Lilin/Ririn. She will give you a scroll (not shown in video) to take to an NPC in Lith Called Tru. So of to Lith Harbour it is! To leave Rien head all the way right from town and you will find the Harbour. Talk to the NPC there to ride the whale (lol) to Lith. This is the only way to and from Rien.

When you arrive in Lith head to the new building that is located at the top right of town. You can’t miss it. Inside is Tru. Talk to him and complete the quest. This guy is basically the new Nineheart. You will be coming back and reporting to him a lot. I suggest you buy a good number of Lith return scrolls for convenience.

You will immediately receive a new quest from him. He will ask you to go and speak to Teo. Teo wants 10 Green/Blue/Red Snail Shells. This is very simple especially if you can find a few Mano’s to kill but good luck with that on launch day. After you get 10 of each report back to Teo then back to Tru.
Next he will ask you to go talk to Bruce in Henesys. He will also give you an envelope. If you talk to the newly added Taxi you can use that note to ride there for free.

*Character switch, I will be using this character from now on.*

When you arrive there talk to Bruce and he will ask you to get 30 Mushroom cones. I wonder what part of a Mushroom they drop from? Perhaps it is their unmentionables. I tested this but didn’t film it, you can kill orange mushrooms as well to get the cones. I chose Cynical Mushrooms because I prefer that map since it has a good pure spawn. When you get all 30 return to Bruce and he will then want you to get 30 pig tails. These drop from normal Pigs and Ribbon Pigs, so head of to your favourite spot and collect them. Return to him for his final proper quest. He wants you to kill 50 Cynical Mushrooms and collect a Doll from them. This is just like the Cygnus quest, a few of the Aran’s quests are similar to the Cygnus ones. Once you have killed them and collected the Doll come back for your reward. He will then ask you to go back and see Tru, so head back there and get another small exp reward.

The Next quests begin at level 18, you should be around level 15 by now so go level up some more then come back and see Tru. I will continue on from here in the next part of this video.
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MapleStory Evan Skills + Skill Build

20/11/2009 144 comments

The Evan Class : Dragon Master

Main information coming soon…
Download Music: DragonDream

Introduction to Evan
Another story of a baby dragon who has been waiting for a hero.
Once there was a normal boy that lived near the village of Henesys.
He discovers a dragon egg that he saw in his dream.
And so, the story of the Dragon Master unfolds.
In the beginning, Evan and the baby dragon knew nothing.
But with the growth of the baby dragon, Evan’s strength continues to increase endlessly.

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Solution to Fix AVG Antivirus detected MapleStory.exe as Virus (Uses Themida Protection)

19/11/2009 33 comments

Hi guys,

I face a problem with the lastest maple patch.

a message said:

C:\program files\WIZETMAPLESTORY\Maplestory.exe
Windows cannot access the specified device, path or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item.

also my AVG mention the following:

Multiple threat detection

C:\Program Files\\WIZET\Maplestory\Mplestory.exe

Virus identified Win32/Themida


Does that mean Maplestory new patch have virus?
anyone can help me to solve this problem?
I have tried to delete the whole Maplestory and re- download but it does not works. The Maplestory.exe icon is missing.

Please help to advise, thank you
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