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MapleSEA Aran Arrives this November

Aran, a Hero Resurrected

Long ago, five legendary heroes bravely battled against the Black Wizard to protect the residents of Maple.
Despite their powerful skills, the heroes coutd not defeat the Black Wizard. To save the residents, the heroes sent them to Victoria bland before they went to face oft the Black Wizard for one last time. Since then, neither the Black Wizard nor the five heroes could be found. The residents of Maple could only assume that the heroes sacrificed themselves in their battle against the Black Wizard. Now, centuries later…

Aran, the Resurrected Hero!

A hero that uses a polearm in the battle against the Black Wizard.
After spending a few centuries trapped in ice due to a curse of the Black Wizard, Nan
Suddenly awoke one day to see a gin wasting for him.

The girl, Lirin.

After he was awoken, Aran realized he had lost aU his memories and abilities. As the last member of a clan that believed in Aran’s resurrection, Lirin is helping Aran to recover his memories and abilities. With Lirin’s help, Aran is slowly beginning to recover and adjust to civilization. With training, he will be able to
remember the skills that have laid dormant for the past centuries. Keep your eyes on Aran, the resurrected
hero of Maple’

Aran Video Trailer


A Girl That Awaits Aran
After heroes’ battle with the Black Wizard, there was a dan of residents that believed that the slain heroes will nse again, as foretold by the Book of Prediction. However, after centuries without any signs of the heroes’ resurrection, the residents began to lose faith in the prediction and gradually left the island m frustration. Only one person, a little girl named Lirin, remained on the island as she firmly believed that the prediction would come top. Then one day, she finally got to meet the resurrected hero of Maple world, Azan. Lirin may have an icy appearance, but deep inside she has a bumrng heart that beats with passion even in the direst of times.


The Spirit of the Pole Arm Used by Aran
Maha is the spirit of a pole arm that Aran wielded in the past. With Aran having lost all of his memories and abilities, it is up to Maha to unlock Aran’s dormant powers. This spirit will not be seen unless Aran has reached a certain level.

The Penguins

Penguins that reside in Rien.
Seeing Lirin wait for Aran to be resurrected all by herself made these penguins feel compassionate towards the girl. They have been helping and supporting Lirin in various areas. In fact these penguins were responsible for spotting Aran, who was found trapped in ice.


The Info merchant in 11th Harbor, and Aran’s supporter.
Like Lirin, Tru used to be in the clan that believed in Arans resurrection. However, with no sight of any hero resurrecting, he became frustrated and left Rien. As an Info Merchant, he supports Aran and Lirin in many ways after he found out that Aran has returned.

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