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Knight of Cygnus Nobless Interview Questions and Answers

Quest: The Queen is Waiting for You

For Nobless
Speaking in a formal tone, Kisha wanted to make sure that I had the fundamental knowledge of the world of Maple down, and requested that I take a pop quiz on it. After answering all the questions correctly, Kisha gave me Proof of Nobless and instructed me to take it to Queen Cygnus herself…

Knights of Cygnus are a group of brave Knights working for Queen Cygnus with the sole intent of protecting the world of Maple. You may start off as a Nobless, but through diligent training, you will one day become a knight.

1st Question:

A special request given to you by a resident of the world of Maple is called Quest.
In order for you to check the list of quests you may receive or have already received, then wihch of these Hot Keys do you need to press?
Q (Answer)

2nd Question:

There are various ways to obtain items in the world of Maple, including completing quests, hunting down monsters, or breaking boxes. These items will then be placed in an inventory. Which of these hot keys do you need to press in order to access the item inventory?
I (Answer)

3rd Question:

When you obtain enough experiences in the world of Maple, you gain a level. Every time you level up, you will also receive a set amount of Skill Points, or SP for short. Once you reach past Level 10 and become a Knight, how many Skill Points will you receive per every level up?
3 (Answer)

4th Question:

In the world of Maple, you may defeat monsters by either using regular attacks or skills. When you are trying to break a box, however, only one of these apply. Which of these two methods of attack do you need to use in order to break a box?
Regular Attack (Answer)

Interview Success!

That’s amazing. You were able to correctly answer every question that I gave you. What you need to do now is to take Proof of Nobless and bring it to Queen Cygnus. Do you want me to give you Proof of Nobless right now?

The Queen stays at the center of Erev, so that’s what you’ll need to head to. All you need to do is follow the arrows and head to the left. Even if you have lost Proof of Nobles, no worries. I can always write you another one.

May you become the best knight there ever is…

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