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MapleStory Hack Videos – Ideas for HackerStory

Meso Explosion Etc Hack
Instead of using meso thrown on the floor to bomb a monster, this hack allows Chief Bandit to bomb any items, which includes etc items [monster drops/leftover/miscelleanous item] and useable items [potions]

Maplestory Hacks v.68: pVac
Pvac(Passive Vacuum) which means you’re forcing mobs to go either to the left or to the right
only on that particular platform, e.g. Henesys Hunting Ground(famous eh?)
there are 4 lanes right? on EACH lane, mobs are somehow pushed to the left or right if the mob doesn’t FLY or JUMP(you can make mobs not to fly and jump) ONLY on that particular LANE that they are into

MapleStory – Fvac [by Fusakin]
the fvac will push the monsters and u to the pVac…the fvac is like an escelator… fvac got risk of a/b
Fvac (Forced Vacuum) i’m not so sure about it, BUT i’m quite sure that it’s something like foothold, which means, make mobs to STUCK at that SPOT on THAT particular LANE that they are inautoban

unlimited summon hack ms
Instead of summoning 1 monster, you can summon unlimited monster

There are more hacks for MapleStory than you think. Some of them I don’t have, while the others I either have access to them and/or I’ve made them myself or they haven’t been quite confirmed yet. Also, these hacks/bots/tricks are all ServerSide as in, EVERYONE CAN SEE THEM. No clientside hacks are here, since they are completely useless and a waste of time. Also, if you want proof, there are screenshots of some of them.

Hacks In Red- Confirmed
Hacks In Blue- Not Confirmed/Doesn’t Work

God Mode aka Invisi-Hack aka Flash Hack- You know that when you get hit, you blink? Well, this hack keeps your character consistently blinking. You can’t be hit. The monsters still rush you, but you don’t receive damage. It’s as if you’ve just been hit by something.
God Mode 2 aka Always-Miss-Hack- When a monster attacks you, it always misses. You know when the damage number comes up, intead, it comes up as “Miss” all the time. The monsters rush you, but they always miss.
Speed Attack/Weapon Speed Hack- Sword is fast, Axe is slow, and Club is even slower. Well with this hack, ALL of them are insansely fast. You can hit an enemy nearly 5 TIMES in 1 second!
Speed Attack Method 2 Hack
Speed Heal (1)- When you stand in one spot for about 10 seconds, your HP goes up 10 or higher depending on if you’re standing, sitting, or your stats. Well, this hack speeds your healing process. You heal every 700 MILLIseconds which is FAST! BUT, you can’t EXCEED 9 heal-ups in a row, or you will disconnect. So you have to move around or attack, wait about 5-8, then re-heal again.
Mana Speeder- Just like the Speed Heal, but with MP.
Windowed Mode- Yes, there is a windowed mode for MapleStory. This one doesn’t have the Blue Windows Bar.
Windowed Mode Complete- This one HAS the Blue Windowed Bar.
Ability Point Hack- You know that everytime you level, you get 5 Ability Points. You can use it to level your Str, Dex, Int, Luk, HP, or even MP. Well, with this hack, you get more. The stat point hack doesn’t work because Wizet keeps track of points gained and such (Thanks to Onegai for that info).
Starting Ability Point Hack/ Dice Hack (by Xeus)- When you make a character, you can max everything at 25 for a starting character.
Botting- Well you know, you ALT-TAB out or go do something else, while a Bot levels you up, picks up your items, and kill monsters. You don’t really have to do anything, but worry about being temporarily banned.
Sit Anywhere Hack- Yes, you can gain HP as if you were sitting on a bench. The name really explains it all. You can sit anywhere and gain the HP of sitting on a bench. It’s untrainable, since the value changes depending on what map you are on.
GM (Game Moderator)/MapleTip Talking Hack- Name explains it all too. You can talk on the server as a GM or a MapleTip.
No Miss Hack- You never miss when you attack an emeny.
Double/Triple Weapon Hack (1)- Equip more than 1 weapon at the same time — Simultaneously.
Dupe Hack
Ossyria Hack- Ossyria Island has been implemented into the International MapleStory Game, but not the monsters. You can teleport to Ossyria island with this hack.
Flyhack (by Ape~korean / by lol98~global)
Climbhack (by Ape~korean / by lol98~global)- A hack that allows youto climb anywhere in MapleStory. It’s like the sitting hack but you can climb anywhere you want.
Jump with damage hack
Naked Hack (by Gunout)
DebugMode (by Ape)
NoBodyFrame (by Ape)
CyberCafe Hack
NoFaceFrame (by Ape)
FakeItemToItemShop (by lol98)
Curse Bypass/Hack (by lol98)
Teleport hack
Anti “take breath” Hack
ClientSideSuperHeal- Insane heal amount, but this one is clientsided. (by Ape/Aaerox)
ClientSideSuperDamage- Insane damage but this one is clientsided. (by Ape/Aaerox)
Lock monster for attack anywhere hack
Party chat / buddy chat spoof (by Xeus)
Snatch Hack (by Cam_2)- Grabs all items on the ground on-screen
Spirit/Invisible Hack 2- No Body, No Weapon, Invisible. You can’t be seen, and to other players, when you pick up items it looks as if the items just disappear, while actually, you are the one picking them up. Also, it looks like the Monsters are taking damage from no one, but it’;’s really you that’s inflicting damage. (by Ape) <–Part of DebugMode
AttackPositionHack- Stab all the time/Swing up all the time/Swing down all the time; the way you attack effects damage

*Thanks to lol98 and CujoEX for the information of some of the confirmed hacks*
If you have seen any other hacks, bots or even tricks, feel free to post them.

I'll put the credits of the people later on


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  2. nononon
    23/06/2009 at 12:05 am

    unlimited summon hack ms*

    Cilent Sided you can only see yourself doesn’t do anything just shows more birds in your view.

    Most of these hacks in that list are used in maple private servers.

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