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lilchocs’s Sniper Training Guide – The Hidden Dragon Tomb II (Green and Dark Cornians)

Title: The Hidden Dragon Tomb II (Green and Dark Cornians) Training Guide for Snipers
Useful Link: MapleStory Ultimate Guide: Bowman Training Spots
Written By: lilchocs, Xbowmaster [MapleSEA / Aquila]

Hi and welcome to my first guide. I do hope you’ll find these useful, one way or another. I’ll make it short and simple. Any suggestions or feedbacks are welcomed.

This is actually a hidden map in one of the Leafre Dragon Forest maps.
It’s called the Hidden Street: The Hidden Dragon Tomb II.

– Being a Sniper.
– Above Level 100 with HP around 2800.
– Level 21 Blizzard for maximum of 3 seconds freeze.
– Level 10 or above Puppet.
– Level 30 Strafe.
– Level 30 Iron Arrow.
– Level 25 or above Arrow Eruption.
– A good amount of movement speed. Preferably 130% and above.

Pearl of Knowledge
The maximum damage dealt is around HP 2700 when Dark Cornian powers up. If you touch them, it takes up around HP 2000. You will need to have decent movement speed, preferably 130% and above because Cornians walk fast. It helps in avoiding and clearing the bottom lane.

No one likes training in a map that drains mesos like running water. Now the cost of training in this map depends on your character and your damage range. As for me, I don’t earn and I don’t lose mesos. It remains pretty much the same. This involves only the ETC items and the mesos dropped by both the Cornians.

Here’s the interesting part. You can earn by hunting equipments and scrolls. Both Green and Dark Cornians have pretty decent good drops. Their drop rates are quite satisfactory.

Equipments dropped by Green Cornian.

Equipments dropped by Dark Cornian.

Scrolls dropped by the Cornians.
– Scroll for Dagger for ATT (60%)
– Scroll for Earring for INT (10%)
– Scroll for Helmet for DEF (60%)

The amount of experience gained by training here is very much dependent on the damage range that you have. Green Cornians and Dark Cornians give you 3000 EXP and 3700 EXP each respectively. A rough estimation between 1.2 million EXP to 1.8 million EXP gained per hour.

– There are lots of platforms at the top for resting. Do not rest below.
– Be careful when you’re climbing or hanging on the rope ladder. The Cornian’s sword might poke you.
– Try not to chat when you’re at the bottom lane. Do it at your own risk.
– Only change channels when you’re standing on a safe platform.
– Do not be stingy with your pots. Always maintain a full HP bar.
– Remember to clear the bottom lane once in a while to avoid over-spawn of Cornians.


You can always freeze them first because they’ll be moving around. It’s not that you can’t hit them, but rather troublesome if some of your shots are missed.

It’s quicker to deal with them these way rather than just using strafe.


Once you’ve gotten used to this, it improves your killing rate.

I enjoy playing sniper using various skills. It makes it more enjoyable, don’t you think?

It’s always best to clear from one end to the other. The safest spot to stand would we right at each end of the corner of the map. No Cornians would spawn there.


This method does require you to use some pots. So be prepared.

Not really an efficient way of killing if there’s one on both sides.

Puppet Locations
This is the bottom lane. The spawning spots are indicated by the puppets.

As you can see, there’s actually no safe spots to stand on permanently. However, it gives you an idea where to stand and where not to. Be alert that there might be a possible spawn where you’re standing and it’ll help you save your pot costs. The rest is up to you and your imagination on how you want to play. Have fun!

THE FAQ – Frequently Asked Question
This particular section is for those who’s interested in reading more. Otherwise, the top section would do.

1. Why are you writing it only for the snipers? Aren’t you being biased?
I can’t write for a ranger because I don’t really know how a ranger works. I’ve seen my friend, who’s a Ranger, was on the same map as me. He had not much difficulties in clearing the top but he wouldn’t want to clear the bottom lane because it was too pot consuming. And there’s a high chance of him tomb-stoning at the bottom.

2. Will you write one guide for the ranger later?
Perhaps. Maybe. Not for now.

3. What kind of pots do you recommend?
I personally use Kinoko Ramen (Roasted Pork) and Fish Cake. Recovers HP 1500 and MP 500 respectively. I also use white pots to cover up the remaining HP lost since Cornians deal HP 2000 when touched. They drop Unagis, which recovers HP 1000 as well, it serves as a good alternative.

4. Why Iron Arrow and Arrow Eruption?
Both of them have their own pros and cons. Iron Arrow allows you to clear a wider range on one side but deals lesser damage throughout the number of hits. On the other hand, Arrow Eruption gives you fixed damages but restricted range. If you’ve not maxed Arrow Eruption and you have Iron Arrow maxed, Iron Arrow is a better choice since it deals 180% damage.

5. Isn’t Goby a better training spot for Snipers?
It’s a yes and a no. It depends on your preference. EXP wise, Goby fishes grants you slightly more EXP within an hour. Cost wise, Goby fishes give an average earning about 200-300k from usual drops excluding other equipment drops.
As for Cornians, you get better drops with lesser EXP gained. Besides, playing Goby fishes all day long can be pretty boring. A change of environment would be good.

6. There’s a bug?
Yes. When the Dark Cornian charges up while you’re far away from it, it has the tendency to get stuck on the ground. And it won’t attack even you’re near it. However, if you’re capable of dealing damages of 5k and above, it will get knocked back and resume to its normal state.

1. 4D4D for the info about the Cornian bug.
2. infinitygal for the info regarding Goby fishes and Cornians.
3. DeepThanes for pointing out a broken link.
4. miho for the idea of a survival tips section.

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