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Nexon Scamming MapleStory Players for Cash? Via Event Mini Dungeon

Title: Nexon Scamming MapleStory Players for Cash through Event Mini Dungeon?
Useful Link: MapleStory Event Mini Dungeon Location + Reset Timer Glitch

Nexon Scamming MapleStory Players for Cash?
Posted by: cancersign69 [LittleSoDo 132 Bera Hero] | Taken from here

According to cancersign69, event mini dungeon is not worth attempting.
Below are the methods used to obtain the optimum crystals from a mini dungeon.
– Hunt Crystals during Double Drop Event
– 5 extra tickets (3300NX = $3.30) to enter the mini dungeon extra +5 times a day
– 4 Hour Double Drop Coupon

Drop Rate Summary:
This was tested in mini dungeon golem (small map) – less walking and more killing. Golems are 1 hit KO.
cancersign69 obtained at least 25 crystals every 5 minutes (for each round)
Since cancersign69 bought 5 tickets, so she/he can enter 6 times a day.
Therefore, cancersign69 obtain a total of 25 crystals x 6 rounds = 150 crystals per day.

So what is the total Crystals for 14 days?
The event last for 14 days (2 weeks). So, with 150 crystal per day…
The total crystal can be obtained is approximately (150 crystals per day x 14 days) = 2100 crystals.
This is not taking account of the days with/without double event drop.
The NX needed to spend per day is 1800 NX for 5 extra tickets. (14 days x 1800 NX = 25200 NX)
And at least 12000 NX for 2-10 day for Double Drop Coupons.
Total NX spent is (25200 Nx + 12000 NX) = 37200 NX

In short, you will be spending a total of 37200 NX ($37.00!)
It seems impossible for someone to obtain 3000 maplestory crystals within 2 weeks period.
It is insufficient for Skill books or Mastery books! (even with 2x Drop Rate + 5 tickets)
$37.00 spent would not be able to help in obtaining more than 2100 maple crystals.

cancersign69 also mentioned that…
You won’t even be able to get the Sword or Shield earrings, much less the books.
Unless there’s some Hidden mini dungeon with godly spawn that I don’t know of…
Or your just dam lucky with your drop rates.

This event is so bad as it is. It comes off as some kind of giant scam.
Trying to get kids to drop $37.00 so they can attempt to get one of the chairs, AT BEST!
Did anyone who planned this event do the math, or test out the drop rates?

Very poor planning for this event, or Nexon is purposefully attempting to scam players to spend NX, by highlighting these items as possibilities.

Some MapleStory players have reported that SleepyWood Golems is not a good place to hunt crystals, but Sleepywood Dungeon – Mushroom Growing Cave is much better.

MapleStory Useful Links
Guide on How to glitch in MapleStory Event Mini Dungeon to have unlimited time? (reset 5 min limit)
Reward In-Game ScreenShots for Moon Star Chair and Maple Leaf

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  1. sniperrules
    20/09/2010 at 7:43 pm

    dude youre smart never though that nexon was able to get up to something like the ticket event.
    and about business its youre own choise to buy nx they dont force you.

  2. lol
    02/09/2010 at 6:03 pm

    haha come on its all about business. every business need profit. the game are free . there arent anyone asking us or forcing us to buy cash.so basically is not their fault. but for the people who buy the cash.if i were you i just buy using mesos for that and earn for free and play for free

  3. anonymous
    05/01/2009 at 4:45 am

    HAHA, no s*** sherlock! Nexon has been getting people to buy NX for a long time. Think about the hair quest in Amoria. It’s a wonder people get crappy hair like 80% of the time. They want you to buy nx to change your hair back, or to something better. And if people want to waste their money away on fake items, let them. I guess they’re just that ignorant.

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