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GMS Pirate Ranking and FinalStory Shuts Down

Title: Pirate job rankings on GMS | Posted by: Gillian (MapleAnime Admin)
Useful Link: GMS Pirate Ranking List

Highest Pirate Level?
Today I visited maplestory.nexon.net to see if the Pirate job rankings where out yet.
I was curious to know what the highest level Pirate would be on GMS.
The highest pirate level on GMS (after 11 days) is GunStyleR is Lv. 133. How they level up so fast?

Here are some of my thoughts:
– Play all day long (share accounts?)
– Train during official double EXP events
– Use 2X EXP cards (4X EXP when 2X EXP Card used on double EXP Events)
– Leeching (click here for more info)

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Title: FinalStory Shuts Down | Posted by: FinalStory Staff
Useful Link: FinalStory Website

Nexon Emails FinalStory
This is not a hoax. FDC has been contacted by Nexon personally and have asked to shut down. As much as we love you, we’re not getting sued. We have e-mailed them and agreed to comply to their terms. We sincerely apologize.

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Title: Woman arrested for deleting her ex his character
Useful Link: [Source]

Posted by: Pepsi (MapleAnime Member) – Thursday, 23 October 2008

Oh boy, your gonna get it now. So a 43 year old Japanese piano teacher got divorced in Maplestory without reason. She was so pissed that she logged onto her Ex his account and deleted his full character… So now, the 33-year-old office worker in Sapporo, northern Japan, complained to police about the loss of his character, which he had “raised” for more than a year.

I really recommend you to read on!!!

Police say the 43-year-old piano teacher admitted destroying the avatar after it finished with her character in the fantasy game Maple Story.

Officers said the woman allegedly carried out the virtual killing in mid-May by hacking into the game using an illegal identification and password.

A police officer said she told investigators:”I was suddenly divorced, without a word of warning. That made me so angry.”

The game, which is hugely popular in South Korea and Japan, has players improving their skills and abilities by battling monsters in dungeons .

There are more than 50 million subscribers to the game, who buy new clothes and gameplay enhancements from an online shop and can even “earn” a wedding.

The suspect admitted the allegation and told investigators that she was enraged by the divorce, police said.

The case surfaced after a 33-year-old office worker in Sapporo, northern Japan, complained to police about the loss of his avatar, which he had “raised” for more than a year.

The woman was charged with illegal access onto a computer and manipulating electronic data, police said.

If convicted, she could face a prison term of up to five years or a fine up to $5,000 (£3,100).

  1. 07/04/2009 at 10:35 am

    Well they both got owned to be honest.
    I mean, even though he got divorced with her, it’s only a game at the end of the day right?
    And she got pwnt because she has to pay lots of $$$
    He lost his avatar.
    I think it’s fair? lol

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