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KMST 1.2.176 Updates – Highlights + MapleStory 3D

Title: KMST 1.2.176 Updates – Highlights + MapleStory 3D

KMST 1.2.176 has been released. Here are some highlights:
– Flame Wizard job is released for testing.
– After level 70, you will be given 5 AP instead of 6.
– You are able to delete your Order character and after that re-create a new Order character.
– When you delete an Order character, the Blessing of the Sprite skill will downgrade to Lv. 0.

Skills has been changed & fixed (current state):: Flame Wizard | Soul Master

MapleStory 3D aka Kavatina Story ???
– This might be the MapleStory 3D game since it had an unofficial name.
– Nexon Korea is planning to reveal more details and content about Kavatina Story
– It would be held at GSTAR 2008 convention on November 13th.
– The signup for Closed Beta starts at 13th till 19th.
– The winner will be announced on the 20th of November.
– Expect more news when Closed Beta starts.

URL: http://kavatina.nexon.com/teaser/page/nx.aspx
Video uploaded by Mazefind. Recorded from the Korean Link above to Youtube.

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