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Singapore, Halloween, Gach and more in GMS (October Events)

Title: Singapore, Halloween, Gachapon and more in Global MapleStory
Source MapleStory Official Nexon Website

With the release of GMS patch V.61 come many exciting new places and changes.

Among them is Singapore which includes a brand new Party Quest where you can take down Captain Latanica. You can also find new monsters and a brand new Gachapon to sink your hard earned dollars. Once you’ve checked out Singapore, head over to NLC and the Haunted Mansion to challenge yourself in the new Halloween Party Quest or take on Mr. Guy Fawkes, the history 17th century figure.

Finally, Gachapon has been updated with some new Chairs and other items, and there is a cool Event Mini Dungeon where you can collect Maple Crystals and redeem them for cool items (including 4th job Mastery books!).

Read below to see the official pics and info.

Captain Latanica welcomes you to Singapore! (Source)

Halloween Events (Source)

October Gachapon Update (Source)

Event Mini Dungeon (Source)

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