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MapleStory Henesys Party Quest HPQ Glitch – Cake Smuggle

Title: MapleStory Henesys Party Quest HPQ Glitch – Cake Smuggle

Ok so for those experienced players on maplestory, who know about the henesys Part quest, tell me the glitch. People say that theres a glitch in the PQ, where you somehow smuggle the cakes out of the game, and then give it to the bear guy in the beginning of the next PQ. Tell me how the glitch works, because i tried, and failed. People call it smuggling. Please give me a full explanation. xD TY


The Glitch:
One person stands on the very top cloud, this makes the rice cakes three times as fast.

The Lure:
One person (Usually swordsman because they can attack up to 6 monsters at once) hit the monsters with a low attack weapon (such as a pumpkin basket) so that they only hit 1hp on each monster. The monsters will follow “the lurer” and stay away from the rabbit. If not monster is killed, no more monsters will come. Without the distraction of the monsters, the cakes will fall even faster.

The Amount:
With a decent party quest, I’ve seen people collect anywhere from 80-200 cakes, depending how fast the seeds are planted.

The Smuggle:
One person, who knows how to “smuggle” takes up to 100 rice cakes, drops them, and disconnects their computer cable, and uses this method to “smuggle” the cakes out, since usually the cakes would disappear if you tried to take them out the normal way.

The leader:
The leader CAN smuggle, but they cannot take the rice cakes back in with them. The cakes will disappear if they try to. If the leader smuggles, they need to give the cakes to another party member BEFORE re-entering the party quest.

The party:
The ultimate party is made up of three people – The leader, a lurer and a smuggler. It seems that the larger the party, the less cakes are made.

Nice Parties:
Some parties do “cake runs” to get cakes, and then when they have enough to just click through each time, will “fill up” the party with low level members, so that the low level members can level fast.

  1. 27/08/2009 at 10:22 am

    pls give me use hacks give me up 100 lv

  2. Pop4life24
    29/11/2008 at 2:48 pm

    cool or they could have used exp gach =D

  1. 19/11/2008 at 12:05 am
  2. 10/10/2008 at 8:49 am

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