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MapleStory Flash Game – Maple Tower (Japanese Turn Based RPG)

Title: MapleStory Flash Game – Maple Tower (Final Fantasy Style)

Yeah so I was poking around basil and I saw this link to a maple story flash game. It’s a pretty neat game. What you do is go up this tower and fight monsters and stuff, the battle system is like that of the old FF’s and all that stuff.

Game Controls
Z – Accept
X – Cancel
Left arrow – Move

Battle commands-
First one: Regular Attack
Second: Skill
Third: Special Skill
Fourth: Potions, ect.

Every 5 floors or so you get to access the ITEM shop where you can buy potions, skills, and upgrade your characters stats. [The item shop option is the 3rd one down on the main menu]


Quick guide:

– The first screen you see when you start a new game or load a game:
— The first option sends you into the tower.
— The second option lets you view and change your characters’ stats, equips, and skills.
— The third option is a shop.
— The fourth option saves the game. Press Z again and セーブしました should appear on the screen.

– In the tower:
— Select the first option in the menu and press -> to move through the floor.
— You’ll randomly encounter monsters and treasure chests, as well as one stairwell on each floor.
— If the floor you’re on is a multiple of 5, you’ll also encounter a portal.
— Once you encounter the stairs, you can select the second option on the menu to go to the next floor.
—- On floors that are (multiple of 5) – 1, you’ll fight a special encounter when you go up the stairs.
—– On (multiple of 10) – 1 floors, there is a boss (King Slime, Mushmom, etc.) when you go up the stairs.
— Once you encounter the portal, you can select the third option to go back to the first screen.
— The fourth option is always available, and allows you to use items.

– In battle:
— The first option is a normal attack.
— The second option lets you use skills.
— Skills cost MP. Use the left and right arrow keys to select which skill level to use the skill at.
— The third option is a powerful attack which works like FFVII’s limit breaks.
— The fourth option lets you use an item.
— When selecting a target, up/down switches targets, and left/right switches between one target and all targets (only applicable to certain skills.)

– In the stats page:
— Left/right switches the selected character.
— The first option allows you to distribute status points to HP, MP, STR, DEF, INT, MDF, and SPD.
— The second option allows you to change equipment. Each character can use one weapon, one piece of armor, and two accessories.
— The third option allows you to learn skills. You need a certain amount of skill points as well as some skill items you can purchase from the shop.
— Learning level 1 of a skill takes 1 item, learning level 2 takes 2 items, etc.

– In the shop:
— The categories are as follows: items (potions, etc.), weapons, armor, accessories, skills.
— You will unlock more items as you progress through the tower.
— To sell items, simply ‘buy’ a negative number of them. Of course, you can’t sell more than you have.

– Skill names (incomplete, probably inaccurate):
— Quick Strike
— Power Strike
— Double Strike

— Magic Ball
— Fire
— Blizzard
— Thunder
— Meteo (meteor?)
— Esna
— Raise

— Haste
— Poison
— Sleep
— Confuse (???)
— Drain

— Paralyze

Notice the Final Fantasy influence in the skill names.

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