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Game – You know when you play too much MapleStory when…

Title: MapleStory Joke – You know when you play too much MapleStory when…

Ayumilove’s Diary:
Post you nice jokes here! Nightcore – Dum da di do

You know when you play too much MapleStory when someone is hogging the phonebooth, and you asked him/her to cc

CC means change channel lol


List of Best Jokes:

0. animalLuvXGodsgirl
when……a gifted kid gets an F and the teacher asks “how much intellegence should someone like you have?” and you answer “None, i’m a Dit”

1. OhYouSoFunny
when you go to a construction site and ask a worker “What attack is your work glove?

2. TheAnimeGod123
when you go to school and teacher annoys you. You add her to block list.

3. JawanaBons
when a customer asks you how much a product costs, you say “offer”

5. tacundavid
when you go to the fish market and ask what attack is on their Frozen Tuna.

6. SuperHaste
When your late to school and your principle asks why are u late, you say i was lagging.

7. LitoDirector
Ummm… well a while ago my friend asked my other friend how old his grandma was, and he said level 82. Really happened. ~

8. Ayumilove
when you ask someone to change tv channels, you say cc plz.

9. xMeiTing:
if someone asks you what your name is, and you reply with your IGN instead of your real name. =P

10. MSEADv4mp
when you see a kid jumping and you go up to him and ask ” what level your flash jump? ”

11. MSEADv4mp
when your friend tells you that he is getting married and you say ” I’ll meet you in Amoria tonight ”

12. johanrenjifo
I was with my friend Von who comes from philipin and he asked me how much my sister was and i told “level 27” Lmao ^^

13. xKryptic
When you are about to get into a fight with someone and say “Hold on let me re-pot”

15. TheWoohoo5
i was at a hotel we were in the pool and this guy was splashing and i said could you CC please. And he was like you play ms and i was like ya and he was like omfg i’m ahermit lvl 138 u wanna see my flash jump want we was jumping lol XD XD

16. zChaosBoiz
someone steals something from you and you scream “OMG I GOT HACKED”

17. maplefan333
when you go to a resturant and say how much hp does youre pumkin pie heal

18. ScarRosen
When you are at someone’s birthday and say: ZOMG LVL UP!

19. HTxFanGurl
When you’re in class and you’re half asleep, then your Teacher wakes you up saying “What are you doing?” Then you say, “Oh sorry I was AFK.”

20. aznxlloyd
When you see a hot girl you say “You got a hyper body” lolz

21. maplefan333
when u see a guy a emo goth guy go up 2 him and say “DARK LORD IM LVL 70 I WISH 2 BE A HERMIT

22. j441167
when your teacher scold you for being late for class, you say “I am only allowed to wear my school uniform, not a speed based clothing.”

23. icecreamhomefish
you get onto a very long line you tell evryone to cc plz!

24. AsianTaeHyun
ask your teacher: are you a boss? because or bordem does 1029 damage on me…

…your mom asks to take you to school, but you say: What? School? Ima check my map of there is such land, be right back.

…you hit someone on the face and you spin around once saying: Final Strike!: Than hitting him harder. O.O

…you meet a new kid at school and asks if he wants to be your buddy. You say: Ok…let me see (grabs paper) whats your IGN?

25. 1life4
when your teacher gives you a test papper you say is this a quest ??

26. NagaBoy2453
When someone farts you say,”OMG THAT STINKS……. WHAT LVL IS UR POISON FOG, ITS DOING 2789 DMG TO ME!!!”

27. xldragonlx2
i went to the resturant and the w8er ask for a tip i told him you can become 3rd job at lvl 70 must require 2nd job

28. Antylon
Someone said this on a Smega:
Do you know why Mushdad broke up with Mushmom?
Because she’s always at ‘Someone else’s house’.

29. BoLiaoBoiBoi
When ur sick you take a giant thermometer and try to stick in into ur mouth so you can say, ‘I’m hacking ! i have a weapon in my mouth!!’
When you look up the Oxford dictionary for the word ‘noob’, and don’t find it, and go to Oxford to complain.

30. NeverForgetWizet:
your grandpa dies you ask your parents – did grandpa dc?

you buy gunz gernades weapons katans even more guns on ebay then the F.B.I comes and u say i needed more attack for zakum

ur lost in ur negibor hood so you kill yourself to respawn home

31. DarkFire789
when you start saying to your teacher “sorry im screwing up my homework im just lagging a lot and if you keep giving me homework ill Dc”

  1. ImAFunnyGuyLOL
    20/11/2011 at 10:46 pm

    Question: What Do You Call A Huge Mech?
    Answer: A Big Mac!
    if you don’t get the joke then, you are dumb.

  2. Cloud611
    03/07/2010 at 3:11 pm

    You run into the ocean thinking you will end up in Aqua road

  3. mryandao
    06/03/2010 at 4:43 am

    You fail an English test because it’s all in leetspeak.

  4. N00B
    24/06/2009 at 9:14 pm

    You know your addicted to maplestory when your looking up these jokes

  5. 19/11/2008 at 8:57 am

    You’re stuck in traffic and roll down your car window and yell “CC N00BS”.

  1. 04/10/2008 at 3:13 pm

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