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Ayumilove Preview: Aqua Dungeon + Pianus Boss

Title: MapleStory Flash Game Aqua Dungeon + Pianus Boss (Rate: 8/10)

■ Ayumilove’s Diary:
This is another cool maplestory fan game which is about a hero training deep in the waters of Aqua World. Lots of monster to play with such as Bone Fish, Goby, Bombing Fish House, Shark, Cold Shark, Squid, Rissel Squid and Pianus (the boss). It also has hidden areas which leads you to some kinda of swimming jump quest (avoid the shark magic attack and go to the end and hit the box). Below are some tips and game controls.

■ Click here to play:
Ultimate MapleStory Flash Game Download List

■ Game Controls:
SHIFT – Loot item (pick up item)
Z – Normal Attack
CTRL – Jump
A – Slash Blast
X – Power Strike
S – Shout
DELETE – White potion (need to buy)
END – Blue Potion (need to buy)
PageDown – Power Elixir (need to buy)
HOME – Scroll to nearest town (need to buy)
n/a – Final Attack (automatic bonus attack)

■ Quest Guide:
First Quest:
Talk to the Guy with the Binoculars on the first map and kill 50 bonefish and talk to him again.

Second Quest:Talk to the witch on the second map on the second floor on the left side. Then Kill 20 Squids an go back to her.

Third Quest:Talk to the Girl on the Black Squid map and go to the the Purple Squid map and on the Second to Top platfrom click the tree on the way left. Then go to the Witch and talk to her.

Fourth Quest: Go to the RIGHT most part of the platform where the witch is standing and there should be a piece of bone and press up there. Then you talk to the girl on the platform above the bone bridge. Then you got to go kill 25 sharks (not cold)

Fifth Quest: After you finish this this is the annyoing part. Talk to the girl again in the bone bridge map and you will be transfered to a map with the husky dog guy and then you enter the cave that its above you when you enter. This part is hard because if you get hit by one of those shark teeth things you die and are transfered to the first map. Then when you reach the bottom you hit the box til you break it and then you are moved to the first map.

Sixth Quest: Heres the long part. Go talk to the witch lady again. Then talk to the shark guy on the cold shark map. THEN go talk to ugh… talk to the Witch again… then talk to the person on the first map with the binoculars near the potion guy. Then back to the shark guy in the cold shark map. Then go to the girl on the shark bridge. and talk the the husky guy in the inside. You have 2 ways to get out of there btw. First is going in the cave and dying and losing few exp or nearest town scroll. Then back to Shark Guy on Cold Shark Map. GUESS WHAT NOW PIANUS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pianus: Go back to the witch map and go to the fish skeleton and talk to the other shark guy and go into the door and there is the PIANUS!


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Music: Tokyo Drift – FAst and Furious Techno Remix

  1. Maplestory Fan
    08/07/2009 at 1:25 am

    The part when the shark teeth its like impossible to reach the ground because all the teeths came and attacked me and I died.Anyone please give me a tip how to avoid those teethes.

  1. 03/10/2008 at 2:24 am

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