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MapleStory Warrior Guide for stanceless DK to solo Clock

Title: MapleStory Warrior Guide for stanceless Dark Knight to solo Papulatus
Written By are_d88p (PlayPark Forumer)

The boss stats:
Papulatus Clock (B1)
Lvl 125 | Hp/Mp:23000000 / 2000000 | Exp:596000
Weapon attack: 630 | Magic attack: 480
Weapon defense: 1000 | Magic defense: 1100
Speed: -40 | Accuracy: 250 | Avoidability: 12
Inflict status: Stun, Dispel
Effective magic: Ice, Lightning, Fire, Poison, Holy
Unique Attack: Reduces HP and MP to 1

Lvl 125 | Hp/Mp:1590000/80 | EXP: 970000
Weapon attack: 800 | Magic attack: 1000
Weapon defense: 800 | Magic defense: 1200
Speed: 60 | Accuracy: 230 | Avoidability: 40
Effective magic: Ice, Lightning, Fire, Poison, Holy

The Minimum requirement u should have in order to solo papulatus:
Damage: 15k and above with buster.
Hp:9k a least (Recommended 10k n above)
Accuracy(Lvl 121):
1st body(at least 51 to hit 100%)
2nd Body(at least 168 accuracy)~suggest u hv accuracy Eqs in order to hit it 100%.

1000 of Milk(Heal 5k Hp)
700 mana pill/elixir
Accuracy pills(10 enough)or Accuracy tickets if needed.
(Bring more pots if it your 1st attempt to solo clock/or u only can hit it less dmg than what i can do)
20 Speed Pills(if u need additional spped)

Low Dmg require more time to down it.Means more potions are required.

Why can’t I whack clock at bottom?
Answer: When you whack Papulatus clock(B1) at bottom, you will keep getting dispel and stunned by it time over time. Thus, to whack it efficiently , u must be on the top platform.

Im just going to share with you guys how i solo clock .
For stanceless pala/hero i think this guide will work with you guys too
(Hope u can try it for me so we can share this together).
So, if you have better idea regarding on the better way to solo clock,
I hope you can share with other stanceless warrior inside this thread too

After u summon papulatus clock:

Some ppl tend to use this startegy in order to avoid dark star during later fight with clock :
1st rush and whack it to left side untill full summon of the high dark star~(Later i provide ss)
After no more low dark star summon by clock,rush it to right side.

Mine,A bit hardcore

Step 1
When clock started to summon dark star,just whack it on whr i stand(pink mark) and when it come nearer, whack it at green mark.(The purpose to whack it only on this two marks is to give it some space to summon high dark star on left platform).

Step 2
When it started to get nearer to 2nd platform , just RUSH it on blue mark and whack it again(like before) on the pink or green mark

Step 3
Sometimes, clock need to re-charge itself, At this moment u can ROAR the low dark star that had been summoned on your side.

1.When use ROAR, make sure it not hitting the summoned high dark star on left platform.(Yellow arrow)
2.Sometimes clock will summon some dark star on 1st and 2nd Platform.So, be carefull of this as high dark star can give u 8k dmg(highest i received till now).So what u can do here to stay alive are by: Spam 2-3 Milk or purposely tank(make contact with clock body).

The real fight begins Here
When no more dark star being summoned, ur job to whack clock will become easier.Is it?
There are two main platform on right side:

Source: ®©™Guide for stanceless Dk to solo Clock™®©

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  1. Red
    13/05/2010 at 6:17 pm

    nice and the video clip to much clearer?

  1. 28/09/2008 at 3:04 pm

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