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Scrolling 4 Fun v4.0 BETA

Title: MapleStory Flash Game Scrolling Simulator (Scroll 4 Fun version 4 BETA)

Click here to download MapleStory Scroll Simulator

Scrolling4Fun is a MapleStory scrolling simulator made by gakuto and FiraaBisto of TheReapers.
It used to be a private ‘toy’ for us but we decided to release it for others to play with too! ^_^V
A lot of changes were made since version 1!
Thanks to those from Asiasoft Forums, this simulator is now complete.

This program does not in any way, have magical powers that will predict or guarantee
your luck in scrolling In-Game so please do not e-mail me, blaming me on your bad luck =P

What’s this simulator for!?
Erm.. To simulate scrolling? o.O

Whats New?

Changes In Version 4
To keep the scrolling simulator up to date with the scrolling in-game, we added the newly released White Scrolls!
Background color changed to soft gray.
Solved the cursed scroll bug, thanks to those who e-mailed and comment on our YouTube video, especially karl1235321!
Character changed to a female, which resembles Nana from my MapleStory – Endless Story video XD
The program window is slightly wider since more stuff were added.
Icon changed from a Yellow Scroll to a White Scroll, a fresh new look for a fresh new simulator! ^_^
Scroll Description added, along with scrolling instructions and some details.
The game no longer lags.
You can change the game song by just replacing the MP3 file in the folder with the title “Playing Song”.
We made a tutorial video for Scrolling4Fun on YouTube. Check it out! ^_^

Changes In Version 3
Background music added to add more ‘feel’ to the simulator =P
Thanks for Desmond for his suggestion, we added multiple scrolling options!
From suggestions, the default mesos have been changed to 100Mils.
Background color changed to ‘soft purple’.. (I just love soft colors!)
Solved some major bugs we found during our tests on version 3 T_T (We HATE bugs! Somebody get me the insectiside!)
Clicking sound to the gloves when clicked.
The character…… did not change XD

Changes In Version 2
The sound bug is now solved.
Cursor sounds added.
Statistics added.
Reset added.
Character changed to an evil looking vampire! Wahahaha! (someone complained that the previous one was naked -_-“)
Character window added.
70% scroll’s ‘no destruction’ bug was solved.
Background color changed to sky blue =P
Cursor lag solved.
TheReapers logo added at the top left corner =X


How To Use/FAQ
Q: How do I use a scroll?
A: Well, just click on one of the scrolls in the ‘Select Scroll’ window.

Q: How do I know if the glove was successfully scrolled?
A: The result of the scroll will be shown in the ‘Scrolling Result’ window.

Q: I need help!
A: Press ‘H’ for Help.

Q: My gloves slots are 0! What do I do now?
A: When slots for the gloves has reached 0, you will need to sell it off before scrolling on a new pair of gloves.

Q: I want to restart the program
A: Press ‘R’ to reset the WHOLE program (includes resetting of mesos to the default 100Mils).

Q: What happens after a pair of gloves is destroyed/sold?
A: When a pair of gloves is destroyed or sold off, a new clean pair will replace it to be scrolled.

Q: I want to reset the scrolling statistics but not the mesos
A: Click the ‘Refresh’ button to reset the Statistics of the scrollings.

Q: How do I sell off the gloves?
A: Click on the ‘Sell Item’ button to sell off your gloves.

Q: How much is the starting mesos?
A: The default mesos is 100Mils.

Q: What are the prices based on?
A: Pricings of the scrolled-gloves are based on submissions by the forumites at AsiaSoft Forums (thanks guys!)

A: E-mail us (addresses included below) in detail about the new bug.

Q: How do I use the white scroll?
A: First click on the white scroll in the Select Scroll box, the scroll in the White Scroll Status box will now glow in green with the words SELECTED in green,
which means that its ready for scrolling.
Now scroll as usual by clicking on one of the scrolls (other than the white scroll) in the Select Scroll box.
By using the white scroll, the slots will not decrease if you fail, but it will decrease as usual if it passes, which means there is
a high chance of getting a perfect WG… at a price~!

Q: There don’t seem to be anymore TheReapers simulators or games recently. What happened to you guys?
A: Well, actually we were making Leaders’ Mischief (yes, the old project) but Orbis Outlet suddenly shut down so we couldn’t complete it.
We even tried making a simple PvP game of newbies on ship towards Lith Harbor but it won’t be ready that soon as we’re worried about revealing our IP as a form of connection.
We may be releasing something soon but I’m not telling =P

Q: I heard about the new simulator *grins* now tell me or die!
A: OK, it (BETA) should be released a few days from the release of this simulator so keep a lookout for it!
We will announce the release in Playpark Forums followed by my YouTube channel bulletin as usual ^_^

Q: What was this program made with?
We created this with Game Maker, do check it out! Its very good!
The only downside is the program doesn’t support partial transparency, which sucks because most of the MapleStory skills uses it.

Q: How do I play my own song in the game?
A: It’s quite simple actually. Forget lowering down your speaker volume!
In the game folder, replace the MP3 file with your own.
The title has to be “Playing Song”, without the quotes (case sensitive).

Q: How do I unselect the White Scroll?
A: Once you have bought the White Scroll, it is unreversable.
Think twice before making your decision to buy the White Scroll.


Passing Rates
The scrolls’ passing rate is as follows;
10%: 1 out of 10 chance of passing
60%: 6 out of 10 chance of passing
30%: 3 out of 10 chance of passing, if scrolling failed, item will be destroyed at a 1 out of 2 chance.
70%: 7 out of 10 chance of passing, if scrolling failed, item will be destroyed at a 1 out of 2 chance.


keitake (maker)
gakuto (maker/ME!)
xDjWannabex (for information on the scrolling text display)
mickeylu (for unwillingly testing this for me -_-“)
hOnxx (for telling me about the ‘naked’ character)
xxsaltyxx (for ideas for version 2! hey! we used your ideas!)
robot9 (for reporting about the missing ‘item destroyed’ column in V.1)
verionator (for the gloves prices.. man! your’re a great help!)
IceIceBaby (for the remaining gloves prices! “A life saver you are” XD)
Desmond Chia (For the suggestion via e-mail made to me that led to version 3! Thanks!)
karl1235321 of YouTube (for the version 3 bug report)


Contact Us
gakuto – chazta_chaz@yahoo.com
firaabisto/keitake – uchiha_sasuke94@hotmail.com

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    Thanks for the link to the game. Will give it a try.

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