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Ayumilove Gameplay: MapleStory Pianus Rush

Title: MapleStory Flash Game Chief Bandit vs Pianus
Written By Ayumilove

What is Pianus?
Pianus was a giant fish with immortal powers.one day,he was banished into the world of maple story because pianus ate his friend just becuz he was famished.alone with itself,it would project an image to relive it’s lonliness(no wonder it’s eyes look droopy

Maplestory facts about Pianus:
left pianus:has dispel but lower damage
right pianus:no dispel but higher damage

Click here to play:
Ultimate MapleStory Flash Game Download List

Credits to members from PlayPark for explaining!
#1: sacredsin | #2: sandaoliu | #3: lovemushies,

Ayumilove’s Diary:
Hide in shop to avoid being hurt by the big fish called Pianus

Music: Download MP3
Yu Chae Young – Emotion mp3 – http://www.mediafire.com/?d4gmksj10il
rapidshare, sendspace, sendit bandago megaupload

20 Pianus Battle Jokes by DrkGodz:
01. You can change controls for your skills from the menu
02. In hard mode, heal and meso explosion are unavailable
03. My beta testers, Cris, owns a Nintendo Wii
04. Welcome to your doom-! :)
05. People don’t know I am holding a playgirl magazine.
06. I think Dark Lord was hitting on me a while ago.
07. Pianus makes me think of penises
08. If there is a pianus, is there a vagianus?
09. Fun fact – Your player is blind!
10. Yawn – Boring
11. This guy is going to get killed by Peni – I mean Pianus!
12. Pease out to all my friends in Houston
13. My indian accent earned me many wedgies
14. I recently came out of the closet
15. I think this guy is in a gang – He is wearing all red D:
16. This game is created by DrkGodz
17. Nexon is an evil corperation run by monkeys
18. Good news – Adobi died
19. Double click on me to buy potions and other things
20. Did you know adobi is my brother?

Author Notes:
First was Papulatus, next was Pianus! What could be next?!
Well find out at http://Drkgodz.blogspot.c om on my new upcoming SIDE SCROLLER game~!
The much awaited sequel to Pianus! The controls are inside the game.

Some features are:
-Difficulty (Medium and High)
-Set your own controls
-4th job skills(Assassin + Ice arch mage)
-New npc(You must double click on her to open the shop)
-You cannot get hurt while in the shop
-Improved damage precision
-NPC has 20 completely new things to say, can you find em all? ;)
-The character is brand new
-Boss health has percentage, so you don’t have to eyeball it anymore
-My logo is in there :)

Skill Description
Hyper Body- Increases health and mp for a while
Meso Guard- Uses mesos to decrease damage
Shadow Partner- Summons a shadow to attack with you for a while
Claw Booster- Increase throwing speed
Summon Ifrit- Summons a fire golem to attack with you
Haste- Increases speed and jump
Heal- Heals…
Meso Explosion- Go near the fish and use it to do massive damage

Now and just as it is M/V US


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