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HunterStory Change Log

Title: HunterStory Change Log and Flash Games Instructions

Changelog of hunterstory

Updates in v1.27
1. A few new badges.
2. Combo system! Firing your arrow with perfect timing might cause something good to happen. This might add some new strategy to difficult missions.

Updates in v1.25
1. Hurricane will only shoot a maximum of 12 arrows.
2. Ascending will only grant a maximum of 20 SP.
3. DEX bonus per BP has been lowered from 20 to 5, SP bonus per BP has been lowered from 5 to 3.
4. Damage formula for the last bows has been changed (should be lowered slightly)
5. The badges menu has been… changed.
6. You can now view all your stats (level, attack, MP, etc.) on the mission page.
7. People who have grossly overpowered themselves prior to this update may partially reset their character. There””s incentive, too!

Updates in v1.21
1. A few new badges.
2. Skills with prerequisites won””t have their prerequisites increased when Max Skill Level is raised. (The exception is Advanced Booster, as it””s the same as regular Booster)

Updates in v1.20
1. A few new badges.
2. New missions are now unlocked by earning “Grade Points” on missions. The GP value will be displayed under the grade after a mission, and if you get a higher grade than your previous high score, the difference in GP will be displayed as well.

Updates in v1.17
1. A few new badges.
2. A “Score Display” option can be purchased somewhere, allowing you to see mission scores as a percentage.

Updates in v1.16
1. A few new badges.
2. You””ll know it when you see it.

Updates in v1.12
1. More badges. There””s a total of 66 now.
2. Badge menu will only show up to the highest badge you have now and won””t display placeholders for non-existing badges.

Updates in v1.10
1. Badges! Now you can keep track of which obscure accomplishments you””ve completed. The “out of X” number refers to the number of badges that are currently obtainable. There””s room for others, but they haven””t been added yet.

Updates in v1.02
1. Changed a few missions”” spawn rates.
2. “Rush” missions should be more accurately labelled on the mission list.
3. On boss missions, killing the boss will increase the monster spawn rate.

Updates in v1.0
1. New mission. It””s #X1, to be precise. And it””s a boss fight and it actually requires some skill even though the boss just stands there doing nothing.
2. New skill. Well, actually it””s the same old skill but it does something new.
3. The version number is rainbowized because it””s version 1.0x and that””s an important number.

Updates in v0.98
1. New level(s). Sorry if you””re getting sick of the same monsters over and over. If you””ve got a better idea I””d like to hear it <<_<
2. Certain bows have been very slightly weakened.

Updates in v0.96
1. Changed MP recovery formula (higher level = more MPrecov added on levelup).
2. Fixed Dragon Pulse and “smoothed” PKB/DP knockback effect.
3. Lowered Skip Arrow MP cost.

Updates in v0.94
1. Commalized most big numbers for easier reading.
3. Halved Zakum””s HP.



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