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Ayumilove Gameplay Yakuza Boss vs Shadower (Bonus Unlocked!)

Title: MapleStory Flash Game Ayumilove Gameplay Yakuza Boss vs Shadower (Bonus Unlocked!)

Ayumilove’s Diary: (Rating 9/10)
Thanks to brokenheart1996 for introducing the game ^_^

Click here to play:
Ultimate MapleStory Flash Game Download List

How to win the game legitimately? (SPOILER)

Just use meso bomb all the way ^_^

Remember to activate meso guard and pick pocket and stay very close to him (get his physical damage which is only 230-300 damage). Stick him closely and drop 6-18 bags when he is in the same location, and use meso bomb.

The second method to win is to afk at the top, afk means away from keyboard, which basically means just don’t do anything and let your party member kill it. But it will take some time to defeat the boss without your meso bomb. ^_^


Creator’s Note: (Drkgodz)
Finally, after a long wait, the fifth installment of the Maplestory Simulators!
Fight Grandpa with 2 part members to help you along!
This is the most advanced simulator so far!
Remember, enjoy! :)
After you beat Grandpa, their is an unlockable(Trainer)!

Arrow Keys-Move Around
Q-Drop mesos
B – Boomerang Step
S-Meso Guard
Z-Savage Blow
C-Meso Explosion
INSERT-Mana Potion
DELETE-Health Potion

Press space while in the air to Flash Jump
Go to http://www.drkgodz.blogsp ot.com for more information on future games


Drkgodz Trainer:
1. Godmode (God Mode) = Immune to damage
2. Vac The Boss
3. Instant Drop (item appears on the floor)
4. Item Vac
5. Lag Hack (make monster can’t move)
6. Mouse Vac
7. Item Vac 2
8. Infinite Mana
9. Fast Pickup
10. Fast Drop
11. Infinite Health
12. Infinite HP Pots
13. Infinite MP Pots
14. Infinite Mesos
15. Increase Speed
16. Increase Jump Height
17. Infinite Flash Jump (Recommended)
18. No kickback (knockback ???)
19. Receive 1 damage
20. Increase Damage


NPC Jokes (some are real funny)
1. People say I am gay! I would like to say those rumors are true!
2. Be sure to rate 5/5
3. Their is hax menu available in a
4. I worked at the carnival for 10 years until Nexon kidnapped me
5. Harry Potter runs around with long brown sticks
6. My mommy hurts me at night *whimper*
7. My daddy makes me wear a cloak cuz I’m ugly :(
8. This game has the most amount of features compared to my other games
9. There are unlockables in this game. so try to unlock ’em
10. When I cough it look like, I’m.. nevermind
11. People keep on calling me Sabrina for some reason
12. Put funny joke here
13. Go to http://www.drkgodz.blogspot.com for more games
14. Insert joke about self
15. Hey, you want some weed?
16. You have 2 party members to help you out! Let’s just hope they don’t get banned :3
17. Be sure to tell your friends about this game

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    You are completely right on this blog!!!

  2. chunyee
    11/05/2011 at 2:38 am

    i can’t download it…HELP!!

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