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Ayumilove SEA Cass Zakum Speed Run Guide (3 minute 2 seconds)

Title: Ayumilove MapleStory MSEA SEA Cass Zakum Speed Run Guide (3 minute 2seconds)

Ayumilove’s Diary:
Currently, SEA holds the fastest Zakum Time attack. This video uploaded here is for promoting zakum challenge among different MapleStory (GMS, EMS, JMS, KMS, SEA, etc) and Zakum enlightenment. It describes the function of each zakum arms, and purpose of defeating these arms in a unique sequence in order to defeat zakum quickly ^_^

Credits to AngelSniperz (video)

MapleSEA had Onyx Apple recently after the Amoria PQ Patch which is the latest version.. Heals 90% HP, heals 90% MP, adds Weapon Attack +100, adds Magic Attack +100, and add Weapon Defense +20. All member in zakum squad is said to have eaten an Apple to boost their damage.

TMS refers to Taiwan MapleStory
ThaiMS refers to Thailand MapleStory
KMS refers to Korean MapleStory
CMS refers to China MapleStory
GMS refers to Global MapleStory
EMS refers to Europe MapleStory
MSEA refers to South East Asia MapleStory

Thanks SINdereIIa for the battle plan idea.
Zakum Time Attack
1. Zakum’s Arm 7 : 15 seconds (0:15)
2. Zakum’s Arm 5 : 31 seconds (0:31)
3. Zakum’s Arm 3 : 44 seconds (0:44)
4. Zakum’s Arm 8 : 51 seconds (0:51)
5. Zakum’s Arm 6 : 62 seconds (1:02)
6. Zakum’s Arm 4 : 66 seconds (1:06)
7. Zakum’s Arm 2 : 78 seconds (1:18)
8. Zakum’s Arm 1 : 88 seconds (1:28)
9. Zakum 1 : 111 seconds (1:51)
10. Zakum 2 : 140 seconds (2:20)
11. Zakum 3 : 182 seconds (3:02)

Zakum Arm 1: MP Drain (-300 or more)
Zakum Arm 2: HP Drain (-1000 HP or more)
Zakum Arm 3: Poison Mist and Fire Storm
Zakum Arm 4: Ice Strike
Zakum Arm 5: Status infliction
Zakum Arm 6: Heal and give super stats
Zakum Arm 7: Earth Fist
Zakum Arm 8: Arm Slam

Bowmen are there to provide sharp eyes (also known as critical hope) which improves party member to have a chance of 15% to deal extra 40% damage. Night lords have higher chance to get critical (their 2nd job critical throw has 10% more critical chance compare to bowman 1st job critical shot)

The most important arms are zakum arm 5 (status ailment), arm 6 (heals all arm). If zakum arm 5 is down quickly, maplers able to deal constant damage without having skill lock, stun or reduced accuracy. Next, arm 6 is defeated to unable zakum arm to recover. Each time it recover, it increases the battle duration. To defeat these arms, maplers have to defeat arm 7 and 8 which are obstructing arm 5 and 6.

For bowmen who have summon their birds, they could go a little closer to zakum to allow the flying birds to attack zakum. And, zakum squad members should avoid giving a chance for zakum to kill you lol. This might steal some time and make it less than 3 minutes.
Use Onyx apple to throw more damage!


Zakum Squad Members:
Night Lords (23 members)
SINdereIIa (Lv 200)
DeePsLuMbeR (Lv 193)
Onetouchh (Lv 186)
qbar (Lv 182)
FindingGF (Lv 177)
DexSouLSin (Lv 176)
AntBug (Lv 175)
Xiia0VVBWX (Lv 175)
XeViLbA0bA0X (Lv 173)
XxBabYsIn (Lv 171)
DeathReignx (Lv 166)
MaiAhHeE (Lv 166)
goosebump (Lv 163)
ItzHER (Lv 162)
XtremeLamby (Lv 161)
zvOMGsiNxz (Lv 157)
WaSaBiiSiNz (Lv 130)

Master Crossbowman + Master Bowman
kitty19, XeViLbAobEiX, ilovepepsi, Eefang, AngelSniperZ, rAinedollss

Zakum Arm 1: 33,000,000 HP
Zakum Arm 2: 33,000,000 HP
Zakum Arm 3: 22,000,000 HP
Zakum Arm 4: 22,000,000 HP
Zakum Arm 5: 27,500,000 HP
Zakum Arm 6: 30,000,000 HP
Zakum Arm 7: 25,300,000 HP
Zakum Arm 8: 25,300,000 HP
Zakum 1: 66,000,000 HP
Zakum 2: 88,000,000 HP
Zakum 3: 110,000,000 HP

Total HP (hitpoints/life) = 482,100,000 HP
482,100,000 HP / 182 seconds = 2,648,901 damage per second o_o !!!

How much HP need to survive zakum attack?
– Minimum for mage is 400 HP (magic guard!)
– Minimum for non-mage is 1900 base HP

What potions to bring to fight zakum?
– If you’re a mage: 1000 power elixirs/mushroom miso ramen minimum (1.2-1.5k if you want a bit of a safety net)
– If you’re a class other than a mage: 1000 melted cheese minimum
– If you’re not a mage you take along 200-400 ice cream pops for the times that zakum hits less than 2k.
-Bring along 200 all cure pot. But some people don’t bother and pot till the prz comes to dispell them. Your choice.
-Each run differs from the other, ranging from 30 minutes, 1 hour, 1 1/2 hours, and the rare 2 hours+. Adjust the amount of pots you carry accordingly.
-For sins bring about 30 use slots of stars to be very safe. Remember to bring pots too!
-For archers, bring 30 use slots if you don’t have soul arrow. Bring less arrows more pots if you have more arrows…

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    06/04/2009 at 12:34 pm

    eh..is your TMS Zakum Time Attack 4min++ video gone? cant seen to find it anywhere..

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