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[Solution] MapleStory Automatically Restarts Computer (PC)

Problem: Why does my computer restart when i play maplestory?
There are 5 possibilities:
1. Firewall Protection Prevent MapleStory from Running
2. Computer system does not meet MapleStory Requirements.
3. Computer does not have latest driver (DirectX)
4. Malicious software such as virus/trojan
5. Corrupted MapleStory or Corrupted GameGuard
6. Computer processor over heated (laptops)
7. Hard disk Fragmented.

Check 1: Disable/Uninstall Firewall
There are some cases where firewall (such as Comodo Firewall) requires a restart after an auto-updated itself (update virus definitions). Closing/Disabling the firewall program will not work unless its uninstalled. Restart your PC after your firewall auto-updates. If this does not work, then disable your firewall and run MapleStory. If it works, it means that your firewall does not approve MapleStory as a safe application. You need to mark/check MapleStory as safe application within your firewall settings.
Check 2: MapleStory System Requirement
To check whether your computer system is able to play MapleStory, simply go to Start -> Control Panel -> System. A mini window pops up. Under General Tab, it states your computer settings (RAM/Processor/etc)
Minimum Requirement / Recommended Setting
CPU : Celeron 500MHz / P3-700MHz or higher
RAM : 64MB / 128MB
HDD : 300MB space needed / 500MB space needed
OS : Window 98/ME/2K/XP / Window 98/ME/2K/XP
VGA : 3D acceleration card / 3D acceleration card
SOUND : n/a / 16bit Sound Card
NETWORK : 56kps MODEM | Cable Modem (384-512kbps/1mbps-2mbps/T1/T2/T3)
Check 3: Update DirectX and other drivers
To check your computer whether it has the latest DirectX…
Go to START -> RUN -> Type: “dxdiag” (without quotes) -> Read the System Information
If your DirectX version is not “DirectX 9.0c, you need to update your DirectX!
Download links: Download DirectX 9.0c | Download Nvidia Driver | Download ATi Driver
Note: Check whether your graphic-sound card / mouse keyboard / etc has the latest driver updates!
Check 4: Scan for Possible Viruses
Scan your computer with your installed Anti Virus and Anti Adware for possible malicious software.
Don’t use Quick Scan. Use Thorough Scan 100%
Check 5: Reinstall MapleStory
Perhaps the GameGuard or the client has corrupted files. Reinstalling might help.
To reinstall GameGuard only, delete GameGuard Folder, and run MapleStory.
Check 6: Allow PC to Rest
For laptops processors which overheats quickly, let it rest for awhile (15 minutes) and try again.
Check 7: Fragmented Hard Disk
Try doing a defragmentation on your hard disk. It organizes the data within your hard disk.
Bonus: Solution to “How to Fix Auto Restart” / Stop System from Auto Restart
1. Right click on the icon for my computer and click properties
2. Click on the tab on top that says Advanced Options
3. Under the tab on the bottom, click the “Settings” button inside “Startup and Recovery” category.
4. Under the tab near the bottom, uncheck “Automatically Restarts” checkbox within “System Failure”



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