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Master Monster Quests Guide

Title: Master Monster Quests Guide
Written by: 1337 Edited by: Ayumilove

What is Master Monster Quest?
Master Monsters is a series of 6 quests introduced to MapleSEA on July 17, 2008. Each of them comes with a new boss as well. This guide will help anyone stuck on one part of the quest. I hope it’s helpful to you!


General Information
There are six bosses in total.

Nearest Town: Lith Harbor
HP: 2000 / Exp: 120 / Level: 20
Start Quest: Pia in Henesys Park
Location: Thicket Around the Beach III

Nearest Town: Perion
HP: 3500 / Exp: 205 / Level: 35
Start Quest: Winston in East Rocky Mountain II / Location: East Rocky Mountain V

King Clang
Nearest Town: Florina Beach
HP: 4000 (shell form) + 25000 (summoned)
Exp: 0 (shell form) / 1210 (summoned) / Level: 55
Start Quest: Riel in Florina Beach / Location: Hot Sands

Tae Roon
Nearest Town: Mu Lung
HP: 93000 / Exp: 1580 / Level: 71
Start Quest: Tae Soo in Peach Farm 1
Location: Territory of Wandering Bear

Nearest Town: Orbis
HP: 87000 / Exp: 2800 / Level: 83
Start Quest: Spiruna in Orbis Cloud Park IV
Location: Stairway to the Sky II

Nearest Town: El Nath
HP: 120000 / Exp: 5200 / Level: 90
Start Quest: Jane in El Nath
Location: Valley of Snowman


Mano Quest
Required level: 20+
Rewards: 10,000 experience and -1 fame or 7,500 experience, 3 fame, and 30k mesos

    1. Go to Henesys Park and talk to Pia who is by the large clock. Start the quest The Old Snail.
    2. She will ask you to talk to Jay in Henesys.
    2. He will ask you to talk to Mrs. Ming Ming who is also in Henesys.
    3. Start the quest Hero of the Story by talking to Mrs. Ming Ming.
    3. She will ask you to go to Wing the Fairy in Ellinia.
    4. Talk to Wing the Fairy. After finishing the previous quest, start her new quest, Snail Hunt.
    4. She will ask you to hunt 10 Snail Shell, 10 Blue Snail Shell, and 10 Red Snail Shell.
    5. After you finish the quest, she will tell you where to find Mano.
    5. He is located at Thicket Around the Beach III. However, do not kill mano yet.
    5. The quest window tells you to go back to Pia in Henesys.
    6. Pia will ask you to defeat Mano and bring her a Rainbow Colored Snail Shell.
    7. After defeating Mano, pick up the Rainbow Colored Snail Shell that should have dropped.
    7. Now you have two choices. You could either
    7. 1) gain 10k exp and lose 1 fame, but get to turn into a snail or
    7. 2) gain 7.5k exp, gain 3 fame, and 30k mesos but not get to turn into a snail.
    8. If you choose the first option, go to Henesys Park to find Pia.
    8. Before finishing the quest, double click on the Rainbow Colored Snail Shell so you become a snail.
    8. Then finish the quest.
    9. If you choose the second option, go to Henesys Park to find Pia.
    9. Do not use the Rainbow Colored Snail Shell! Double click on Pia to finish the quest.


Stumpy Quest
Required level: 35+
Rewards: 43,500 experience and 5 fame

    1. Go to Winston at East Rocky Mountain II. Start his quest Truth of the Rumor.
    1. He will ask you to talk to Blackbull, Manji, Ayan, Dances with Balrog in Perion and Betty in Ellinia.
    2. After talking with everyone he asked you to, return to Winston.
    2. Choose “But I did hear some interesting stories.”
    3. Start his next quest, Stump Research.
    3. You need to hunt 100 Very Dry Branch from stumps around Maple.
    3. He says Dark Axe Stumps are more prone to have the condition, so they’re more likely to drop it.
    Side note: Here are my estimates for Very Dry Branch drop rates…

      Dark Axe Stump: 90%
      Axe Stump: 70%
      Dark Stump: 30%
      Stump: 15%
      Of course, you should also take into account their spawn rate.
      Normal stumps are much more plentiful than Dark Axe Stumps, so you’d be able to kill a lot more.
      In my opinion, it’s most worth it to kill Axe Stumps, as Dark Axe Stumps are pretty rare.
      I also found that normal Stumps only drop Very Dry Branches when they drop both
      normal branches and Very Dry Brances.

    Recommended Maps to Hunt

      Hunting Very Dry Branches can take a while. Here are some places you should go to speed up that process! East Rocky Mountain V is FULL of Dark Axe Stumps and Axe Stumps. This is the best place to hunt for Very Dry Branches. But do note that this is where Stumpy is. He’s pretty easy to kill though, and doesn’t hurt much. Deep Valley II has a lot of Axe Stumps on the upper half and some Dark Axe Stumps and Dark Stumps on the bottom. Perion Street Corner on the left side of Perion has a lot of various Stumps.

    4. Once you finish gathering 100 Very Dry Stumps, return to Winston. Finish the quest.
    5. Start his next quest, Monstrous Tree Stumpy. He will ask you to defeat Stumpy. Stumpy is located at East Rocky Mountain V.
    6. Go back to Winston and complete his quest.


King Clang Quest
Required level: 55+
Rewards: 133,500 experience and 10 fame

    1. Go to Florina Beach and find Rael, Riel, and Roel.
    2. Start Riel’s quest.
    3. Start the 3 new quests (Helping Rael, Helping Riel, and Helping Roel)
    4. Kill 50 Lorang, 50 King Clang (aka Clang), and 50 Tortie.
    5. Go back and finish all three quests.
    6. Start Riel’s new quest. She will ask you to kill King Clang, which is the boss. He’s located in Hot Sand.
    6. Attack the giant shell in the middle until it transforms into the actual boss, then kill that.
    7. Return to Riel to finish the quest.


Tae Roon Quest
Required level: 71+
Rewards: 215,400 experience

    1. Go to Peach Farm 1 and talk to Tae Soo. Start his quest Tae Soo’s Account.
    1. He will ask you to go to No Gong.
    2. Go to Mu Lung Temple and talk to No Gong. Start his quest No Gong’s Student.
    2. He will ask you to talk to Do Gong to start Do Gong’s quest Do Gong’s Spell.
    3. He will ask you to collect 10 Old Paper, 10 Broken Deer Horn, and 50 Peach Seed.
    3. They are dropped by The Book Ghost, Reindeer, and Peach Monkey respectively.
    5. Go back to finish Do Gong’s quest.
    6. Start No Gong’s quest. He will ask you to kill Tae Roon.
    7. Tae Roon is located at the Territory of Wandering Bear.
    7. It’s the map after Wild Bear Area 3 [the Territory of Wandering Bear is not on Hidden Street yet;
    7. Just go to Wild Bear Area 3 and search for a portal].
    8. After killing Tae Roon, go back to finish No Gong’s quest.
    Also, if you’d like to do a little extra work to gain 15 fame:

      (Originally Posted by fudge_c) Tis is wat i found out after defeating Tae Roon. For the Tae Roon quest, after finishing No Gong’s quest of defeating Tae Roon. Go back to the young panda in peach park….he will ask u to deliver a peach to Tae Roon….place it on the bench at wild bear map 1….it will transform into a note. Go back to the young panda in peach park to earn 15 fame. after tis, you can drop peaches on that bench to receive Tae Roon’s note, which gives u +1 wa n +3ma for 1 min.

    Info on where the bench is located:

      (Originally Posted by chuchumapl3r) Some further information on the giving taeroon peach quest. the bench is located at the right hand side just after you enter the portal for bear area 1. you’d see it straight after entering the portal.


Eliza Quest
Required level: 83+

    Rewards: 384,000 experience
    1. Talk to Spiruna who is located in the house at the bottom of Orbis Cloud Park IV.
    1. Start her quest [I forgot what it’s called exactly, but it has Eliza in the name.]
    2. Kill 50 Star Pixie, 100 Lunar Pixie, and 150 Luster Pixie.
    3. Go back to Spiruna and finish the quest. Start her next one [again, it has Eliza in the name].
    4. She will ask you to talk to Eliza.
    4. She is located at Eliza’s Garden, which is a hidden portal in Stairway to the Sky II.
    4. Compare your mini-map to the one on Hidden-Street
    4. You’ll see there’s an additional platform at the top left. The portal is in between two of the pillars.
    5. Start Eliza’s quest. She will ask you to kill her clone, Elija, who is located at Stairway to the Sky II (the previous map).
    6. Once you kill Elija, go back and talk to Eliza to get your reward.


Snowman Quest (written by Sonicth88, thanks!)
Required level: 90+
Rewards: 537,900 exp, 20 fame

    1. Talk to Jade in El Nath, then talk to Scadur.
    2. Talk to Jade again and clarify one more time with Scadur. Scadur will ask you to check out the reason of the change in behaviour of Snowman. (Note: Snowman is said to be actually gentle.)
    3. Go to Valley of Snowman. Its location is here:
    Climb the rope at the top of the map to enter another map with a broken snow statue. Click on the broken statue to get a clue on the sudden rage of the Snowman.
    SS provided by IIDXJoneTan. Thanks!

    SS provided by IIDXJoneTan. Thanks!

    4. Return to Scadur. He will ask you to hold back the Snowman while he finds a way to calm him down. Go back to the Valley of Snowman to take out 1 Snowman.
    5. After taking down the Snowman, return to Scadur. He will ask you to find Alcaster in El Nath for the way to calm the Snowman.
    6. Look for Alcaster, he will pass you a snow piece, which can temporarily repair the snow statue.
    7. Lastly, go back to the broken snow statue to finish the quest.


Source: Master Monster Quests Guide

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