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MapleStory Funny Joke 1 – A problem with Gunslingers?

A problem with Gunslingers?

    Person A says…
    Hey guys ive been looking at the skills for Gunslingers and 1st job pirates and i just realised, there is no skill that increases range for guns i think this is kinda sucky i mean short-ish range would kinda suck.
    Person Z says…
    Their skills have their own built in ranges
    They’re range is on par with bowman and sins
    Person X says…
    Double Fire’s range increases with lvl. Same with Backstep Shot.
    Person B says…
    I think everyone’s missing a point here. When you shoot an arrow with a bow, you are actually shooting the distance you want and can according to your arm’s strenght. For example, say you are not that gifted (strenght-wise) with your arm and try to shoot an arrow, there would be a point where you can’t pull the string any more and have to shoot the arrow, the arrow would be given the strenght you gave it.
    Now, when you shoot a gun, all you do is pull a trigger… that, for me, doesn’t require any extra strenght.
    Person C says…
    But then again, this is maple. A mage can swing his arm and blue claws appear.
    Person M says…
    The hell? Don’t compare real life to maple. Just don’t…
    Person D says…
    Well, explain why a Warrior would “miss” on HT (Horned Tail)
    I’m pretty sure a normal person couldn’t “miss” on a huge ass lizard that size just cause they lack the “accuracy”
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