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MapleStory Ultimate Meso Guide: 8 Ways to Earn Meso Quickly

What is the best way to earn maplestory meso? Which monster in maplestory drops the most meso? How do you make millions of meso easily without cheating/hacking? or How to earn meso from scratch if your account was hacked? If you have all of those questions in your mind, you have come to the right place. This is a guide for those who would like to earn meso the smart way. In this guide, you will discover about the meso earning basic concept and 8 great tips for fast meso.


Pearl of Knowledge

    The ability to make Mesos fast is very important when you are playing MapleStory because it allows you to buy godly scrolled weapon and armour in the game. This would indirectly speed up your leveling process and in the same time impress all your MapleStory friends! However, making mesos is only half the story of becoming a MapleStory Billionaire. You must also learn how to save your mesos, turn your mesos into more mesos and to avoid being scammed out of all your hard-earned money!


How to earn meso from scratch after account being hack?

    Let’s assume that your character is naked (no weapon, no armour, no meso, nothing…) and is located in a hidden area where no one travels. The hacker has deleted all your buddy from friend list and remove you from your own guild. However, they did not sabotage your account via showing their fly hack in Free Market to allow GM (game master) to ban your account permanently or by killing your character to remove all your hard earned EXP. This guide will teach you how to get back on track safely with some survival tips written below (step by step):

      Step 1: Check your computer for any keylogger
      If you play MapleStory at home computer (PC) instead of cybercafe, you need to scan your computer for any keylogger and virus lurking in your computer. Keyloggers are malicious software that installs by itself to track your keystrokes. Each time you type your username and password into MapleStory login, it will be copied by the keylogger and send to the hacker email in text form. From there, they could hack you again even though your MapleStory information has been changed.
      Recommended software to scan keylogger and viruses
      Anti-Virus : Avast / Kaspersky / Norton Anti Virus / Trend Micro / ZoneAlarm / eSET / AVG
      Anti-Keylogger : Advanced Anti Keylogger / Anti Keylogger Elite / Keyscrambler
      Step 2: Change your username and password
      Once you have scanned your computer to remove any malicious software, visit maplestory official website, don’t be trick by visiting vague website that phish for your password and username. Click this Nexon : MSGlobal or AsiaSoft : MapleSEA to visit the official MapleStory. Next, quickly change your MapleStory username and password. This is to prevent the hacker to return to your account and impersonate as you to scam your buddy or guild members for their meso and equipments.
      Step 3: Contact your buddy or guild members for assistance
      Most guild would have a specific page on all the guild updates in official MapleStory forum. Search for that page, and get a few ign (in-game name) from there to contact your friends for help. The guild members might not trust you because they could not identify whether you are the real person or the hacker impersonating you. So you need to prove to them.
      Step 4: Return to Town for safety
      You could walk back to town or use scroll of teleportation. If both could not be done since the place is way too dangerous, you have to die (return to the nearest town). From there, you could loot some etc drops from other player training to buy the cheapest weapon. You just need at least 1 weapon (just like beginner level 1) to earn you meso back. You could ask for meso and you might find a good Samaritan that gives some of his meso/etc drops for you to sell.


What are the ways to Earn Meso Quickly?
Let’s learn the basics of earning Mesos for those who want to be financially free. MapleStory economy is similar to real life, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Harsh facts but thats the reality. The richer thinks this is good as its benefiting them. Below are 8 ways to earn meso quickly to make you a MapleStory Mesos Millionaire or Billionaire!

    1. Meso Service Websites (Buy Meso / Meso Generator)
    2. Kill Monsters for Mesos
    3. Beg / Ask from MapleStory Players
    4. n/a
    5. Questing for Mesos
    6. Merchanting
    7. Cash Shop
    8. EXP Party Service


Earning Meso Method #1 : Buying Meso with Real Cash

    There are many sites that offers meso service. How it works? You pay them real cash through PayPayl account or credit card and they send you the meso through their own characters located in MapleStory (Global/MSEA).
    This method is illegal and official MapleStory does not support it. There are 3 reasons for this. First reason is MapleStory players has a high risk of being scammed and these players would complain to the official MapleStory staff (but staff won’t do anything about it). Second reason is MapleStory does not profit from this activity. They want MapleStory player’s real cash flowing into their cash cow so they could maintain the MapleStory gaming server for all to play for free. Sorry, I do not know any recommended Meso Service websites since I do not use one. Third is rumours are spreading that hackers hack into people’s account to steal their belongings and mesos, and later sell them to the Free Market to earn more meso. Those meso are sold to players to earn real cash. If buying meso from these services are stopped, perhaps there would be less hacker hacking into players account.
    However, if you have cousins or close friend (real life schoolmate) who plays MapleStory and he/she has a high level character that owns a big sum of meso, you could buy meso from them in exchange of real money. Risk-Free ^_^


Earning Meso Method #2 : Kill Monsters for Meso

    Which monster drop the most meso? Where should I train that provides more meso?
    It all boils down to how much damage can you inflict to monster? The more powerful you are, you can train on higher level monsters, which drops even more meso than low level monsters found in Maple Island. Below is an easy step by step guide for you! It’s similar to 8 Tips on Leveling Up Quickly

  • Step 1: Using the skill at the appropriate level
  • Let’s say you are a newbie ice/lightning wizard (magician). You could either use “Magic Claw” to kill or use “Cold Beam” against fre-base monsters. If “Cold Beam” is not at max level or less than half, don’t use it against monster as it wastes your Mp Potion (waste meso). Reason being, the same amount of MP used by “Magic Claw” would deal far more damage compare to “Cold Beam”.

  • Step 2: Skill Strength
  • A newbie ice/lightning wizard with max “Cold Beam” tries to kill a Red Drake (high level fire-base monster) that drops 300-450 meso per kill. If it takes more than 4 hits to KO it. I suggest that particular monster is not recommended for farming meso. 4 hits x 24 MP (Cold Beam per cast) = 96 Mp which is equivalent to 192 meso. You would only profit about 100 meso per kill. 1,200 kills per hour only generates at least 120,000 meso. It’s best to earn at least 1 million meso per hour at level 70 and above.

  • Step 3: Single vs Multiple Target
  • Mob skill (also known as AOE attack) is preferred against lower level monsters for farming meso since it is able to kill multiple monster faster compare to single target skill. Single target is usually preferred when multiple target skill could not kill efficiently.

  • Step 4: Identify your Class Specialty
  • Each class has its own special way to earn meso. For example: Cleric has “Heal” to recover HP and attack Undead Monsters simultaneously. Apart from that, they have MP Eater to drain monster MP into their own. MP potions are cost double compare to HP Potions. Ice/Lightning Wizard has Cold Beam that is able to freeze monster to prevent them from activating magic skills or bumping into them.


Earning Meso Method #5 : MapleStory Quest for Meso

    What is a MapleStory Quest?
    There are 2 types of quest in MapleStory which are repeatable and non-repeatable.
    Repeatable means you can redo the quest after completing and non-repeatable is vice versa.
    To earn meso from both quest types, you either complete the quest or give service (help players)
    Selling Quest Service means helping players to obtain quest items for exchange of meso!
    MapleStory Quest Rewards
    Let’s take a look on the rewards that quest offers!
    After completing a quest, it rewards either: meso / ores / scroll / useable item / weapon / armour / EXP
    1. Ores are minerals that is used for Item Synthesis (to create level 30 – 70 weapon and armour)
    2. Scroll are use to enhance weapon and armour stats (enhance equipment’s attack/defense)
    3. Useable items are potions that boost your Hp and Mp or Skill Books for 4th Job
    4. Weapon is use to attack monster. High level weapons are more rare.
    5. Armour is use to reduce monster damage. High level equipments are more rare.
    6. Most quest commonly rewards EXP (Experience Points)
    Etc Drops and Ores – (3 Types: Mineral / Jewels / Crystals)
    If you have completed a quest / party quest (e.g. Kerning Party Quest) and obtained ore instead of equipments or potions, you might be asking “Does this ore worth?” “Should I keep this ore?” (Frequently Ask Question). Ore value depends on the market value. The higher the demand, the more meso value. Let’s analyse one of my past experience where sapphire ore was in high demand in MapleStory Trade World.

      Quest: Scadur’s New Fur Coat (Level 60)
      When this quest first arrive in player’s Quest Log after MapleStory patch, everyone were rushing to complete Scadur New Fur Coat because it rewards 1 overall 60% scroll (randomly selects either DEF / INT / LUK / DEX) Overall LUK, INT and DEX are high demand scroll that worth millions of meso in Free Market. To complete this quest, Collect 60 Sapphire Ore, 100 Yeti’s Horn, 300 Hector’s Tail and 300 White Pang’s Tail.
      Colleting the etc drops from monster is pretty easy (Yeti’s Horn, Hector’s Tail and White Pang’s Tail) but the most difficult part is collecting ores! (it does not drop often as etc). You might to kill at least 20-50 monsters just to get an ore, but you might not get the right ore you need as each monster drops more than 1 type of ore. This is when Sapphire ores price skyrocket!
      Players who have kept ores in their storage characters / bank storage would now sell it to players for more than 10k per ore (the sellers know that quest rewards expensive scroll that allows the buyer to be able payback). Note: You could also sell etc drops if buyer does not want to spend time collecting or unable to do so due to low level / low damage.
      Let’s assume that sapphire ore is sold at 10,000 meso each, and the buyer needs at least 60 to complete the quest. 10,000 x 60 is 600,000 meso!!! Notice how much meso you earn just by selling ores to 1 buyer? If there were 10 buyers, that would rack up 6 million meso. Note: You might not want to processed those ores into refine one because once its being processed it can’t be converted!
      Step by Step Guide:
      1. Check out MapleStory New Quests frequently (new quests after MapleStory patch)
      2. Determine whether it rewards good items that motivates a person to complete it
      3. Identify the quest item if needed to collect.
      4. Publish your ore / etc drops you want to sell on official or non-official MapleStory websites
      4. Example: BasilMarket.com (MSGlobal) / Sleepywood.net (MSGlobal) / PlayPark Forum (MSEA)
      5. Be present in Free Market (Use NX Cash Shops to sell automatically or shouting outside)
      Which type of ore worth a lot of meso? (valuable)
      Mineral : Bronze / Steel / Gold
      Jewel : Black Crystal / Diamond / Sapphire
      Crystal : Dark Crystal / DEX Crystal / LUK Crystal / Wisdom Crystal / Power Crystal


    There are 2 primary thing you need to know about scroll, success rate and which he type of equipment its enhancing. Scrolls come in different sucess rate: 10%, 30%, 60% 70% and 100%. Cursed scrolls dominate 30% and 70% while Normal Scroll consists of 10%, 60% and 100%. A scroll can only enhance 1 type of equipment, (e.g. shield scroll can only be use on shield, not cape/glove/hat/etc)

      Which type of scroll worth a lot of meso? (valuable)
      Below are the type of scrolls for different weapons (this represents for 10% / 30% / 60% / 70%)
      1. Shield for Weapon Attack or Magic Attack
      2. Glove for Weapon Attack or Magic Attack
      3. Overall for LUK / DEX / INT
      4. Earing for INT / DEX
      5. Weapon for Sword / Spear / Polearm / Bow / Crossbow / Wand / Staff
      6. Shoe for DEX / INT
      7. Cape for LUK / DEX / INT
      Why junk scrolls like 10% defense are highly demanded?
      Some buyers buy those scroll to test out their scrolling techniques.




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