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MapleStory Accuracy Calculator – How to 100% hit without miss?

Referenced from SeaBlue.

What is accuracy?
Accuracy is used to calculate the chances to hit the monster. The higher chances you have, the less chance the monster is able to avoid your attack. When your hits missed the monster (due to low accuracy) it would allow the monster to recover from knockback and does a counterattack via weapon attack (bumping into you) or cast a spell attack (range offense).


Pearl of Knowledge
Accuracy plays an important role to all jobs except for Magician. The source of accuracy comes from DEX, LUK, scrolled items (provides pure accuracy, DEX and LUK) and from skills (e.g. weapon mastery / blessing of the amazon / focus / bless). DEX (dexterity) gives 0.8 accuracy for warriors but 0.6 for thief and bowman. LUK (luck) gives 0.5 accuracy for bowman, warrior, thief but 0.3 accuracy for magician.


What affect amount of accuracy for warrior?
As mentioned above… 1 DEX = 0.8 accuracy and 1 LUK = 0.5 accuracy.
So to calculate your total accuracy for warrior, below is the formula
Accuracy = (DEX*0.8) + (LUK*0.5) + accuracy from mastery and equipment

So if you are a beginner, and you have rolled your dice for warrior,
12 STR
05 DEX
04 LUK
04 INT

Your newbie character would have 6 accuracy… (replace DEX with 5, LUK with 4)
Accuracy = (DEX*0.8) + (LUK*0.5) + (accuracy from mastery and equipment)
Accuracy = (5*0.8) + (4*0.5) + 0 = 6


How to know how many accuracy you need? (not DEX)
To achieve 100% hit accuracy for a specific monster, use this: (55+2*lvl difference)*mob avoid/15
“Lvl difference” meanss how many level you are below the monster.
Please take note that to train efficiently, you must hit 100% without any misses.

  • Step 1: Check your character stats and equipments:
  • Let’s assume that you are:
    1) A level 70 pure strength (STR) warrior with base stats of (358 STR, 4 DEX, 4 LUK, 4 INT)
    2) Weapon: Maple Karstan polearm with stats of (89 WA, +3 STR, +39 Accuracy).
    3) Skill: Have maxed mastery (level 20) in 2nd job advancement; provides +20 accuracy
    4) Helmet: Zakum Helm with stats of (+17 STR, +17 DEX, +17 LUK, +17 INT, +20 accuracy)
    Therefore, you would have:
    Accuracy = (DEX*0.8) + (LUK*0.5) + (accuracy from mastery and equipment)
    Accuracy = (21*0.8) + (21*0.5) + (20 accuracy from mastery) + (59 accuracy from weapon)
    Accuracy = 16.8 + 10.5 + 20 + 39 = 86.3

  • Step 2: Check the monster details:
  • This can be done by visiting Hidden-Street.net monster list and check for the monster level and avoidability. For example, you wish to train on Taurospear, so you read up on Taurospear stats, which would be (Level 75, 30 Avoidability)

  • Step 3: Calculate the level difference
  • Since your pure STR warrior is level 70 and Taurospear level is 75
    The level difference is 75 – 70 = 5
    However, if your pure STR warrior is level 75, and Taurospear level is 75,
    The level difference is 75 – 75 = 0
    In short, when your level is higher than the monster, than the level difference is ZERO.

  • Step 4: Calculate the accuracy requirement
  • After collecting all the details, simply add into the formula below:
    (55+2*lvl difference)*mob avoid/15 = (55+2*5)*30/15 = 120 accuracy required for 100% hit

  • Step 5: Compare Accuracy
  • Taurospear requires at least 120 accuracy for 100% hit, however, base on your character stats and equipments, you only have 86.3 accuracy. This means, you need to gather 33.7 accuracy more to achieve 100% hit.

  • Step 6: Improve your Accuracy
  • If accuracy requirement is not met, there are 3 ways to improve your accuracy:
    1) Train until you reach the same level as the monster.
    2) Have a temporary accuracy booster from Cleric Bless or accuracy potion.
    3) Equip with godly scrolled items that provides more accuracy. Check out this eqiupment guide


    Flash/HTML Accuracy Calculator

  • http://rain.prohosting.com/maoserr/acc/acc.html
  • http://glue.umd.edu/~mdevries/acc.html
  • .


    1. xzfds
      06/06/2011 at 1:46 am

      how about pure luck night walkers what to do

    2. TimeToGetPwned
      27/07/2010 at 9:12 pm

      Ehm step 3 is wrong its 130 accurary not 120.

    3. aranboyx3
      14/07/2010 at 7:41 am

      very weird sia . i really don understand .

    4. TX
      03/03/2010 at 9:47 am

      the calculation need to follow math rule(e.g */ 1st then +- and calculate the number in bracket 1st)?

    5. 28/12/2009 at 11:09 pm

      Is a +5 Acc, Korean Fan bad or good?
      And do you know how much it’s worth?

    6. nathanknight
      18/11/2009 at 3:42 am

      That guide is actually good, but the bad thing is, what about the warriors REALLY want TO HIT MONSTERS WITHOUT MISS!!!!
      i SUGGEST THIS FORMULA need to adjust.

      chance to hit = (character’s accuracy / ((1.84+0.07*D)*A)) – (1*0.05*(D-5))

      where D is level difference (Monster’s level – character’s level),
      and A is monster’s avoid
      level 100 Crimson balrog, avoid 40 vs. character level 95, accuracy is 94.

      (94 / ((1.84+0.07*5)*40))-(1*0.05*(5-5)) = 100% chance to hit, never miss (1.07*100)

      This formula depends on monster’s level and avoid vs. character’s level and accuracy.
      I hope this formula really works as well, reply me if u want, ayumilovemaple.
      That’s from maple calculator compilation formula.

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