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Orbis Exchange Quest Tips

Title: Orbis Exchange Quest Tips
Useful Link: Training Guide for Warrior | Bowman | Magician | Thief | Pirate

Orbis Exchange Quest (Repeatable)
This quest is only available by talking to Staff Sergeant Charlie in Orbis. You will gain 500 experience points for every 100 of the same item you exchanged, and you can redo this quest as many times as you like. The reward for each set of item given might be different each time. So, if you have a primary character that has lots of meso, you could buy those 100 drops from other players and give to your newbie character. Then, exchange them for EXP. You will level up 5-10 times quicker.

Pearl of Knowledge
Currently, most senior players who wish to start playing a new job, they just use their primary character’s meso to buy drops that can be used in Orbis Exchange Quest. Usually, these customers buy in bulk (1,000-2000 drops) and transfer to their newbie character camping in Orbis, Ossyria Island. The common drops they would buy are “Solid Horns”, “Jr Yeti’s Skin”, “Hector’s Tail” and “Zombie’s Lost Tooth”. Why only these drops? Reason being, many MapleStory players train on these monsters since they give good meso, decent drops and most importantly they spawn in mobs/mass. (mob = group of monster with fast spawn rate in certain maps)

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List of Exchange Items for the Quest
For more details on the drops, visit Hidden-Street.net to check out their detail item exchange list.

100 Solid Horns
This drop is much available since many level 35-45 maplestory players train on Jr Cellion/Lioner/Grupin. You could buy from them at the same price that NPC offer or higher, depending on how the negotiation takes place between you and the seller.

100 Star/Lunar/Luster Pixie’s Starpiece
Not many people train on Star Pixie’s except for bowman class who are earning good mesos from these floating cute monsters! You might notice few level 50-70 maplestory players training on Luster Pixies, commonly warriors and bowman class due to Luster Pixie’s low weapon defense. Pay them a visit to their map to buy their moonpiece drops.

100 Nependeath’s / Dark Nependeath’s Seed
Very few players train on this monsters. It wasn’t recommended as their spawn rate was not in mob/mass. In addition, these monsters are situated on different platform levels, making it cumbersome to get to them. Only players who wish to complete the Nependeath’s Quest would go after them.

100 Jr. Yeti’s / Dark Jr Yeti’s Skin These cute fluffy white monsters are abundant nearby El Nath city, in the first 2-3 maps. You could train on them to get these drops or buy from players training there. Assassin, warrior and fire magician could be seen training on them. The dark fluffy ones are located far in the mountain valleys.

100 Yeti’s / Dark Yeti’s Horn
There are not many Yeti or Dark Yeti to play around since their spawn is decent but not in mob. Previously, before 4th job advancement was out, many 3rd job players train on them. High level players could train on them while collecting horns for their newbie character!

100 Hector’s / White Pang’s Tail
This one is similar to Yeti’s/Dark Yeti’s scenario, but these guys come in mass. Warriors like to slash blast them in 1 corner before finishing them off. Assassin/Hermit could be seen training here when other places are filled in peak hours.

100 Pepe’s / Dark Pepe’s Beak
These cute penguins also known as pepe are found in mountain valley and in hidden street. They are pretty fast, and can ram you through unless you are able to knockback them with ease or KO them in 2 hits.

100 Werewolf’s / Lycanthrope’s Toenail
Ferocious wolf monsters are located in the mountain valley, they are located on a few platforms, each on 1 platform, but not in mass/mob. So it would be difficult to get 100 unless thats your primary training area.

100 Flyeye Wing
Not recommended to KO them and get their drops. It’s pretty difficult for warriors to hit them since they are flying in random directions. Some of these flying creatures located in small platforms similar to stirge in Kerning Subway.

100 Jr. Cerebes’ Tooth / Firebomb Flame
There are no mobs of firebombs nor Jr. Cerebes in Cave of Trial. Pretty difficult to obtain many of their drops within an hour.

100 Cellion/Lioner/Grupin Tail
These kitty/cat are simmilar to Jr. Cellion/Lioner/Grupin. They are found abundant nearby Orbis city, but have many platforms and ladders to go through before getting to them.

100 Zombie’s Lost Tooth
Clerics and Priest trains on these guys because they provide very good meso and decent EXP. You might see hermits jumping around the corner. Coolie zombies can be found in mass at Forest of the Dead Trees.

100 Cerebes’ Tooth
Cerebes can be found scattered on many platforms within Cave of Trial map, need to climb many platforms and ladder. Difficult to avoid getting bump into them since the floating platforms are small.

100 Bain’s Spiky Collar
Bain can be found in mass at Zipangu Armory and The Cave of Trial III. White Knights (WK) or Ice Archmage trains on them using ice element to freeze and attack. It’s pretty dangerous for 3rd job to collect these items because their weapon attack is pretty strong. (Level 90 monster). You could make arrangements with these players when they repot (refill their inventory with potion) in the city


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