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MapleStory Ultimate Bowman Training Guide

Title: MapleStory Ultimate Bowman Training Guide
Useful Link: MapleStory Ultimate EXP Guide: 8 Tips on Leveling Up Quickly

Pearl of Knowledge
Switch monster as soon as possible once you are strong enough! Remember that you can join Party Quest (PQ) for fast EXP and nice rewards too! Below is a list of monster with the recommended maps (best exp/spawn rate). The list below is a mix of meso vs EXP. Some monsters give more valuable drops/meso or these monsters do not cost you to spam your potions/pot but gives less EXP in return and vice versa. (Note: aka refers to “also known as”)

MapleStory Useful Links
lilchocs’s Sniper Training Guide – The Hidden Dragon Tomb II (Green and Dark Cornians) [Level 100+]
~*~St0rmEver~*~New Training spot for 3rd job ranger/sniper! ~Malaysia~*
New Training spot for 2nd job Hunter! Monkey Forest 2
GOTS: Warrior | Bowman | Magician | Thief | Pirate

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Bowman 1st Job Training Locations
[MESO] – Great for earning Meso | [EQUIP] – Hunt Valuable Item | [POT] – Monsters often drop Potions

Level 10 – Level 30 :
Funded: Orbis Exchange Quest

Level 1 – Level 10 :
– Maple Island, snails and orange mushrooms.

Level 10 – Level 15 :
– slimes at slime cave or if not, at the tree that grew.
– Funded : Orange mushrooms(only for the funded)
– Comments : Good exp, arrows should be no problem if you’re funded, or if not, use melee weapon.

Level 15 – Level 20 :
– Orange mushrooms at kerning city construction site(Orange mushrooms are a better choice, you’d be able to earn there)
– Funded : Pig Beach (Tough, best using melee weapon but you wont earn here. Best for the funded)
– The mushroom map in zipangu(Not too bad but green mushrooms are problematic)
– Funded : Biner (Good spawn, might be difficult for that level)
– Most recommended : Orange mushrooms at Construction Site

Level 20 – Level 25 :
– Biner (Considerably good spawn, though exp might not be very fast)
– Kerning Party Quest – KPQ (probably won’t earn money, but more interesting)
– Pig Beach(Exp isnt as good as other places, but good money)
– Green Mushrooms(Great money, exp is rather decent)
– Funded : Turkeys and Ducks at ShangHai (Very good exp but wastes pots)
– Horny Mushrooms (Good exp and drops)
– Stumps & Dark Stumps(good source of processed wood)
– Blue Mushrooms(good exp but a lot of snails)
– Funded : Ghost Stumps(decent exp)
– Funded : Wild Boars
– Funded : Rocky/Wooden Masks
– Funded : Stopnow
– Most recommended : Horny Mushrooms; Green Mushrooms

Level 25 – Level 30 :
– Kerning Party Quest (Probably won’t earn money, but more interesting)
– Horny Mushrooms (Good money/drops, exp is decent.)
– Wild Boars (If you’re rich and can spare pots, go for it. Good exp.)
– Zombie Mushrooms (Wastes money as well, but exp is rather good)
– Bubblings (Very nice spawn, and you’d be able to earn probably)
– Stirge (High pot drop rate, easy to kill)
– Jr Sentinels (Not advisable as you need to go to Orbis.)
– Trixters, Green Trixters (In ludibrium, respawns continuosly, good drops)
– Rock/Wooden Masks (Platforms are average, very good drops)
– Stopnow(Decent spawn)
– Funded : Fire Boars
– Funded : Nospeed
– Most recommended : Bubblings; Wild Boars; PQ; Rocky/Wooden Masks

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Bowman 2nd Job Training Locations
[MESO] – Great for earning Meso | [EQUIP] – Hunt Valuable Item | [POT] – Monsters often drop Potions

Level 30 – Level 35 :
– Ligators (This might prove quite slow)
– Sheeps, Goats (Exp should be good, im not too sure yet)
– Wild boars (Good exp, alot of ksers however and wastes pot, but earning should be possible)
– Stirge(Use arrow bomb here, high drop rate of pots.)
– Ratz, brown teddies, Chirppy(generally good exp)
– Trixters, Green Trixters(in ludibrium, respawns continuosly, good drops)
– Krappi, Cicle, Cico, Pinboom(in aqua road, snipe from far to kill)
– Funded : Curse Eyes(good exp, but high hp)
– Funded : Fire Boars
– Funded : Jr kitties
– Funded : Nospeed(Decent spawn)
– Most recommended : Wild Boars; Stirges

Level 35 – Level 40 :
– Ligators(this might prove quite slow)
– Sheeps, Goats(Easier to ohko, earning is no problem)
– Ludibrium Party Quest LPQ (Not that good for the level, but if you have a pt, no problem.)
– Wild boars (Easier to ohko totally, earning is no problem)
– Fire boars (Good exp and money, but takes a little while more to kill)
– Jr cats(good exp, money and drops.)
– Stirge(Use arrow bomb here, high drop rate of pots.)
– jr pepes(snipe them from the little spots)
– Leatties/Dark Leatties(good exp and money)
– Fire Racoons and Cloud Foxes(good drops, decent exp)
– Curse Eyes(spawn is quite good at ellinia, but might be hard to kill)
– Jr Wraith(good spawn, best with a cleric)
– Funded : Freezer(good spawn, but considerably high HP)
– Most recommended : Fire Boars; jr cats

Level 40 – Level 48 :
– Curse Eyes(good spawn at ellinia)
– Fire Boars(great earning money, exp shouldnt be too bad, but slowed considerably)
– jr cats(good money/drops, exp shouldnt be too bad, but slowed considerably)
– lunar pixies; star pixies(good drops and good exp, but attacks are rather painful)
– ludi pq(might get good items, but slow and wastes time)
– copper drake(difficult.If you’re rich you may go there.)
– Platoon Chronos(good drops and exp)
– Bulls in Shanghai(decent exp i suppose.)
– Jr. Wraiths(good spawn rate and exp)
– Mask Fish(easy to kill, decent exp and money)
– mateons(exp is quite decent)
– barnard grey(exp is quite decent)
– Ludi robots(good exp, although quite hard to kill)
– Freezer(Good spawn)
– Funded : Paper Lantern Ghost(good exp and spawn but lots of people)
– Funded : Copper Drakes(this could be difficult due to packed spawn)
– Funded : Skeledog/Mummydog(fast exp, but only for the funded)
– Funded : Moon Bunny(Decent exp and spawn, but difficult)
– Most recommended : Robots; Platoon Chronos; star and lunar pixies

Level 48 – Level 55 :
– jr cats(bad exp, but good money/drops)
– jr yetis(good drops and exp, but VERY wasteful of money/pots)
– lunar pixies(good drops and decent exp)
– stone gollems(good exp, drops and easy to kill. Money earned is good too)
– Platoon chronos(good drops, exp not bad, good money.)
– copper drake(should be easier nw, exp is decent)
– mateons(exp is quite decent)
– barnard grey(exp is quite decent)
– Croco(good drops, but there’re other mob spawns there.)
– Wraiths(good money and drops, good exp)
– Zombie Lupins(best trained at with IA/bomb)
– Showa Street 1(might be difficult, but exp is good)
– Lanterns(good exp, but best with a pt)
– Skeledog/Mummydog(good spawn and fast exp)
– Hodori(good spawn and exp, not so crowded)
– Funded : Flyeyes(fast exp and spawn, but dangerous and wastes pot)
– Most recommended : Stone Golems; banard greys/mateons; Lunar Pixies; Showa Street 1; Skeledog/Mummydog

Level 55 – Level 60 :
– Showa Street 1(exp is good, with decent drops)
– hectors(good exp/drops, but wastes pots)
– jr yetis(good drops/exp, wasting pots should still be inevitable)
– luster pixies(recommended greatly, great exp, spawn, money, drops)
– dark stone gollems(not bad, but takes a while to kill. good drops)
– stone gollem(exp is decent, good drops and money)
– Mateon(decent exp)
– Banard Grey(decent exp)
– Ultra Grey(decent exp)
– Flyeyes(not advisable if you’re not rich, dangerous as well)
– Night Foxes and Ghosts(Very good drops, decent exp, chance to get BWG)
– Tippo Red & Blue(Spawn is not bad, could prove good)
– Octobunny & Pac Pinky(quite nice spawn)
– Funded : Mixed Gollems(might be difficult with no sniping panels)
– Funded : Coolie Zombies(its best to come with a friend, but new coolie platform sucks pretty much)
– Most recommended : Luster Pixies; Jr Yetis; Showa Street 1

Level 60 – Level 70 :
– White Pangs (Decent exp, money earned isnt alot though)
– jr yetis(decent exp, good drops, good spawn, earning should be possible now)
– luster pixies(good exp, drops, spawn.)
– wild cargo(not recommended, difficult without arrow rain)
– big cats(good drops and exp, but painful).
– Trucker(could prove difficult with packed spawn, but quite good exp)
– Funded : Coolie Zombies(if you want to come here, do not solo. find a higher leveled pt member, best if priest to prevent ksers/raiders. However, new coolie map platforms are not so good.)
– Tippo Red; Blue(Spawn is not bad, could prove good)
– Pac Pinky(ghost ship, might be a little crowded at times, good spawn and exp).
– Funded : Mixed gollems(difficult without sniping platforms, hard to get slot as well)
– Funded : Officer Skeleton(difficult to kill)
– Funded : Selkie Jr.; Pac Pinky(Could be rather difficult, consider partying).
– Funded : Selkie Jr.(ghost ship, good spawn, but difficult for the level)
– Funded : Slimy(Rather packed spawn and crowded with people)
– Most recommended : Luster Pixies; Jr Yetis

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Bowman 3rd Job Training Locations
[MESO] – Great for earning Meso | [EQUIP] – Hunt Valuable Item | [POT] – Monsters often drop Potions

Level 10 – Level 30 :
Level 70 – Level 80 :
– Kappa(Very good exp, but you may need arrow rain here due to superb spawn, best with pt)
– Coolie Zombies(great exp for this level, with a priest its great. However, new platform is not as good)
– Mixed Gollems(great exp, but nearly impossible to get slots, arrow rain is needed too)
– Luster Pixies(not recommended, low exp although great money)
Carpark party training(great exp, but arrow rain is needed)
– Showa Street 2(average exp)
– Officer Skeleton(average exp)
– Trucker(good spawn, a good spot for Arrow Rain builds).
– Selkie Jr. ; Pac Pinky(rather good spawn, big map, good for partying)
– Selkie Jr.(ghost ship, good spawn, will need some rain)
– Slimy(will need a party as it is often hogged)
– Most recommended : For pt – Mixed Gollems; Parking lot. For solo – Coolie Zombies; Kappa

Level 80 – Level 90 :
– Mixed Gollems(best for the level, hard to get slot though)
– Coolie Zombies.(good enough, with a priest, great money)
– Carpark Party training(rather good exp)
– Showa Street 3(great money, exp, drops but handling of char must be good, and usage of lvl 6 puppet at least is required, to kill the showa boss.)
– Vikings(good exp for this level accompanied by super drops, but pots wastage is high)
– Dual Ghost Pirates party(good exp, but pots wastage is high)
– gobies(decent exp soloing, esp for snipers)
– Death Teddies(good exp, but burns alot of pots)
– Selkie Jr.(Might be slow for the level)
– Slimy(Might be slow for the level)
– Most recommended : Mixed Gollems; Parking Lot
– *Chiongsters can go to Sotongs or Vikings to SOLO, but pots wastage will be extreme, not to mention easy death.

Level 89+ :
– Dual Ghost Pirates party(good exp, but pots wastage is high)
– Sotong map 1 party training(VERY fast exp, but wastes alot of pots)
– Vikings(not too bad, with very good drops, but wastage of pots is high)
– Gobies(decent exp soloing, esp for snipers)
– Death Teddies(slightly below average exp and burns pots)
– Parking Lot(not-so-good exp, but earning is possible)
– Most recommended : Gobies, Deep Sea Gorge 1

Level 92+ :
– Sotong map 1 party training(very good exp, high pot wastage)
– Sotong map 2 party training(honestly speaking, dont go there until you’re at least 10x/11x)
– vikings(not too bad, with very good drops, but wastage of pots is high)
Gobies(decent exp soloing, and loss of money is low.)
– Death Teddies(high wastage of pots)
– Most recommended : Deep Sea Gorge 1; Gobies

Level 100+ :
– Sotong map 2 pt training(very good exp, wastes money like running water)
– Sotong map 1 pt training(decent exp, wastes less money)
– vikings(not too bad, with good drops, pot wastage is high)
– Death Teddies(high pots wastage)
– Master Death Teddies(not recommended; extreme waste of pots; lack of sniping spots)
– Gobies(Decent solo exp, low money loss)
– Most recommended : Deep Sea Gorge 1/2; Gobies

Level 120+ :
– Armoury(only for snipers, very good exp but wastes ALOT of pots)
– Sotong map 2 pt training(good exp, by now you should earn)
– Sotong map 1 pt training(slow exp, earning is definitely possible)
– Grim Phantom Watches(more for the 14x rangers, supposedly good exp but great waste of pots)
Mong The level 100 mob at Tengu, whatever its name is(extremely fast exp, supposedly)
Most recommended : Deep Sea Gorge 2; Grims when you can kill at 3~4 hits; Mong

– For Bowman: Meso Earning Guide
The guide below is referenced from LordofDragon’s FAQ + Guides for Bowman
Level 10 – Level 20 :
– Slime (Good money)
– Orange Mushroom (Good drops)

Level 20 – Level 25 :
– Green Mushrooms (Good money + Decent drops)
– Pig Beach (Good money)

Level 25 – Level 30 :
– Green Mushrooms (Good drops + money)
– Pig Beach (Good money)
– Horny Mushrooms (Decent drops + money)
– Wooden Mask(Extremely good drops)
– Rocky Mask(Very good drops)

Level 30 – Level 40 :
– Pig Beach (Good money)
– Green Mushrooms (Good money and drops)
– Jr Sentinels (Good money)
– Fire Boars – Level 37 – (Good money, moderate drops)
– Jr Kitties – Level 37 – (Good money and drops)
– Stirge(Great drop rate of pots)

Level 40 – Level 55 :
– Chronos (Great money and drops)
– Fire Boars (Good money)
– Jr kitties (Good money and drops)
– Stone gollems – Level 47/48 – (Good money and drops)
– Centipede quest (Great money and drops, waste pots unless good control, dangerous)

Level 55 – Level 70 :
– Luster Pixies (Great money and drops)
– Lunar Pixies (Good money and drops)
– Stone Gollems (Good money and drops)
– Dark Stone Gollems (Decent money and drops)
– Octobunny, Tippo Red/Blue (Good spawn and money)
– Pac Pinky (Good spawn/money, decent drops)

Level 70 – Level 90 :
– Luster Pixies (Great money and drops)
– Mixed Gollems (Good money and drops, provided theres a slot)
– Coolie Zombies (Great money, decent drops to be npced for quite some money)
– Hectors (Good drops/money)
– White Pangs (Good money, decent drops)
– Buffies – Upper 7x – (Good money and drops)
– Soul Teddies – Upper 7x – (Decent money and drops)
– Kappa = Water Goblin (Very good money rate, High pots drop rate
– Pac Pinky (Good spawn/money, Decent drops)
– Jr Selkie (Decent spawn, Decent money, Great drops)

Level 80 – Level 90 :
– Showa Street 3[Puppet lvl 6 at least~(high drop rate and great money)]
– Coolies(great money, decent drops to be npced for quite some money)
– Mixed Gollems(great money and good drops)
– Luster Pixies(Good money and drops)
– Pac Pinky(Good spawn/money, decent drops)

Level 90 – Level 100+ :
– Showa Street 3[Puppet lvl 6 at least~(high drop rate and great money)]
– Coolies(great money, decent drops to be npced for quite some money)
– Mixed Gollems(great money and good drops)
– Luster Pixies(Good money and drops)

Level 120+ :
– Vikings
– Dangeorus Sea Gorge 1
– Anywhere


Extra Training Spot for Crossbowman (Xbow)
Written By Niceset (PlayPark Forumer) from [Guide] The detailed path of XBOWs
Level 1-5: Snails and Maple Island briefed quests
Level 5-10: Maple Island quests
Level 10-15: Slimes, using a 2-handed sword / spear.
Level 15-20: Orange mushrooms, with an equiped crossbow.
Level 20-25: Pig beach, get a bathrobe (+10 speed) and scroll it to 10 dex (using 100% scrolls sold at 35k each, if you have funds).
Level 25-30: Scroll your crossbow with 7 100%s, if you have funds. Join Kerning Party quest if you hate grinding on monsters, or if you prefer to have a faster path- Green Mushrooms + Horny mushrooms.
Level 30-35: 1-2 hits shanghai monsters / Monster carnival.
Level 35-40: 1-2 hits jr.kitties / Monster carnival.
Level 40-50: Monster carnival.
Level 50-55: Jr Yetis, to hunt for a couple of glove for ATTs.
Level 55-60: Coolie Zombies / Orbis PQ.
Level 60-65: Mixed golems / Orbis PQ.
Level 65-70: Parking Lot / Singapore 2-3 hit monsters / Orbis PQ.
Level 70-75: Herb town, 2-4 hit monsters.
Level 75-80: Herb town, 1-2 hit monsters.
Level 80-85: Mp3 / GS2 / GS5
Level 85-90: Gobies / Solo sotong map 1.
Level 90-95: Bains / Gobies / Solo sotong map 1.
Level 95-100: Bains / Gobies / Solo sotong map 1 / Sotong map 2 (party training).
Level 100-105: Sotong map 2 (party training) / Gobies.
Level 105-110: Sotong map 2 (solo/party) / Gobies.
Level 110-115: Gobies / Sotong map 2.
Level 115-120: Gobies / Bains.
Level 120-125: Bains / Sotong map 2.
Level 125-130: Dukus / Bains.
Level 130-135: Dukus / Mongs.
Level 135-140: Dukus / Mongs.
Level 140-145: Gobies (solo with level 21 piercing) / Duku (party with level 30 SE) / Mongs.
Level 145-200: Dukus / Mongs.


Hey guys! If you do have some comments on the places to train, post here, and I’ll update this ^_^


Reference / Credits to…
LordofDragon’s FAQ + Guides for Bowman
Sharing of Training Spots for Hunter/Ranger/Bowmaster

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  1. AceYMJ
    27/09/2010 at 9:40 am

    Hi people… Im ranger lvl 74 now… im training in Jester.. becz i dnt knw where to train!! anyone teach me where???

  2. RxAnGexR
    25/07/2010 at 2:56 am

    anon :

    I think around lvl 70 is a good time to train up at the windraiders or typhons in Crimsonwood. It’s a pain to get up there but the exp is VERY worth it. Arrow Rain + Typhons makes for FAST exp. and I mean FAST

    At like 100 ish , definately go to Galloperas

  3. Sevenhavenz
    22/02/2010 at 2:08 pm

    ayumi can change the training spots for 35-45+ to MC1…also probably from 55-69 at MC2…also u can try 50-69 at MC 1 but its really boring to spam level at the same area for too long…low level 30s with money can go for MC rank A service at 1m (?) ea, depending on server.

  4. justin
    10/02/2010 at 4:05 am

    Here is also a very good place to train.Level 21-27 Kerning pq stay in the first stage for the full 30 minutes its great xp.Also go to sleepy wood and go train on horny mushrooms or zombie mushrooms from 23-30 if you feel like doing it to lvl 30.

    And if your doing zombie mushrooms go to the sleepy wood dungeon they respone like crazy at the bottom.Here is a pq i do when im lvl 23-30 i trade wins in ceasar place in henesys.The last place to gain to lvl 30 fast is to do lots of quests, I know its annoying doing quests all day long but it will get you to lvl 30 really quickly.

    I hope this training guide will help you to get to lvl 30 in under a week.I will be posting many more posts for training spots.

  5. Miko
    24/01/2010 at 4:26 pm

    In all honesty, as soon as you get a fairly decent level of Arrow rain or Arrow eruption in 3rd job, Typhons are ideal until from maybe early 90’s (I don’t remember when I started) perhaps early to mid 100’s, in which newties become the best option. Sniping newts used to be good in parties, but after the exp patch for GMS, it has greatly hindered. Soloing at newts if you’re strong enough is good, and it doesn’t use many pots ^-^.

  6. anon
    08/08/2009 at 9:26 am

    I think around lvl 70 is a good time to train up at the windraiders or typhons in Crimsonwood. It’s a pain to get up there but the exp is VERY worth it. Arrow Rain + Typhons makes for FAST exp. and I mean FAST

  7. mikey
    26/12/2008 at 4:41 pm


  8. Steve M.
    03/12/2008 at 10:26 pm

    Oh cool, I found them. I play on Maple Global, but the maps and locations and monsters were the same. Right on man, thanks for the help! Hopefully I can gain some levels and make out my strafe. Then it’s on to Arrow Rain! I’m really excited about that skill. Thanks again! Oh, one more thing, can you attack from the hog? Also, is it worth 20 million mesos to get the hog? Thanks!

  9. 03/12/2008 at 12:13 am

    To steve M:
    [Best place for mix gollem]
    Hidden Street: The Forest of Gollem
    Monsters: Dark Stone Golem, Mixed Golem

  10. 03/12/2008 at 12:10 am

    To steve M:
    Zipangu: Parking Lot
    Monsters: Leader B, Extra D

    Parking Lot is located in Zipangu.
    Zipangu can be accessed through World Tour.
    Usually, you could see ice/lightning magician using their thunderbolt and shock monsters there. You could also see dragon knight (preferably polearm 3rd job with cleric). 3rd Job bowman could use arrow erruption or arrow rain there too.

  11. Steve M.
    02/12/2008 at 4:44 pm

    Hello! I used to play Maple a lot about 2 years ago. I’m starting to get back into it now, so I feel like a bit of a n00b. Anyway, I’m a level 76 ranger and I was reading the training tips. It says you recommend “parking lot”. Is that where the mix gollems are? Where is the “parking lot” and what monsters are there? Thanks!

  12. 08/09/2008 at 10:27 pm

    The above method I suggest is repeatable, no money will be cost and no any extra exp will be gained. You only need to prepare the materials for Vicious to create arrows.

  13. 08/09/2008 at 10:19 pm

    For those newbies want to save their money in buying massive arrows, here is the way:

    First of all, you need to prepare 10 tree branch or 5 firewood and 1stiff feather. Then, you go to Henesys ( Victoria Island )and find a npc ( item maker), Vicious (he stand between Henesys free market entrance and Henesys weapon store), talk to him and click “Create materials”, to make 1 processed wood with 10 tree branch or 5 firewood.

    After this, talk to him again and click “Create arrows”, select “Arrow for bow” or “Arrow for crossbow”, then you will get 1000 or 1 slot arrows for bow or crossbow.

    Tree branch dropped by Stump, Stumpy, Chirppy, Tweeter, Toy Trojan

    Firewood dropped by Axe Stump, Dark Axe Stump, Toy Trojan

    Stiff feather dropped by Pig, Ribbon Pig, Stirge, Rooster, White Sand Rabbit, Brown Sand Rabbit, Duck, Wild Boar, Sheep, Goat, Miyo Cats, Kiyo, Jr. Cellion, Jr. Lioner, Jr. Grupin, Cow, Star Pixie, Lupin, Black Sheep, Zombie Lupin, Roloduck, Flyeye, Jr. Cerebes, Lunar Pixie, Hector, Dark Jr. Yeti, Dark Jr. Yeti (Transformed), Dark Yeti, Werewolf, Dark Yeti & Pepe

    Hope u all enjoy in this arrows’ money saving method until u get the soul arrow at 2nd job advancement.

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