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Warrior Guide

Requirement: Level 10, with 35 STR
Go to the Shrine of Warriors which is located at the highest point of Perion. Talk to “Dances with Balrog” and he’ll advance you as a Warrior if you have the requirement stats.


Each time you level up as a Magician, you will gain 3 SP (skill points).
You can either save them (to apply in later levels) or apply immediately after level up.
Below is a “skill build” that guides newbie on spending SP. (explanation provided)

Warrior Build (Level : Skill)
L10 : Improving MP Recovery(2), Improving Max MP Increase(1)
L11 : Improving Max MP Increase(3)
L12 : Improving Max MP Increase(3)
L13 : Improving Max MP Increase(1), Magic Claw(2)
L14 : Magic Claw(3)
L15 : Magic Claw(3)
L16 : Magic Claw(3)
L17 : Improving MP Recovery(3)
L18 : Improving MP Recovery(3)
L19 : Save 3 SP
L20 : Save 3 SP
L21 : Magic Claw (9)
L22 : Improving MP Recovery(3)
L23 : Improving MP Recovery(2), Magic Guard(1)
L24 : Magic Guard(2)
L25 : Magic Guard(3)
L26 : Magic Guard(3)
L27 : Magic Guard(3)
L28 : Magic Guard(3)
L29 : Magic Guard(3)
L30 : Magic Guard(3)

Summary – 67 SP used
Improving MP Recovery : 16
Improving Max MP Increase : 8
Magic Guard : 20
Magic Armor : 0
Energy Bolt : 1
Magic Claw : 20


Target Monsters
L08-11 : Snail, Shroom, Orange Mushroom (H1) (H2)
L12-15 : Slime (Tree Near Ellinia)
L14-20 : Pig, Ribbon Pig (H3)
L21-30 : Kerning Party Quest (KPQ)
L21-22 : Horny/Green Mushroom (tree near Ellinia)
L23-25 : Blue Slimes (Kerning Subway line 1)
L26-30 : Stirge (just right of subway line 1)

Training Spots (HS – Hidden Street)
H1 – Hidden Street: Beach Hunting Ground
H2 – Hidden Street: Mushroom Garden
H3 – Hidden Street: The Pig Beach


Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

1. Why add 1 Energy Bolt in the beginning?
As a Magician, you deal damage base on your INT and not STR/DEX/LUK.
Energy bolt is added because it uses INT. More INT means more damage.
Also, to activate Magic Claw, it requires at least 1 point in Energy Bolt.

2. Why only add 5 SP in Improving MP Recovery in the beginning?
The reason is to activate Improving Max MP Increase.
Improving Max MP Increase is very important for a Magician.
It increases your MP (mana points) each time you level up.
The additional mana can be use for magic guard to absorb enemy attacks.

3. Why stop adding SP in Magic Claw once it reaches 11 SP?
Its powerful enough to 1 hit KO (knockout) a pig/ribbon pig!
And this saves your mana too.

4. Magic Armour vs Magic Guard
Magic armour only absorbs very little damage compare to Magic Guard.
Magic Guard at max level absorbs 80% of the damage inflicted by enemy.

5. Energy Bolt vs Magic Claw
Magic Claw has 2 advantages over Energy Bolt.
It is able to go through obstacles and the damage is stable.
Energy bolt cost less MP (mana points) and damage is not stable.

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